Is It Safe To Travel While 2 Months Pregnant

Is It Safe To Travel While 2 Months Pregnant

Is It Safe To Travel While 2 Months Pregnant – In summer we tend to make more plans, we go on vacation, to see our family, to the beach … in short, we probably want to make more road trips, flights, and even train and bus rides. The children and pregnant ladies are two of the most vulnerable groups when traveling.

If you are pregnant and you are going to take a long trip, SeaFranceHolidays will give you some tips to make it more bearable, as well as the ideal quarter to travel.

Is It Safe To Travel While 2 Months Pregnant

With the revision of the hot spring law in 2014, pregnant women were allowed to bathe in hot springs, and the number of inns with maternity plans is increasing, so be sure to check out hotels and inns. Keep in mind that your physical condition is the highest priority, let’s enjoy a relaxing trip during pregnancy!

Which time is the best to travel While Pregnant?

In general, traveling during pregnancy is not contraindicated unless there are certain medical problems that advise against it. Therefore, before starting a long road trip, it is recommended that you consult with your gynecologist.

During the first trimester, there is an increased risk of miscarriage, so we must exercise extreme caution when traveling while 2 months pregnant for instance. The amount of amniotic fluid in the first few weeks is low, and an accident could cause serious damage.

Experts advise traveling between weeks 14 and 28 and stopping during the third trimester when the discomforts of an advanced stage are more than notable. In addition, a collision or sudden braking during the last months of gestation, could advance the delivery or cause trauma to the fetus.

Notes on transportation For Safe Traveling While 2 Months Pregnant

During pregnancy, blood volume increases, and blood clots are likely to occur, so be careful while moving to keep the same posture.

  • Is it safe to travel by car on the road while 2 months pregnant

You can move at your own pace. Take a break frequently.

The advantage of traveling by car is that you can move at your own pace, for example, you can stop immediately if you feel unwell.

There is no problem with the smooth movement on a good road, but it is not good to stay in the same posture for a long time, so take a break and move your body. Toilets will be near, so take a break early on a highway.

  • Is it safe to travel while 2 months pregnant by train

Let’s move while taking a break with plenty of time.

If you are on the last minute of boarding a train or changing trains, you may be burdened by walking in a hurry.

When traveling during pregnancy, it is important to act with plenty of time and convenience. Even if you feel sick, it is difficult to get off the train, so let’s travel when you are in good physical condition.

  • Is it safe to travel while 2 months pregnant on a plane

Some airlines require a medical certificate.

If you fly, you may need a doctor’s certificate depending on the number of pregnancy weeks, so be sure to check with the airline. Don’t forget to prepare documents before traveling.

Since the cabin is not well-aired, let’s rehydrate. Domestic trips are probably fine, but I don’t recommend long flights.

Tips On Safe To Travel Safely While 2 Months Pregnant

Once you have chosen the best time to travel and being clear that the first thing we should do when traveling in any means of transportation is to fasten our seat belts, it is advisable to follow these tips to make the journey more tolerable:

  • Plan your trip to make frequent walks and stretch your body

During pregnancy, the risk of venous thrombosis increases, and this is avoided by moving the legs and feet more frequently. Make regular stops every two hours, stretch your legs, make circular movements with the ankles, and take the opportunity to walk around for a few minutes.

If you are on a train, plane, or a bus you may as well do your stretches in the ally between the seat. Just be sure that you are standing firmly and maybe get some help from other passengers or the flight attendant to walk you hand in hand so you won’t trip off God forbid.

It will do you good to stretch your back and relieve any possible back pain that the trip may cause, as well as emptying your bladder frequently.

  • Drink and eat frequently

Pregnant women have a higher risk of low blood pressure, hypoglycemia, and dehydration, so it is recommended to eat and drink more frequently. Always have on hand a bottle of water, fruit, or any healthy snack that helps you maintain correct levels of sugar and hydration.

  • Avoid sudden braking and hitting road bumps

When you travel by car, plan your route based on the suitability of the roads. Avoid roads with many bends, uneven pavement, or obstacles that prevent smooth driving. Sometimes choosing a longer route can guarantee you a more pleasant and comfortable trip while 2 months pregnant.

  • Stay comfortable

When traveling by car, bus, train, or plane, always wear comfortable shoes and loose-fitting clothing that does not press or compress any part of your body. Check that the elastics do not stick or are uncomfortable and choose breathable clothing and natural fabrics.

You can also put a cushion on your back to help relieve low back pain caused by the longed posture.

  1. Do not disconnect the airbag when traveling as a co-pilot
  2. Adjusts the seat and increases the leg distance to the steering wheel or to the seat in front of you
  3. It is recommended that you always travel accompanied, especially if the journey is long. This will allow you to take turns behind the wheel with your companion and be able to rest and to get the help if you need it
  4. If you are going to drive, the eye doctors remind us that during pregnancy the diopters increase so your vision capacity could be slightly altered. Keep that in mind when you get behind the wheel.

