Cost Of Living Index In The United States Of America

Do you have plans to work or study in America or to visit for a certain period of time? Or do you dream of emigrating to the USA?

Cost Of Living Index In The United States Of America is high, according to the U.S. Commerce Department report released on Friday, January 12. The index measures Americans’ incomes and consumption against their expenditures and has been steadily climbing since 2011 when it was at its lowest point of 68.9 in May that year.

“This is not just an American story,” said Ethan Harris, global economist with Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Research in New York City, as

The United States Of America is obviously not next door, but you can easily arrange a lot from wherever you’re dwelling right now to make this departure and relocation go smoothly. You will find many practical tips and Cost Of Living Index And Calculations Across All The US States and much more to know about moving to the USA in this article.

Cost Of Living Index In The United States Of America

Working in The United States Of America

Are you looking for a job, do you want to start your own company in America?

To get a Green Card through the diversity lottery or on the basis of work in America, there are many requirements regarding your education or work experience. You must have completed elementary and secondary school or have held a position that required training or experience for at least two years in the past five years.

This means that you must at least have a higher professional education level or that you are specialized in a position such as a doctor or an engineer.

How To Find a Job In The USA

The way of looking for a job in America is not very different than anywhere else in the modern world. you go through job advertisements and websites or you register with an employment agency. Networking plays an even greater role in the US than in most other countries.

So let people know that you are looking for a job, even if your network may seem limited.

  • Job Sectors

In The United States, jobs are divided into sectors. The largest sector is the economic sector, especially commercial and non-commercial services. About 80 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) is obtained through this sector.
Since the United States of America (US) is a very large country, it will depend per state which sector is predominant and within which most jobs can be found.

For example, in California, food production and food processing are the largest branches, while in Florida commercial services such as hospitality have a larger share.

  • Crisis and unemployment

The effects of the world economic crisis can also be seen in America. Despite the fact that unemployment is falling again, the official unemployment rate until March 2012 was 8.2%. What this means for you personally will depend on your education and experience. Meaning that finding a job will currently take a little more effort and time.

  • Income Tax

When you have found a job you will have to pay tax on your net income. The tax you pay is arranged differently in the United States. Not only does the American federal government levy income tax, but also the state in which you live collects part of this tax.

Furthermore, other taxes can also be collected by local authorities such as the municipality where you live.

The income tax in America is divided into different tax brackets. So it depends on your income in which bracket you fall. Your classification is partly determined by your personal situation.


Probably the easiest way to get into America is to make an investment. Although it guarantees you getting a permanent residence permit, you are of course not there yet with making this investment. Whether you are already an experienced self-employed person or you are just starting your own business for the first time, setting up a business is a process that takes a lot of time and deepening.

  • The investment

By making a business investment of 1,000,000 dollars, you are literally buying a Green Card. This amount must be invested in a small company with at least ten employees. Before you make the choice to invest a million dollars in a new company, it is of course important to thoroughly familiarize yourself with a number of things.

Orientate and choose your market

It is wise to visit trade shows in America in advance to see which industry is growing and in which disappointing results are being achieved. America is the greatest example of a consumer market. American consumers are generally willing to invest heavily in both basic necessities and luxury products.

However, the economic crisis has caused the purchasing power of consumers to decline. This has consequences for the purchase of, first of all, luxury products.

Small and medium-sized enterprise

When you have decided to set up a company in America, you fall under a ‘small and medium-sized enterprise’ (SME). In the US, these are farms and businesses with fewer than 500 employees.

Choose your business form

The choice of company form in America mainly depends on the type of company you want to set up and what the activities will be. In addition, the regulations for the company differ per state, which can influence your choice of company form.

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A ‘partnership’ in America means that both you and the partner will be held personally responsible for any debts. If you want to avoid personal liability, it is better to set up a company with the rights and obligations of a public or private limited company which is called a ‘corporation’.

Write a business and marketing plan

The market for your product or service determines your sales and is therefore very important to define properly. You can take this into account when drafting up a good marketing plan and choosing a marketing strategy.


America captures everyone’s imagination, and one of the best ways to get to know the country well is to study there. A nice option is a language course in America, where you not only learn English fluently but also gain a great student experience.

There are various options, for example, in addition to your language course, you can also take courses that interest you. EF Education First is an expert in language travel, offering a variety of programs in America. Take a look at their website for more information.

