20 Child & Family Friendly Restaurants In Paris 2021

Good Family Restaurants In Paris –  Nothing like a good family meal to meet around and have some memorable time when traveling.
However, when you and your kids are touring the most romantic city in the whole world, it might seem a bit difficult to find that many dining places welcoming your little ones.
Well, you don’t have to worry about it anymore as we’ve compiled the top-10-list for the Best Child Friendly Restaurants In Paris France for the pleasure of the entire family members.
Best Family Friendly Restaurants Paris France

20 Best Child Friendly Restaurants And Family Friendly Paris Holidays In France

It must be said, family Friendly restaurants in Paris ” Child friendly “ are not that popular in the city of light. Even in the capital, it is sometimes difficult to find a place to dine with the children without being looked down upon by other guests. But some restaurateurs chose instead to offer playful and pleasant spots for families. They dedicate a play area or and even a special food menu to the little ones.

Here are our ideas for eating out with children in Paris with peace of mind while delighting your taste buds.

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1- Les 400 coups

A must visit, the restaurant “Les 400 coups” located at the Cinémathèque is really dedicated to families. Strollers are welcome, a play area is dedicated to the younger children and another space is more suitable for the toddlers.

You can choose a table on the terrace for sunny days or warm ones in winter, you can eat fresh home-made goodies and the children’s plates are arranged by a culinary artist to make them more playful and exciting.

This Cinémathèque française’s restaurant pampers families. Simple and healthy kitchen, adequate spaces between the tables to place the strollers. On weekends, kids can have fun in the children’s area, small but equipped with books, Kapla, and a pretty shadow wall.

The 400 shots, 51, rue de Bercy, Paris (XII). Closed on Tuesdays. Children’s formulas at 12.80 and 15 €.


2- Super Cafe

“SUPER Café” is a friendly, ethnic, and eco-friendly coffee shop, nestled in an island of greenery in the heart of the 20th arrondissement of Paris. The perfect place for a meal, a snack, a drink, an event, or a workshop. The Super Café is not just coffee. Dedicated to families, it serves simple and delicious hot dishes near the Père Lachaise Cemetery.
16 Rue de Fontarabie, 75020 Paris

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3- Mombini

A deco shop and toys, a coffee shop, and a small restaurant for lunch with a play area for children. High chairs, and workshops for babies, children, and pregnant women.

22 Rue Gerbert, 75015 Paris

4- Bleu Olive

A coffee shop and a restaurant with homemade food, a small space for toddlers, high chairs, and changing tables.
184 rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris

5- Une Mère, Une Fille à Paris “A Mother, a Girl in Paris”

A tea room (a set menu for most drinks for 12 € 80 and snack 9.50 €), at 43 Boulevard Garibaldi, 75015 Paris

6- Le petit café du monde entier “The little coffee from around the world”

A corner shop, a coffee with a play area for kids and a room dedicated to the workshops for children (cooking, yoga, language, sewing …). 95 Rue du Chemin Vert, 75011 Paris


7- Poule Mouillette

A toy store, a tea room with high chairs, microwaves, and little jars bios and workshops. 13 Rue des Recollets, 75010 Paris

The 400 Coups

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8- The Hard Rock Café

This is not just a place for grown-ups! The proof, the children’s animated movies are displayed all year. Halloween, Easter, and Christmas are widely celebrated with families in the restaurant. American cuisine delights are served for the children, as well as brunch and Sunday entertainment including magician shows, clown, or air guitar competition.

At the legendary Hard Rock Café, little rockers will eat mini versions of the famous burgers and hot dogs on guitar-shaped plates. Every Sunday, a disguised animator will take charge of them for a makeup workshop, games, fishing, at no extra charge.

Hard Rock Café, 14, boulevard de Montmartre, Paris (IXe). Children’s menu at 7,95 €. www.hardrock.com

9- Pea

A restaurant and a tea room, and a play area, High chairs, and a changing table are also available.
57 Rue du Mont Cenis, 75018 Paris

10- Mama Shelter Paris

A Rooftop, a Philippe Starck design with some delicious pizzas, the Mama Shelter Paris has it all! Trendy, the restaurant offers simple children’s menus: nuts, pizzas, burgers, french fries …

A good point to keep the little ones distracted and calm during the meal: the Mama pouches are dso colorful and dreamy. Children’s menu: 16 euros – 109 rue de Bagnolet 75020 Paris

Best Family Friendly Restaurants Paris France

10 Best Child Friendly Restaurants Paris France

It is such an achievement to go out to eat with the whole family and sit quietly and dine together. Yet, it sometimes can be challenging and difficult to drag the little ones’ tooshies to the dining table in public places without making a scene. And it’s also hard to find a place where there is both good food and space for children. Here you get inspiration for child friendly Paris restaurants  and cafés

It is sometimes

Going out to a restaurant, we love it. But with children, it’s often complicated. Between the youngest who screams in his highchair and the big one who is bored and running around, the family outing can turn into a nightmare. Some establishments have thought of you, varying steak fries, with entertainment or a play corner. Here is our selection for the Best family and Child Friendly Restaurants Paris France, ten restaurants in Paris and Ile-de-France where you can take the brats to eat out with confidence.

