Around The World Travel Planner

Around The World Travel Planner – Do you have a desire for adventure, a long trip project? Are you planning to leave for a long time or are you planning a World Tour?


Here is my method for organizing the trip of your dreams from A to Z, whether it is going from 3 weeks with a suitcase or 1 year with your backpack!


Start by defining your destinations to map out a route and schedule for your trip. Second step: calculate the budget for your trip.

Tercio: provide accommodation and transport. I offer planners in Excel version for a tailor-made trip!


And finally, you will have several checklists to follow.

Dominican Republic Wedding Traditions

Dominican Republic Weddings Traditions Pop Culture + Marriage customs hora Loca Dance Christmas Bride Dresses

What are the Dominican Republic Wedding Traditions ? Christopher Columbus discovered Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, on his route to America in 1492. Soon, the island became a crossroads linking Europe and America for the mercantile trade of the 1600s, but it also became an indispensable part …

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Fun Facts About New Orleans

fun facts about new orleans

New Orleans is the capital of beautiful Louisiana and one of the most influential municipalities in the US. If you ended up here looking for some Fun Facts About New Orleans, search no more… You’ll get to know all about NoLa with this collection of Amazing And Probably Unknown historical …

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