Icelandair Saga Premium Review – Comfortable Seats & Good Service

Welcome to the world of IcelandAir Saga Premium! If you’re familiar with this airline, then you probably already know that they pride themselves on exceptional service and attention to detail. But what about when it comes to their premium class experience? Well, that’s exactly what we’re here to talk about. In this review, we’ll be taking a closer look at what passengers can expect when flying in IcelandAir’s Saga Premium cabin. From the seating arrangements and in-flight entertainment to the meals and amenities provided onboard, we’ll give you a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know. So sit back, relax, and join us on this journey as we explore IcelandAir Saga Premium!

1. The Saga Premium Experience: Comfort and Coziness
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1. The Saga Premium Experience: Comfort and Coziness

If you’re looking for a comfortable and cozy flight experience, Icelandair’s Saga Premium is worth considering.

The seats may be more similar to premium economy than a true business class product, but don’t let that fool you. The plush seats provide plenty of room to stretch out and relax. Whether you’re flying for business or leisure, this cabin class offers a comfortable and enjoyable flight experience.

From the moment you check-in, Icelandair’s focus on excellent customer service is evident. The crews are friendly and attentive, ensuring your comfort throughout the flight. And, while there may not be lie-flat beds, the seats are more than comfortable enough for a three-hour flight.

The Saga Premium meals are also worth mentioning. From fresh salads and appetizers to hearty main courses and delicious desserts, you won’t leave this flight hungry. Plus, if you have dietary restrictions or preferences, the crew will do their best to accommodate them.

One of the unique benefits of Saga Premium is access to the enormous yet cozy Saga lounge in Reykjavik. It’s the perfect place to relax before your flight, with comfortable seating, complimentary refreshments, and even a shower if you need to freshen up before your trip.

Overall, Icelandair’s Saga Premium offers a premium experience at a more affordable price point. While it may not have all the bells and whistles of a traditional business class product, the comfort, coziness, and excellent service make it a smart choice for your next flight.

2. Review of Icelandair's Saga Premium Business Class
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2. Review of Icelandair’s Saga Premium Business Class

As you settle into your Icelandair Saga Premium seat, you’ll feel the comfort and coziness that this premium economy class offers. While it may not be a long-haul business class suite, it certainly provides ample space and comfort for your three-hour flight.

Now, let’s dive into the review of Icelandair’s Saga Premium Business Class. As marketed, it may be similar to premium economy on other airlines, but Icelandair takes it up a notch with business class amenities. With a 2-1-2 seating configuration, the 25 Saga Premium seats provide top-class comfort and service.

One thing to note is that these seats are standard recliners, not lie-flat beds. However, the benefits of paying a couple of hundred extra dollars per leg for Saga Class definitely outweigh the cost. You’ll enjoy plenty of legroom, a spacious seat, and a comfortable headrest for a relaxing journey.

The crews and service onboard are just as nice as you’ll find in any business class. The cabin crew is attentive, thoughtful, and helpful throughout the flight. You’ll also have access to the Saga Lounge, which offers a large, comfortable space to relax in before your flight.

When it comes to meals, Icelandair truly delivers. Their Saga Premium meals are a highlight of the flight, with impressive presentation and quality ingredients. You’ll find a good variety of options including vegetarian and gluten-free meals.

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Overall, while it may not be a true business class experience with lie-flat seats, Icelandair’s Saga Premium offers great value for a comfortable and affordable premium economy experience with business-class amenities. In comparison to the premium economy on other airlines, Saga Premium is a cut above the rest.

3. Regional Flights: Icelandair's Focus for Saga Premium
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3. Regional Flights: Icelandair’s Focus for Saga Premium

When it comes to regional flights, Icelandair’s Saga Premium is the perfect fit. The recliner-style seats are comfortable and wide, making them a great choice for shorter flights. Of course, if you’re flying transatlantic, you won’t get the same experience as you would in a business class suite. However, for a three-hour flight, Saga Premium offers all the necessary amenities to make your journey comfortable and enjoyable.

One of the key benefits of Saga Premium is the focus on regional flights. The seats are selected with shorter flights in mind, providing ample legroom and comfortable recliners. The spacious and comfortable seating arrangement is more comparable to premium economy, rather than business class on other airlines. However, this is perfectly suited to Icelandair’s focus on regional flights.

While the seats could be considered ‘hard’ by some, they are perfectly suited for shorter flights where you might simply want to sit back and relax. The recliner-style seating arrangement is perfect for this, providing a comfortable and supportive seat that won’t break the bank.

Overall, if you’re looking for comfort and coziness on a regional flight, Icelandair’s Saga Premium is the perfect choice. While it might not provide the same luxurious experience as some long-haul business class suites, it offers everything you need for a comfortable journey on a shorter flight. If you’re planning on flying overnight and connecting, you may want to reconsider, but for shorter flights, Saga Premium is a premium economy experience that’s hard to beat.