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11- Chez Hé

A game room of 350 m2 with a swimming pool for the children from 1 to 11 years old, foosball tables, a bouncy inflatable castle, slides, pirate ship, and tunnel: Chez Hé is a paradise for children who like to move a lot! While enjoying Chinese specialties upstairs, parents can watch their toddlers through screens that film the play area.

They are not likely to be bored! As for parents, they can sit quietly at their table: a video camera system can monitor toddlers at a distance.

Menus: from 10.50 to 24.50 €, 9.90 € for children. Games room access: 10 €. From Tuesday to Friday at mealtimes and on weekends all day.

12- Le Train Bleu

An experience to please your taste buds! With its painted ceilings, gilding, chandeliers, and frescoes, the Blue Train is a mythical place. Classified as a historic monument, this prestigious restaurant does not neglect its youngest guests. And you have to try their heavenly-delicious classic steak fries. There, you may order half-portions of à la carte dishes, farm poultry, tartare, lamb, salmon, celery lasagne, pastry, or ice cream for the little kids.

Children’s menu: 20 €. Adult menus at 49 or 65 €. Every day for lunch and dinner. www.le-train-bleu.com

13- Le Club Des Cinq

Babybel croquettes, P’tit Lu shortbread, Tiramisu with Kinder chocolate, and mountains of whipped cream on top of most desserts! At the Club des cinq, with its school-canteen-like atmosphere, yet a very good one! On the deco side, the old albums of “Tintin” mix with classics from the Pink Library, Game Boy, and Megadrive consoles. A good opportunity to show your kids how it was when you were little.

Dishes from 16 to 18 €, the lunch menu at 15 or 19 €. Lunch from Tuesday to Friday, dinner from Wednesday to Sunday, weekend brunch, and public holidays. Rens. leclubdes5.fr

14- The Café de la Jatte

To eat under the skeleton of a plesiosaur, ancestor of the whale, more than a hundred million years old, it throws. And on the table, for minors, it’s coloring dinosaurs time and there’s a contest held each month to select and owner the best drawing. Free admission to the garden of acclimatization. You will also taste very good dishes, of Italian inspiration.

The Café de la Jatte, 60 boulevard Vital-Bouhot in Neuilly-sur-Seine (Hauts-de-Seine). Children’s menu at 16 €. Every day, noon and night. www.cafejatte.com

15- Le Repère des pirates

With cave and pirate ship moored in a tropical jungle atmosphere, impossible to get bored in this restaurant! Fights of pirates and magic show are to watch while eating your meal, an all-you-can-eat buffet.

The Pirate’s Landmark. 79 Avenue De Lattre-de-Tassigny Villecresnes (Val-de-Marne), Saturday and Sunday, noon and evening, and Friday night. Adults: 32,90 €. Children from 3 to 12 years old: € 14.90. www.lereperedespirates.fr

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16- Pássarito

For simple and healthy eating for kids, this is a place where children are as important as their parents, with even a dedicated tab on the website for their menu and available activities. In this pretty Portuguese grocery-cellar, carefully arranged, the juniors have a dedicated space with books, coloring, construction games. On the children’s side, it’s simple and healthy like boiled eggs or peas with bacon.

Passarito, 10, rue des Goncourt, Paris (11th). Tuesday to Saturday from noon to 11 pm. www.passarito.com

17- Les Niçois

Pan bagnat, pissaladière, and pickled peppers, head south in this delicious canteen. Every weekend, the petanque court turns into a playground, and the children are supported by animators for gymnastics sessions, board games, or mini-football.

Les Niçois, 7, rue Lacharrière Paris (XI). Child formula € 15 animation included Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5 pm.

18- La Grosse Mignonne

Well, for this one, you actually have to go to Montreuil to enjoy it but the restaurant “La Grosse Mignonne” is worth the detour. Not only does it offer a children’s corner filled with games, but it also offers live music, a nice kitchen, and a free book exchange library. Original, it is one of the addresses to test with the family.

56 Rue Carnot, 93100 Montreuil

19- Tokyo Eat

Near the Eiffel Tower, Tokyo Eat is a trendy restaurant mixing traditional and more innovative cuisine. Toddlers are welcomed and adults enjoy a superb view of the Seine. We advise you to sit at one of their magnificent terrace tables.

13 avenue du Président Wilson 75016 Paris

20- The River Café

The River Café is not in Paris itself but its setting is very pleasant for families. Located on the banks of the Seine, it is close to the park. In addition to local cuisine, the restaurant offers children’s entertainment every weekend and includes a terrace ideal seating for adults for enjoying the sunset on your paris family friendly holidays. Jazz lovers will also be thrilled with the atmosphere in the place.

146 Quai Stalingrad 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux

Top 2021 List For The Good Family kid child Baby Friendly Restaurants In Paris France Best Places To Eat With Kids With Their Menus & Address

Bonus Tip

In recent years, food markets have sprung up in several places in the city, and with their simple inflection, fast service and many and different stalls, often with child-friendly choices, they are a great alternative to the usual restaurants if you go for a walk to eat with the kids.


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