How To Move To France Without A Job Can I Be Moving For Work

How To Move To France Without A Job Can I Be Moving For Work – Several career openings are available to foreign graduates in France. As well as for those who wish to seek a job at the end of their studies. Depending on their nationality, a temporary residence permit is not always necessary.

How To Move To France without A Job And How To Get A Job In France

Can I Move to France Without A Job As A Student

Are You Looking For A Job In France!?

  • For European student

Foreign students from a country in the European Union, the European Economic Area, or Switzerland can linger in France to seek for a job after graduation. They can stay as long as they desire. If they are under 28 years old of age, they also have the opportunity to do international volunteering in a French organization or business elsewhere.

  • For Non-European students

To linger in France after graduation, non-European apprentices must have a contract of employment or a guarantee and reward at least equal to one and a half times the legal minimum salary (2 220 euros total per month) in 2017).

Without a promise of employment, a non-European foreign bachelor may appeal for short residency permission (APS) confirmed for 12 months and not renewable unto the time to seek a career in France. Concerning this, you must retain acknowledged permission or a master’s diploma or have a company work outline.

Registrants from countries with mutual agreements with France benefit from exceptional conditions concerning the issuance of APS (Senegal, Gabon, Benin, Tunisia, Mauritius, Cape Verde, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Lebanon, India). Discuss with the support team at the website of the Ministry of the Interior affairs or reach for Campus France area of ​​your country of origin to obtain the exact data on your circumstance.


Some Useful Suggestions On How To Get A Job In France

  1. Before commencing your job hunt, recognize the kind of career you are looking for. Then arrange a CV and a cover letter with consideration to French guidelines.
  2. Keep attention to job boards and formulate email alerts by keeping your search guidelines. Employment Center places advertisements from all sites. The APEC website also gives them, do not hesitate to ask them at all times.
  3. Take the time to update your resume and modify it to the proposals you are touching for.
  4. Feel open to post unsolicited letters to businesses that intrigue you to make you known
  5.  Be observant of your e-reputation and data about you available to all. Recruiters are now utilizing social networks more often to get a view of ​​the applicants they are about to reach for.
  6. Go to business exhibitions to engage with recruiters. CV and letter of motive in hand, you held several conversations throughout the day. As you will have a short time to establish, prepare your discussions well.
  7. Take advantage of your end-of-studies internship. Usually needed to approve training, the end-of-study internship makes it likely to become close with the professional environment and put into use the information and experiences gained over the years of education. If your practice does not require you to do an internship, nothing stops you from doing one: doing an internship is an excellent idea to grow your resume and engage in professional channels that you can assemble consequently.

How To Move To France without A Job

How To Move To France without A Job

Alumni unions, employment support service (BAIP), business relations services, recruitment gathering … several foundations aide assistance to support graduates finds jobs.

Fresh grads (from Bac +4) can apply to the APEC (Association for Executive Employment). As they may guide you in your job quest. Differently, you may get closer to the Pôle Emploi office: as they help all job seekers notwithstanding of their level of education.

Begin Your Acknowledged Channels

Allow people to know that you are looking for a job and discover the groups that are hiring in your area. Professional social networks like LinkedIn enable you to upload your resume, manage and grow an adept network (former classmates, co-workers, counterparts …), and respond to work proposals.

Graduates networks like France Alumni, a directory platform for worldwide alumni in France, are very powerful instruments to obtain a job or to find out about groups that intrigue you.

Finding Work and Getting A Job in France

Finding Work and Getting A Job In France Without Speaking French 2020 – France is vast, diverse, and smells of fresh bread. France surrounds you and leaves you shivering at the same time.

You can lose yourself in a forest and be thousands of kilometers from society, yet next to one of the most important cities in the world, nature and history, the modern and the classic.

France is made of contrasts. France is made of revolution, it is made up of people who do not conform, who rebel against injustices.

How To Move To France Without A Job

How To Move To France Without A Job – There is work, a lot of interculturality in urban centers, and the need for different languages. It is necessary to have a basic level of French unless you are looking for work in places with a lot of tourism, where if you have a good level of English, it will be enough.

If you want to improve your level of French, it is very easy to find conversation groups and do language exchanges, they are like classes but more relaxed, they usually meet in bars or cafes. It is also a great idea to meet people.

The minimum wage in France is € 9.88 per hour. 

Permanence dAccueil d’Information et d’Orientation des moins de 26 ans (PAIO) – for those aged between 16 and 26 they help jobseekers
  • Agence Nationale pour l’Emploi (ANPE) – Manual and unskilled jobs
  • Agence pour L’Emploi de Cadres (APEC) – Professional and Executive jobs
Finding Work in France & Income Tax in France 2019

The best travel insurance to go to live and work in France, by far!

My family and I usually use special medical insurance to travel with a working holiday or a student visa from the TravelFine company.