As a student, you can choose to take courses in the US during an academic year (9 months). Some students do it purely for the experience and others want to improve their English. Whatever the motivations, many students are having the time of their lives in America.

If you have decided to study in the United States f America, you will have to make a number of choices. Which study program or institution will you choose and will you live on campus, in an apartment, or with a host family? In addition to these personal choices, you will also have to arrange other things.

Here the most important matters are discussed so that you can go on an overseas adventure with a good feeling and fully organized.

  • Visa application

You do not just enter America, you will have to apply for a temporary visa. Start this on time to prevent your own planning from suffering from the time that the procedures take.
You can read more about all types of visas, and the right one for you as a student, on tours.

  • Education options

If you go to America during your secondary school, you will end up at an American High School. Higher education in the US is divided into undergraduate and graduate stages. If you go during a Secondary vocational education (MBO) course, you can go to a Community College. Here you can choose the most diverse study options for a year.

After this phase, or after obtaining your MBO diploma in your homeland, you can participate in a junior college. This gives you the opportunity to obtain an associate’s degree. A bachelor’s degree can be obtained by continuing to study for one or two years (depending on the study). Both an associate’s degree and a bachelor’s degree fall under the undergraduate phase in America.

If you have a bachelor’s degree or are a university student, you can study in The US at an American university. These programs are often very specific and fall under the graduate phase.

Ask your own educational institution advisor about the possibilities. Often the institution already has contacts with schools in America or experience with other exchange students who have gone before you. You can also consider using an experienced exchange agency.

Financial Costs Of Studying In the United States Of America

The costs for a study in America vary considerably but are generally high. The costs for registering for a study program vary per institution.

The cost for a complete academic year (9 months) can range from $15,000 to $35,000. This does include your “complete” living expenses including tuition, costs for books, insurance, and room and board.

You can save a lot of money if you go to America through an exchange program from your own educational institution. Then you remain registered at your current educational institution. Enquire about this at your local educational institution.

Request moving quotes

You can request quotes from various removal companies without obligation. That way you can compare at your leisure which moving company suits you best.

5 reasons to request quotes from international moving companies

1. Free and without obligation
2. Quotes from moving companies in your region
3. Compare easily
4. You will receive brochures from various international moving companies
5. Only 2 minutes of work

How does it work?

1. You fill in your details
2. Up to 5 moving companies in the region will receive your application
3. These moving companies will make a non-binding quote for you
4. You will receive the quotations and brochures
5. You compare the offers at your leisure. You are under no obligation.

Renting A House In The United States

When you go to America for a certain period of time or do not want to buy a house immediately, you can choose to rent a house. The popularity of rental properties is high in America due to strict mortgage requirements. Here too there are various options, such as temporarily renting a holiday home or renting a regular rental home.

If you do not immediately want to buy a house in America, you can decide to rent a house. The economic crisis has increased the popularity of rental housing in the United States, but the market is still large enough. There are several ways to rent a home.

  • Temporary rental

You can decide to rent a house for a short period of time until you have found a house that you want to buy. In this case, temporarily renting a holiday home can be attractive. You are then not bound by a contract for a specific rental period, and the homes are always furnished.

Please note that the costs for a holiday home are often on the high. It is also good to know that in many cases you must be older than 25 years to rent a holiday home.

  • Ordinary home rental 

Do you want to rent a house for a longer period of time so that you have more time to look for a suitable house for sale, or is your budget not sufficient for an owner-occupied house? Then choose an ordinary rental house in America.

If you rent a house from a homeowner, or ‘landlord’, in most cases you will join into a contract of half a year or one year.

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Since the world economic crisis, many houses for sale are also offered on the rental market. This may be of interest if you are strongly considering living in a particular area. You can then decide after the rental period whether to buy the house.

Landlord obligations

A landlord is responsible for major maintenance of your home. In addition, he must ensure that you are connected to the water system and the electricity network and he will have to provide you with the necessary waste containers.

Tenant obligations

As a tenant, you are obliged to keep the rented house tidy and to pay the rent on time. Furthermore, your presence must not cause any nuisance to the neighbors.

It is important to know that if you have rent arrears and if you leave the house for more than a week without informing your landlord, the lease can be legally terminated.

Renting Houses Costs In The United States Of America

A house can be rented furnished, unfurnished or bare. This of course makes a difference for the rent. In addition, the rental prices in America also depend on the size and location of the house. Many houses are advertised on the internet and in local newspapers.


