Cheapest Place To Rent In France – Affordable Places To Live

Cheapest Place To Rent In France - Top 10 Cities

Rents in France are one of the most expensive costs of living that a dreamer of living there may ever encounter.
The only way to fulfill such a dream is to hunt for one of the very few affordable cities to live with the Cheapest Place To Rent In France, and then arrange the other elements of the moving process

Cheapest Place To Rent In France - Top 10 Cities

Cost of Accommodation / Rental and Transport in Paris

  • For those who travel: The night in a hostel is around € 30.
  • For those who live: In Paris you can find accommodation between € 500 and € 700 a room, while in smaller cities it can go as low as € 400.

My recommendation is to look for a neighborhood outside the center, if you choose Paris, you can look in Montreuil which, being connected to Paris by metro and bus, will be like living in the city, but with much cheaper rent.

Renting a car can be very cheap, if you leave any of the airports (less than an hour from the center of Paris), you can find cars for a little more than € 30 a day with insurance.

The metro ticket in Paris costs € 1.90. You can also get the Navigo card and pay about € 20 a week plus the € 5 for the card, remember to bring a passport photo because if you get caught with the card without a photo you can be fined.

Cheapest Place To Rent In France

1. Saint-Etienne

What are the most calming window view to see every morning, obviously a highland with lush greenery! Not only known for its football team, but Saint-Etienne also sits on top of our list for the Cheapest Place To Rent In France. It takes an average of € 7.8 per m² or less than 400 euros for a 50 m² apartment to rent! In Paris for that price, you might only get a stairwell.

2. Mulhouse

It’s getting a little tight in Mulhouse! In one year, rents fell by almost 3% (8.3 € / m²). This is apparently good news for all of you hoping to find cheap short or long-term spacious house/flat/department rentals in France. Except that you and I know that it is not only the size of the property that counts. Lying just outside the Swiss and German borders, Mulhouse has some of the most amazing views to enjoy.

3. Brest

Hidden at the far left of France, Brest is one of the cheapest student cities with, for example, studios available to rent starting from € 350 per month. The average rental price per m² remains at € 8.3 per m², just like its Alsatian counterpart at the other end of France. Not enough though to stay in neighborhoods near the port de Brest.

4. Limoges

Stunning land of medieval and Renaissance enamels and porcelain artifacts, Limoge is not only famous for that. Notice with a name like that, you shouldn’t expect sufficient employment for its residents, huh! No wonder then that rents are breaking down (-2.5% in 1 year) with an average of € 8.9 per m².

Even at this price, it is difficult to attract people to the poorest city in the famous Clermont-Brive-Limoges triangle of solitude. Except that behind the cliché of the lost country town, hides a city full of charms that will make you want to take the ride (in a limousine of course!)

5. Le Mans

Who said it smelled like pâté on the Le Mans side? Rents are among the lowest in France with an average of € 9.5 per m². It would almost make you want to settle there … almost.

6. Besançon

If you were wondering why there were so many young people in Besançon (6.8% of the population anyway), well, this is mainly due to its ridiculously low rents (€ 9.6 per m²). It’s indeed one of the best cheapest places to find nice apartments for rent in France

7. Perpignan

An emphasis that lasts, the sea on one side, the mountains on the other, a lavish rich cuisine,  a legit French place in the sun… and all that for some of the cheapest rents (€ 9.7 per m² )? Remind me again why we don’t live in Perpignan already?

8. Metz

Why go pay a blind rent in Nancy or Strasbourg when you can get nice apartments for rent for even less money in Metz? Okay, Nolan Roux will not be messing next year, and that’s still a big blow to the attractiveness of the city.

9. Clermont-Ferrand

The city that saw Burnain grow has not yet taken a significant headline. And since the Auvergne has a reputation for not throwing their money out the window, there is no reason why they should waste it on rent. Average price seen in Clermont-Ferrand: € 10.2 per m².

10. Angers

Voted the best city in France in 2017 for its quality of life, Angers nice apartments for rent remains accessible in terms of (10.4 € / m²), the 10th cheapest city to find accommodation in all French regions. What is it? Two hours from the sea, 1h30 of Panam, and 20 minutes by bike from Cantenay-Épinard, the hometown of laziness!



Know the process Of Renting Houses in France Long Term & Short Term

Renting Houses in France Long Term & Short Term – We’ve put together this short guide to buying and owning property in France to help you understand the process of buying, and the taxes you will have to pay as an owner.

We’ve put together this short guide to buying and owning property in France to help you understand the process of buying, and the taxes you will have to pay as an owner.

Sign the Preliminary Contract Once you have had your offer accepted, you will have to sign a Promesse de Vente or a Compromis de Vente (Compromis de Vente is the most common).

Normally drawn-up by the Estate Agent or Notaire, this stipulates exactly what’s included in the price, and commits the seller to the transaction.  A deposit of 5 to 10% is required at this point.


Make sure you’ve made the right decision You have the right to pull out of the sale without penalty if you notify the estate agent of your decision by registered letter within 7 days of making the agreement.

Your deposit must be refunded within 21 days of your withdrawal.