It is a reliable and valid insurance for many countries, not only France, in fact, we use it during our stay in Australia in a pandemic period and it turns out that it covered us against the virus.

What do I need to work in France?

To work and to live in France you must legally meet one of the requirements that we mention below, there are several ways to live for a season or whatever you want in this beautiful country where French is spoken (what a beautiful language);

  • You can live and work if you have European citizenship
  • You can work and live for a year if you get a working holiday.
  • You can live and work in France with a student visa, it is easy and has no age limit.
  • You can live and work if you marry French or European.

Where to look for a job in France?

We are in favor of conducting an online search and then physically going to present our CV.

Portals to look for work in France

The best cities in France to work

If the important thing for you is to generate money and save as much as possible because you are interested in living in a city where the salary is good and the expense is as low as possible.

The highest-paid area/department in France is Hauts-de-Seine (the upper Seine) with a gross salary of around 30 euros per hour, followed by Paris with a salary of 26 euros per hour.

Hauts de Seine has located to the west of Paris whose cities stand out: Nanterre, Saint-Cloud, and Levallois-Perret.

On the other hand, the cheapest cities to live are Saint-Étienne, Montpellier, Marseille, and Perpignan.

Getting A Job In Paris at Disney France

In order to try Getting A Job In Paris Disneyland, you can try logging Into the official website:

Job Search In France

Job Search In France For Foreigners And Europeans If you are an EU citizen you do not need a work permit to work in France.

If you are looking for work in France you will need to register with either:

  • Permanence dAccueil d’Information et d’Orientation des moins de 26 ans (PAIO) – for those aged between 16 and 26 they help job seekers;
  • Agence Nationale pour l’Emploi (ANPE) – Manual and unskilled jobs; or
  • Agence pour L’Emploi de Cadres (APEC) – Professional and Executive jobs

Other options available are specialist recruitment agencies, of which there are many on the internet.

How to get a job in France without speaking French

Finding a job in France without being able to speak and write in French, is probably going to be a bit more difficult.  There are normally courses available for all levels, and the ANPE or Mairie can put you in touch with local classes.  There are usually courses tailored to foreigners (Francais Langue Etrangere), and this can sometimes involve distance learning.

Other ways of improving your language skills include watching French TV and Listening to French Radio, talking to your French neighbors, hiring a private tutor, teaching yourself with self-study books, or online.  There are also some good computer software packages, such as Rosetta Stone, where you can go from beginner to fluent speaker at your own pace.

Income Taxes In France

Whilst there are a number of treaties in place between France and other countries to protect expatriates from double taxation, it is possible that you could be eligible for taxation here, even if you consider yourself a non-resident.

If you are eligible to pay tax in more than one country, one of these treaties may be the factor that decides where you pay income tax.

As a rule, if you spend more than 183 days in France in a calendar year, or your permanent home is in France, or if your main business activity or financial interests are here, you are likely to be subject to French income tax.


There are 5 different tax bands in place in France:

Earnings (Euro)0 to 59635964 to 1189611897 to 2642026421 to 7083070831 +
Tax rate0%5.5%14%30%41%


For those over the age of 65, there is an extra tax-free allowance of €2,311 if total income does not exceed €14,220 and of €1,156 if total income is between €14,220 and €22,930

The French system taxes on a household basis. Each household has a set number of family shares, or ‘parts’, depending on the marital status, the number of dependents, etc. A married couple is entitled to 2 parts, an extra half part is granted for the first two children, and a full part per child thereafter.

Before applying the above scale rates the total household’s taxable income is divided by the number of family parts. The tax liability obtained after application of the scale rate is then multiplied by the number of parts to obtain the final liability of the household. In this way the more parts you have in your household, the more bites at the nil and lower tax rate bands you get.

Regulations prevent any taxpayer from being charged more than 50% of their gross income for combined income tax, tax on assets, and local taxes.

The tax year in France runs from January to December.

Taxes specific to buying and owning a property are covered under the article GUIDE2BuyingProperty, but there are some other taxes you need to be aware of.  TVA (Taxe sur la Valleur Ajoutee) is the equivalent of VAT in other EU countries such as the United Kingdom.  The current French rate is 19.6%, although there is a reduced rate of 5.5% payable on certain goods.

All businesses in France are required to pay Taxe Professionelle, and this is based on the annual rental value of tangible assets.

On the positive side, tax credits may be available for things such as childcare, children’s education, hospitalization fees for a dependant, donations to French charities or political parties, union fees, or purchase of a car that runs on an alternative fuel.

At The End

This is the vision of Sara Segovia, a Spanish woman who spent 10 years in France. She helped us a lot with this article, sharing her vision of France with all its colors and flavors. Feel free to share with us any useful information that you think should be in this article! We hope you enjoy your trip!

Thank you, Sara!

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