Home Away – For renting a holiday home
Homes and Apartments for Rent – ​​American website with rental properties.


When you have the prospect of a permanent residence in America, and perhaps have lived there for a while, you can decide to buy a house. The prices of homes in America also depend on the location. Houses in popular neighborhoods are more expensive than houses in the countryside.

  • Arrange in advance

If you are going to buy a house in America, you must open a US bank account and have a social security number or an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, or ITIN.

  • Mortgage in America

American banks only provide mortgages to home buyers who also have a job in America. So if you decide to buy a second home in America without working there.

If you do want to arrange the mortgage through an American bank, it is good to know in advance that the loans for foreigners are higher in interest rates than for Americans. Some banks also only provide partial mortgages. In this case, you will have to finance the rest of the amount yourself.

The interest rate on the mortgage and the partial mortgage can differ per bank, but in many cases makes this option is mainly unattractive

  • A Homeowner

As a homeowner in The USA, you are required to pay property taxes. This tax depends on the state in which you bought a house. Also for property tax, there are different rates for foreigners. These rates vary by state.

  • Other options

If you can prove that you have enough money, you do not have to take out a mortgage in The US, and you can suffice with official proof from your bank that you can buy the house.

If you own a house in your home country, and there is a lot of equity on the house, it is possible to finance your house in America with a second mortgage on your original house.


It is important to be well informed when buying a house. If you want to buy a house in America, this is perhaps even more important. After all, the legislation and requirements for mortgage and financing are different from those in most other countries, and all documents are in English.

If you do not have the time or the ability to sort out the finances and other matters yourself, it is, therefore, advisable to engage a lawyer or a financial advisor to do this for you.


International Revenue Service – For more information about taxes in America and getting an ITIN

Cost Of Living Index In The United States Of America

Touring The US

Are you adventurous and want to discover America? There are several ways to travel through the United States.


While making a tour through the United States of America (US), you can see a lot of the country in a relatively short time and taste the atmosphere in different places.

Recommendations are:

– Niagara Falls and the dozens of national parks in America
– The rocky coast in the west of America
– Route 66

There are several ways to take a tour around The US. Here are some options for an unforgettable experience.

  • Touring America in An RV Van

If you want to go where you want, without having to take into account whether you will arrive on time at a specific address at the end of the day or if you just like having your own “house” during the tour, renting a motorhome in America is ideal.

This way you are flexible, independent, and always assured of a roof over your head. There are different types of motorhomes for rent. An A-class motorhome is by far the largest motorhome you can rent and can accommodate up to 10 people.

If you are traveling with a smaller group, you will probably be fine with a smaller RV. The price of a trip with an RV Van is difficult to estimate because it depends on a number of factors, including:

– The type of RV you want to rent;
– The distance you plan to  travel;
– The duration of your trip;
– Where you pick up and return the motorhome.

Request quotes in advance from various rental companies.

  • Road Trip In  America by car

You can also be flexible when you are going to discover America by car. By taking a tent with you, you are again not tied to locations considered in advance. Another advantage of a road trip through America with a car is that you can cover longer distances faster. In addition, with a car, it is easy to drive into a large city.

Renting a car in America is, of course, dependent on the type of car, often inexpensive. The gas consumption of a car is much lower than the consumption of an RV. Cheap fly-and-drive deals can often be found on the internet.

  • America by bike

If you are sporty and ready for a big adventure, you can also consider taking a round trip with only a bicycle. This is probably the most low-budget way of touring America. However, the distances you can cover are more limited than when traveling by car or motorhome, but you will see a lot of the country and landscape during your trip.

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There are plenty of organizations that offer cycling trips, but you can of course also set out on your own if you plan the trip well.


– The rules for wild camping in America differ per state, check this carefully before your trip.
– An international driver’s license is not required but can be useful in the event of a breakdown or accident.
– Rather stay in a hotel: America has many hotels, motels, and bed & breakfasts.
– Book tickets to New York early in advance, outside the high season, or with special promotions.
– Rate: 110 Euro per 12 months

The American culture

Despite the fact that America is for the most part a Western country, just like the many European destinations, the country is diverse. If you want to stay in the US for a long time, it is useful to delve into American culture. Before you take the step to emigrate to the other side of the ocean, it is wise to first research whether American culture is a culture that you will feel at home in.

If you stay in America for a longer period of time, you will find that it is different than in movies or on television series.