4. Business Class Amenities in Premium Economy Seats
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4. Business Class Amenities in Premium Economy Seats

In Saga Premium, you’ll find business class amenities without the hefty price tag. While the seats do not fully recline like traditional business class seats, they do offer more legroom and an increased level of comfort compared to the rest of the fleet.

One of the standout features of Saga Premium is the in-flight entertainment system. With a vast selection of movies, TV shows, and music, you’re spoilt for choice. The noise-canceling headphones provided significantly enhance the experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in your choice of entertainment without any distracting background noise.

The complimentary Wi-Fi is yet another business class amenity that comes standard in Saga Premium. This feature allows you to stay connected with your loved ones or continue working while traveling.

Additionally, you’ll find that the crew in Saga Premium offers a higher level of service than the rest of the plane. They are friendly, attentive, and keen on making your flight experience as comfortable as possible.

Overall, while the seats may not fully recline, the business class amenities in Saga Premium elevate the travel experience to a level of comfort beyond that of standard economy. If you’re looking for a more premium experience without wanting to splurge on a traditional business class ticket, Saga Premium is an excellent option.

5. Crews and Service: A Nice Enough Experience
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5. Crews and Service: A Nice Enough Experience

When it comes to air travel, the crew and service can make or break your experience. Luckily, Icelandair’s Saga Premium crew provides a nice enough experience.

From the moment you step onto the plane, you’re greeted with a warm smile and a welcoming attitude. The crew is attentive and quick to address any needs or concerns you may have throughout the flight.

One thing to note is that Icelandair’s Saga Premium cabin is actually a premium economy product marketed as business class. So while the service is top-notch and the crew does their best to make you feel comfortable and cater to your needs, it may not necessarily compare to the experience you would have in a true long-haul business class cabin.

That being said, the crew goes above and beyond to make your flight as pleasant as possible. Whether it’s offering a pre-flight beverage or providing an extra pillow for added comfort, they are always willing to assist with whatever you may need.

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Overall, while the service may not be the most extravagant, it is more than enough to make your flight enjoyable. The crew is friendly, professional, and attentive – just what you want in a flight crew. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride knowing you’re in good hands with the Saga Premium crew.

6. The Saga Premium Meals: A Review
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6. The Saga Premium Meals: A Review

Now let’s talk about one of the most crucial aspects of any flight – the food. In Saga Premium, Icelandair offers an on-board menu with a variety of options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Overall, the food quality is good, and the presentation is impressive too.

The airline aims to incorporate authentic Icelandic cuisine into their menu, so you can expect dishes like lamb filet and Arctic char. Vegetarian and special meal options are also available upon request.

While the meals on our flight weren’t exceptional, they were still decent for an airline. However, some passengers have complained about the portion sizes being small. It’s advisable to order an extra side or two if you feel you need a more filling meal.

You’re also treated to a complimentary drink service throughout the flight, including alcoholic beverages. The champagne offered in Saga Premium is of good quality and adds a touch of class to the onboard dining experience.

In the end, the meals in Saga Premium are satisfactory for an airline. They’re not outstanding, but they’re certainly better than the average economy-class fare. You can expect a diverse menu with some authentic Icelandic dishes and a complimentary drink service to keep you satisfied throughout the flight.

Overall, the Saga Premium experience is comfortable, with good service that includes worthwhile extras like a dedicated check-in area, priority boarding and baggage handling, access to the Saga Lounge, and of course, the comfortable seats with extra legroom.

7. No Lie-Flat Beds Here: A Look at Saga Premium Seats
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7. No Lie-Flat Beds Here: A Look at Saga Premium Seats

Now that we’ve covered the overall experience of Icelandair’s Saga Premium, let’s take a closer look at the seating arrangements. One thing that stands out immediately is that there are no lie-flat beds in Saga Premium. While this may be disappointing for some travelers, it’s important to keep in mind that Icelandair’s focus is on regional flights, and for those shorter routes, a lie-flat bed may not be necessary.

Instead of a lie-flat bed, the seats in Saga Premium are spacious and comfortable, similar to those found in domestic first class seating. Yes, they recline, but not to a fully horizontal position. So if you’re hoping for a completely flat sleeping surface, you won’t find it here. However, the standard reclining position is still comfortable enough to get some rest on your three-hour flight.

The removal of lie-flat beds has allowed Icelandair to offer more seats in their Saga Premium cabin- up to 12 on some aircrafts. And while these seats don’t recline to lay flat, they do offer extra legroom and additional comfort compared to the rest of the fleet. For those who value comfort over a fully flat sleeping surface, Saga Premium is an excellent option.

