Fun Family Friendly Things To Do In Las Vegas Today 2022

Because in Las Vegas, it is necessary to stand out from the competition, all hotels strive to create all and any sort of entertainment shows. Some of these shows CANNOT by any means be displayed in front of a younger audience.

However, many other shows are more of a family, kids, and even baby-friendly. For instance, the Circus Circus resort and its Adventuredome, a 2-hectare indoor theme park with climbing walls, bumper cars, and rollercoasters. The Midway offers animal shows, acrobats, and magicians on a central stage.

This and many other Las Vegas Family Fun Centers are open from dusk till noon to entertain children alone or accompanied by their parents. We’re focusing on five hotels offering family friendly attractions that make visiting Las Vegas with kids even more fun.

Fun Family Friendly Things To Do In Las Vegas Magic Shows Entertainment And More

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. This famous slogan sums up what Vegas is all about: adult entertainment first and foremost. It goes without saying that the city is not an ideal family destination.

Under-21s can go to casinos to visit a shop or restaurant or to attend a show, but they are not allowed to stop. The little ones must be constantly monitored for security reasons. Some casinos also prohibit strollers.

All hope, however, is not lost if you are with your children. There are plenty of entertainment activities and Fun Things For Families To Do In Las Vegas. Next, you’ll find a list of the Best Family Friendly Magic Shows In Las Vegas

Family Friendly Shows In Las Vegas

  • Cirque du Soleil

The Circus of the Sun is synonymous with magic, in Las Vegas, there are its best shows like O, Ka, Zumanity and Mystere; mandatory stops, as well as magic shows for any fan; in this case Michael Jackson: One that I recommend not only for the quality and novelty of the show but because it is starred by a magician: the Frenchman Xavier Mortimer.

    • “O” by Cirque du Soleil

It is one of the most beautiful and memorable shows in the city, and definitely one of the ones you can’t miss. It is produced by Cirque du Soleil, an entertainment company known worldwide for its theatrical circus shows. It features world-class acrobats, synchronized swimmers, divers, and several great characters participating in the show.

Many people who have seen the show O by Cirque de Soleil which is actually displayed in a large swinging pool, claim that it is the best show in Las Vegas. Because the show has been around for several years, it is easy to find a discount. You can enjoy O at the O theater at Bellagio.Show O Cirque du Soleil

    • Ka – Cirque Du Soleil

Ka is another spectacular act of Cirque du Soleil and mixes elements of martial arts, acrobatics, dances, and dazzling costumes. This show tells the story of two twins separated at birth and the challenges they must overcome to meet each other once again. Among the incredible visual effects of Ka is a scenario that can shift and twist. You can watch this show at the MGM Grand Cirque du Soleil Theater.

    • Mystere – Cirque du Soleil

Mystere delights its audience with colorful costumes, state-of-the-art stunts, mysterious characters, creatures, and more. Like all Cirque du Soleil shows, this act is artistically impressive and offers a unique experience that simply cannot be explained in words. You can watch this show at the Mystere theater of Treasure Island.

  • Le Reve

This is a very imaginative and ethereal circus show that shows spectacular costumes, acrobatics, gymnastics, and incredible visual effects. The theme of the show is dreams. A large part of the presentation takes place on the water, although there are also artists among the public to create a more interactive experience. This is a fantastic show for the whole family. You can witness Le Reve at the Le Reve Theater at Wynn Las Vegas.

  • Terry Fator

Are you or your kids not big fans of magic and other huge stage performances? No problem, because Terry Fator who won the 2007 America’s Got Talent, now has his own Mirage show. He is probably the right man to entertain you. Fator is a ventriloquist who uses several puppets and performs great imitations of some famous celebrities such as Frank Sinatra and Lady Gaga.

Terry Fator’s life is a fairy tale. He almost gave up pursuing as a ventriloquist/singer before participating in America’s Got Talent. After his victory, he performed at various hotels on the Las Vegas Strip before signing a contract with the Mirage for 5 years. It is said that the contract would have a value of about $ 100 million.

Some people who watched the show said that Fator can even sing better than the original artists! This show is very amusing and you can find it at the Terry Factor del Mirage theater.

  • Blue Man Group

Maybe you’ve seen this group of 3 men with blue-painted faces on TV. So, why not see them in person? This show includes several great acts that combine comedy, modern technology, and rock music. This is a show you must see to grasp the full experience. You can find this group in the Blue Men Group theater of the Hotel & Casino Venetian.

  • Carrot Top

Known for his reddish hair and crazy jokes, Carrot Top presents a live comedy show with many accessories. Throughout his presentation, the artist makes fun of himself, American culture, humanity, and many other subjects. This is a show you can’t miss if you love live comedy.