Despite the fact that in America, the Western culture predominates, there are a number of elementary differences. From time immemorial, America has been an immigration country, where many cultures have had their influence.

  • History and influences

The original inhabitants of America are the American Indians, who were “discovered” at the end of the 15th century when Columbus visited America.

In the 16th century, America was colonized by several countries. Sweden, England, the Netherlands, France, Spain, and Russia all left their mark on continental America during that time.

In the mid-18th century, most of the east coast of America belonged to Great Britain, and on July 4, 1776, North America was declared independent.

  • Contemporary culture

Little is left of the culture of five hundred years ago. The heritage of the American Indians is mainly still in specially established reservations.

As a “land of opportunities,” the USA has drawn many fortune seekers to the country in the past and continues to do so. The influence of these immigration flows makes the culture in America very dynamic.

Contemporary America is mainly characterized by political movements, religion, and materialism. On you can regularly read new blogs about recent political, technological, and financial developments.

  • The American cuisine

America today is best known for its “fast food” and donuts chains. Originally, however, the typical American cuisine consisted of meat, corn, and potatoes. For example, this was already eaten by the original inhabitants or imported by settlers.

All the cultural influences America has experienced in its history have also influenced American cuisine. These influences still exist, as immigrants often tend to stick to their own eating habits. Examples include Italian-American and Chinese cuisine.

Because America has had different colonies, herbs and spices are often used differently per region, this is known as the local or regional cuisine.

  • The American Holidays

One of the most important events in American history is Independence Day. This holiday is celebrated every year on the 4th of July. Parades and large fireworks displays take place in almost every state. On this day, many Americans go out to picnics with family and friends or attend special gigs.

Other popular holidays in America are Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween.

Public holidays in America are not by definition national holidays on which people do not have to work. It differs per state whether the day in question is also a day off.

Public holidays that are celebrated across the country and are days off are:

– New Year’s Day
– ‘Memorial day’, on the last Monday in May
– ‘Independence day, on July 4th
– ‘Labor day’, on the first Monday in September
– Veterans Day, on November 11
– Thanksgiving, on the fourth Thursday in November
– Christmas

Retirement in America

The structure of the social care system in America differs greatly from the rest of the world. If you want to enjoy your retirement in the US, it is therefore important to be well informed.

Emigration to America can have tremendous consequences for your pension schemes.

In the United States of America, they have a complex social care system. There are variations in pension accrual, but even if you have already retired and are moving to America, you will have to take changes in your current situation into account. Here the main differences and changes are discussed.

  • Historical and current construction

When you move to America and start working there, you are no longer insured for the accrual of your home country pension and you will be reduced on this.

You can voluntarily buy an additional insurance plan to prevent this.

  • The future pension build-up in America

If you start living in America and you stop building up a pension in the home country, you can start building up again in the States.

In order to build up a pension in America you must:

– be in possession of a permanent residence permit
– working for an American employer
– pay taxes in America
– pay social security contributions in America

  • Pension changes

When you retire, your income usually changes a lot. From the usual salary, you can now recieve your pension, any supplementary pension, payment of the annuity, and finally your own capital in the form of savings or a house.

Emigration to the United States of America can affect your pension. It is useful to be aware of this in advance to not unexpectedly miss out on income.

  • Exceptions

A number of exceptions have been made that ensure that you do retain your right to still receive your pension in some countries in certain situations. These exceptions will mostly apply when you:

– goes to America for study or internship
– is temporarily posted by your Dutch employer
– before the Dutch government has to go to America


In addition to the above information, simply saving for your senior years is advisable. These savings can ensure that you have fewer or no financial worries when you retire.

In America, you can register with Medicare Health Insurance from the age of 65. This health insurance is especially for retirees and covers high costs for care during your retirement.

Cost Of Living Index In The United States Of America

The Cost of Living in the United States is higher than in most other countries. It is because people get paid higher wages there, and also because the cost of certain items like food and fuel is very high. The cost of living index in America is much more than that of India or China for example.

However, the thing to note here though is that while your salary might sound bigger in terms of dollars, you will be spending a comparatively lesser amount on goods and services compared to someone who earns comparatively

Since the U.S. dollar is a global currency, all prices are in dollars and most costs are inflated due to transportation and import fees. The U.S. is also large, so goods from other countries may have to travel across state borders before arriving at their destination city or town, which can add up on shipping fees for multiple stops along the way.

Cost Of Living Index In The United States Of America

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