After the 7 days, the cooling-off period has passed, if you require a mortgage to purchase the property, you have 15 days in which to obtain proof from your bank confirming you have applied for a mortgage.

If your mortgage is declined your deposit will be returned.  Normally there is an opt-out clause in the contract which means that if you have not obtained a mortgage within 30 days the seller has the option to pull out of the sale, however, this is very rare.

Sign and accept your Mortgage Offer When you receive your mortgage offer, you have to wait for at least 10 days before signing and returning it to your bank, but you must sign and return it before it expires, normally they are valid for 30 days.


Sign the Deed of Sale Once the funds to purchase the property are received by the Notaire, they will prepare the Acte de Vente or Acte Authentique, the buyers and sellers meet at the Notaires office for the official signing.

Once the signing is over you are the owner of the property.

Know the costs For Renting Houses in France Long Term & Short Term

Estate Agents Fee Your Estate Agent (Immobilier) will normally charge between 4% and 12% of the sale price (these fees can vary), but depending on the conditions, the price of the property might include this fee.  As the buyer, you will pay this fee.


Notaires Fee The Notaires fees are paid by the buyer, the percentage paid will vary depending on the price of the property you are purchasing.


Surveys The seller is required to have any surveys carried out prior to sale ie for asbestos, lead in paint, wef Jan 2009 an electrical survey, and depending on where you are buying a termites survey may also be required.

Please note these surveys are for information purposes only and should be seen and signed on or before you sign the Compromis de Vente.

Once the Compromis de Vente is signed and the 7 days cooling-off period has passed neither the seller nor the buyer can change the price agreed.


Land Tax Taxe Fonciere is calculated on the size of land you own and the type of land you won ie: is the land built on, is it agricultural, etc.

It is paid by the owner of the property, and the tax covers the year from the 1st January to 31st December. The bill is sent to and must be paid by whoever owned the property on the 1st of January that year, the bill is normally received in September and paid on the 15th of October.

It will be necessary to reimburse the seller of the property for the proportion of the year that you have owned the property ie: if you own the property from the 15th of July you are liable to reimburse the seller the amount of Taxe Fonciere from the 15th of July until the 31st of December.

New build homes can be exempt from Taxe Fonciere for 2 years.


Council Tax Taxe d’Habitation is charged locally and pays for things similar to those covered by the UK council tax.  Based on the rental value of the property, the account will be taken of the number of habitable rooms and floor space when calculating the amount due.

Normally billed in October and paid on the 15th of either November or December.  If your property is rented out long term, this tax is payable by the tenants.  Whether your property is a holiday home or permanent residence, you are liable to pay.


TV Licence This fee is collected in the same time as Taxe d’Habitation and is listed on the same bill.  This is usually around 116 Euro (as at Jan 2009 – this is liable to change).


French Inheritance Laws These are weighted towards protecting the interests of children. If death occurs, the Spouse receives 50%, and the other 50% is shared equally between the children, however, you can have a Tontine Clause added to the final contract which allows the spouse to receive 100%.

Seek professional advice from specialist solicitors in French Property Law if you have issues with this.

Know who’s Involved In The Process Of Renting Houses in France Long Term & Short Term

The Notaire The Notaire is a publicly appointed official and is personally responsible for ensuring the sale and purchase is carried out properly, and that any legal clarifications are properly written into the Deed of Sale.

They represent the French Government and not the seller or buyer, and so are completely impartial in the transaction.

Normally one Notaire represents both buyer and seller, however, you can have your own Notaire at no extra charge, but using the same Notaire will normally speed up the sale.


The Immobilier The Estate Agent is instructed by the seller.  Many are geared up for foreigners buying here, and so will provide help in translating and helping you through the processes and paperwork if you are not a French speaker.

The Immobilier (estate agent) will be registered with one of the following associations, FNIAM, UNIT, SNPI, or CNAB.


The Vendors Because of French inheritance laws, all family members must give written consent and agree to the sale and the price before the property can be put on the market.

All family members are also required to sign the Compromis de Vente and the Acte de Vente or Acte Authentique.

Renting a House in France for Vacation Procedure

The rental contract, ‘bail’, is usually for three years and can be tacitly renewed. If you are planning to move out, you must give three months’ notice or one month if the cause is a change of job or unemployment. The letter of the notice must be sent to the landlord by a registered post.

The costs usually associated with a rent include;

  • A deposit equivalent to one month’s rent is often requested. In theory, it is returned one month after departure.
  • Agency costs generally amount to one month’s rent. Rent is payable in advance.
  • Many owners also ask for a guarantor (a third person that undertakes to pay the rent should the tenant face financial difficulties).

It is generally accepted that the amount of the rent should not exceed 30% of the tenant’s net monthly salary which is calculated as the average of the last three payslips.


Amount of the Rent

Accommodation constitutes the main expense for most French households. As in many countries in Europe, town center accommodation is generally more expensive than on the outskirts. Rents are higher in residential areas and in districts that are well served by means of transport going to the town center or to economic areas where there are jobs.

The Guide 2 Brittanys’ guide to towns and villages each contains the average rental and sales price for that area.

You should always remember to ask about the level of the service charge and what you get for it such as heating and hot water.

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