Just be aware that Anyone younger than 18 must be accompanied by a 21+ adult. Carrot Top is presented at the Atrium of the Luxor.

  • Jersey Boys

Musical lovers will definitely love Jersey Boys. However, the show is not recommended for children under 12. So, it’s more suitable for your teenagers accompanied by their parents due to the authentic Jersey language.
This musical tells the story of the popular pop-rock band of the sixties. The Four Seasons, going from the moment they met in New Jersey until they became a legendary band. Many agree that Jersey Boys is one of the best musicals in Las Vegas. You can watch this show at Théâtre de Paris.

  • Vegas! The Show

You can easily say that this is the best impersonator show in Las Vegas. In this show, you can see important moments in the history of Las Vegas recreated with great quality through musical performances.

Vegas! The Show takes you to the fifties and advances over several years while including spectacular imitations of famous artists who helped to give the city its name, like Elvis Presley, Rat Pack, Tina Turner, and many more. You can watch this show at the Saxe Theater at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

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What Can Families Do In Las Vegas Today

Las Vegas is drawing questions from kids like, “Why is the lady in a bikini on the street?” On the other hand, we did not see many really shocking things while we were there.

To cross from one hotel to another, it is often necessary to go through the casinos. Children can walk around, but can not get close to table games and lottery games. However, Las Vegas has also circuses, swimming pools, amusement parks, museums … in short enough to satisfy the young and old.

We would also add to being prepared to say no to costumed people (Batman, Darth Vader, Mickey …) who want to approach children (they know how to go about it!) To take a picture with them by asking for a $ tip in return. Next, we’ll be introducing Family-Friendly Places Offering the most Fun activities to do with your kids in Las Vegas today

  • Take the turn to Wet’n’Wild Las Vegas Water Park in warmer weathers

With nearly 25 attractions, the Wet’n’Wild is a huge water park that offers the whole family countless opportunities for fun. Between wave pool, slides, and artificial river, you will have no major difficulty in finding the activity that best suits you and your children of all ages.

Whether young or teenagers, your kids will enjoy a day in this extraordinary place especially in case of hot weather. Even the little ones will have a real pleasure to be entertained in the interactive part of Paradise Falls, while the bigger ones will be thrilled to experience thrills on the Tornado slide.

  • Visiting the Stratosphere Hotel And Restaurant And Enjoying Its Thrilling Attractions

The Stratosphere hotel is one of the largest in the United States. It climbs with ultra-fast lifts and gives you access to the indoor viewing platform or from outside for a 360 ° view. At the top, you can dominate the beautiful view of  Las Vegas Nevada Valley, the nearby desert, and the mountains, but also enjoy local cuisine in the panoramic restaurant that rotates 360 degrees at low speed.

Bring back some souvenirs bought in the hotel gift shops and also test the 4 attractions for thrills. Stratosphere For thrill-seekers, here are the highest rides in the world, 110 stories above the Strip.

If you have a good heart, try the “Skyjump“. This jump into the void of the 108th floor will certainly make you live an unforgettable moment in every sense of the word!

Things For Families To Do Kids Friendly Magic Shows In Las Vegas Fun Center Places Events What Stuff Things Can Families Do Off The Strip Today Entertainment Trip Vacation Spots Road Trips Events

  • Additional Stuff To Do In Vegas With Family

Las Vegas’ close proximity to Southern California (4-5 hour drive time) makes it an easy weekend getaway for us.  We usually visit at least twice a year and our kids have grown up enjoying many Vegas attractions.

My husband and his siblings have been going here since they were kids so it has long been considered a kid-friendly destination by the family. So, here’s What Can Families Do In Las Vegas

  1. The Big Apple Coaster – New York-New York Hotel & Casino
  2. Adventuredome This Circus Circus theme park includes rides, rock climbing, and bungee jumping.
  3. Slotzilla Brave men will not fail to try this 12-story zip line over the Fremont Street Experience.
  4. The Mirage Hotel Volcano False crater with regular eruptions, visible from the Strip.
  5. Fremont Street Experience The famous strolling street is topped with a steel canopy with computer-controlled lights.
  6. Shark Reef Aquarium Join the world of silence in this aquarium which has more than 2,000 underwater species.
  7. Flamingo Wildlife Habitat Flamingos and penguins are among the protected of this exotic mini-zoo.
  8. Discovery Children’s Museum Experiment, draw, and study scientific concepts in this colorful educational space.
  9. Springs Preserve Leave the Strip to enjoy a breath of fresh air in this large museum with ecological design.