Overall, despite the lack of lie-flat beds, the seating in Saga Premium is still quite comfortable and offers a great level of space and comfort for a business class cabin. Plus, with the other amenities offered such as priority boarding, check-in, and baggage handling, it’s still a great value for travelers looking for a premium experience without breaking the bank.

8. The Benefits of Paying Extra for Saga Class
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8. The Benefits of Paying Extra for Saga Class

When it comes to flying, comfort can make all the difference. And when you choose Icelandair’s Saga Class, paying a few extra hundred dollars definitely brings benefits that make your flight experience stand out.

Firstly, the spacious and comfortable seats are comparable to domestic first class recliners. With ample legroom and a comfy seat, you’ll have a relaxing flight experience. And with business-class amenities, such as pillows and blankets, a noise-canceling headset, and a personal entertainment screen, you’ll have all that you need for a comfortable flight.

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But the advantages don’t stop there. The flexibility that Saga Class offers, including easier ticket changes and full refundability, means you can fly with peace of mind. Plus, you’ll have access to Icelandair’s plush Saga Lounge before your flight, making the whole airport experience much more relaxing.

Don’t forget about the onboard meals, which are delicious and made with fresh, local ingredients. And of course, the crew provides excellent service, making your journey even more enjoyable.

In comparison to other airlines’ premium economy offerings, Saga Class is more like a U.S. domestic first class, rather than a transatlantic first class. But for a three-hour flight, Saga Class provides optimal comfort and exclusive perks that make the entire flying experience more enjoyable. So, if you have the means, booking Saga Class is definitely worth the extra cost.

9. Comparing Saga Premium to Premium Economy on Other Airlines
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9. Comparing Saga Premium to Premium Economy on Other Airlines

When it comes to flying, there are many factors to consider, including cost, comfort, and amenities. So, how does Icelandair’s Saga Premium compare to other airlines’ premium economy offerings?

First, let’s take a look at the seat itself. While Saga Premium seats offer standard recliners, they are more comfortable and spacious than typical economy seats. However, they are not quite up to par with the lie-flat beds found in some long-haul business class cabins. On the plus side, Saga Premium offers a 2-2 seating configuration, which provides more privacy and space than the 3-3 configuration found in economy.

In terms of amenities, Saga Premium offers many business class perks, such as priority boarding, two checked bags, complimentary meals, and access to the Saga Lounge. Other airlines’ premium economy offerings may not provide all of these amenities, or may require an additional fee to access them.

But what about cost? Icelandair’s Saga Premium is marketed as a more affordable option than traditional business class. When compared to other airlines’ premium economy seats, Saga Premium can be a cost-effective choice, especially when considering the added amenities and spacious seating configuration.

Overall, while Saga Premium may not offer the same level of luxury as some long-haul business class cabins, it provides a comfortable and affordable premium economy option with many added benefits. Whether you’re looking for added comfort and space on a short-haul flight or trying to save on costs when compared to traditional business class, Icelandair’s Saga Premium could be a great choice for your next trip.

10. Overall Comfort for a Three-Hour Business Class Flight
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10. Overall Comfort for a Three-Hour Business Class Flight

Now that you’ve experienced the Saga Premium Business Class for yourself, it’s time to take a closer look at the overall comfort of a three-hour flight with Icelandair.

Firstly, let’s talk about the seating. As mentioned earlier, the Saga Premium seats are wide and comfortable, similar to domestic first-class recliners. While the recline is limited, the sufficient legroom makes up for it. However, it’s important to note that these seats fall under the premium economy category rather than long-haul business class, so don’t expect to find any lie-flat beds here.

Moving on, let’s discuss the in-flight entertainment options. While the selection is limited with only a handful of movies available, the touch screen monitors are a nice addition for a more personalized experience.

Now, let’s talk about the service. The crew’s level of professionalism and friendliness made for a nice enough experience. However, it’s important to note that the level of service provided in Saga Premium is a step above regular economy, but falls short of what you would expect in a full-fledged business class.

Let’s not forget about the meals provided during the flight. The Saga Premium meals were quite good, with a decent selection of options to choose from. However, it’s worth noting that the quality of meals can vary depending on the route and destination.

Finally, let’s talk about the benefits of paying extra for Saga Class. While it’s marketed as business class, it’s important to remember that Saga Premium falls under the premium economy category. That being said, the extra amenities such as priority boarding, access to the Saga Lounge, and increased baggage allowances make the upgrade worth considering.

In comparison to other airlines, Icelandair’s Saga Premium falls somewhere between premium economy and business class. Overall, the comfort provided is decent for a three-hour flight, but falls short of the full-fledged business class experience. If you’re looking for a comfortable upgrade with extra amenities for your next regional flight, Saga Premium may be worth considering.

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