You can deepen your bond before welcoming your baby. Should I refrain from traveling during pregnancy?

We asked Dr. Takeuchi, who has the advantage of traveling together before becoming a parent, specifically about what he/she should do to prevent troubles while traveling.

Traveling during pregnancy is certainly risky in the unlikely event of a problem, but many couples want to enjoy their journeys now.

“In Europe and the US, we will provide information on how to reduce troubles and have fun, assuming that pregnant women will travel anyways,” says Dr. Takeuchi.

Sensing the magnificent nature and beautiful scenery while traveling will warm your heart and become a place that you remember for your lifetime.

Recommended pregnancy times and precautions for safe travel

The recommended time for travel is said to be the same, but what else do you need to be careful of at other times?

Safe Traveling During Your First Trimester Of Pregnancy

When I can’t enjoy it because of morning sickness. I want to avoid it because it is not fun.

I can’t say it’s because of travel, but it’s easy to miscarry until 12 weeks. You may regret that “I went on a trip”, so you should forbear traveling at the beginning of your pregnancy if you can.

In addition, although there are large individual differences, there are many things that you cannot enjoy traveling because the food you can eat during morning sickness is limited and you are also sensitive to smell.

Safe Traveling During Your Second Trimester Of Pregnancy

The optimal period is 5 to 7 months of pregnancy.

Depending on the physical condition of each lady, at 5-7 months of pregnancy, which is generally said to be a calm period, is the most suitable time to travel.

It is better to be careful if there is a risk such as a placenta previa, but if there are no particular problems with regular medical examinations and you are in good physical condition, then you should be okay. Of course, don’t overdo it.

Safe Traveling During Your Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

You should avoid traveling during the last months of your pregnancy. If you want to travel anyways at least, go nearby.

If you are in good physical condition, you may be up to about 8 months of pregnancy, but it is easy to get hungry during the last month, and there is a concern that your child will have an early birth. If you want to go on a trip after maternity leave, make it a short distance so that you can come back to your home doctor instead of going far.

Tips for choosing a travel destination while pregnant

Rather than traveling around a tourist spot on a tight schedule, you can relax and enjoy nature while pregnant.

  • Beach resort

Be careful of strong UV rays. We are concerned about bacterial infection in seawater.

A certain amount of sunbathing is necessary for vitamin D production, but be careful because the beach has strong UV rays. Hormones can cause skin problems such as spots and freckles during pregnancy.

Also, there is concern about bacterial infection in seawater. It sure feels good to soak your self it, but you should not put your body on the seawater try just to wet your feet.

  • Mountain/ranch

It is OK to enjoy open spaces while pregnant. Climbing however depends on your physical fitness.

As is the case with exercise during pregnancy, there are large differences in physical individuality, and it is up to the individual how much she can climb a mountain. As a general rule, don’t exaggerate, but talk to your body and judge how far you can go.

  • Theme park

Enjoy yourself without overdoing.

It’s easy to get messed up because you’ve come all the way from morning to night, and you can easily get caught up in various attractions one after another. Be aware that you will be different during pregnancy, avoid intense plants, take breaks, and rest so that you do not stay too long.

Arranging Accommodation During Pregnancy

Choosing an inn is less problematic than having a baby. A hot spring inn or resort hotel where you can relax and stay in during your tour is recommended for pregnant travelers. Let’s inform the inn that she is pregnant just in case.

  • Hot Springs And Sauna Rooms

Try to avoid the high-temperature hot water

The quality of the hot spring does not affect the baby per se, but it is not safe to use hot water for a long time.

  • Resort hotel

Please be careful when you get a massage.

It is acceptable to enter the pool managed by the hotel, but be aware that cold water may cause your body to cool and your stomach to get hungry. When you get an aroma massage, tell the practitioner that you are pregnant. Ask them to choose an essential oil that is OK even during pregnancy, and if they get hungry, stop it even if they are on the way.

Other Things To Be Careful OF While Travelling During Your Pregnancy

  • No dangerous activities.

Even if you want to ride roller coasters, do the bungee jumps, and paragliding, pregnant women are set to do so by laws. It is better to avoid marine sports, especially diving because water pressure and oxygen concentration affect the baby, so it is No No.

  • Food precautions that should be avoided during pregnancy.

I want to be careful about “Toxoplasma” and “Listeria”. It is safer to refrain from raw meat or natural cheeses (that has not been heat-sterilized). Also, avoid sashimi and sushi.

List of things to bring on a pregnant trip

  • Maternal and Child Health Handbook/Health Insurance Certificate

Be sure to bring it with you as you may have a medical examination at the hospital you are traveling to.

  • Prescription drugs

Because I want to avoid taking over-the-counter drugs as much as possible, so don’t forget the prescription drugs.

  • Supplements

Bring your usual supplements such as folic acid, calcium, and iron.

  • Pajamas 

I’m worried about my stomach feeling cold when I wear the hotel robe.

  • Moisturizing and sunscreen cream, etc.

Be prepared when the skin becomes dry and itching, such as after a bath.

To The Father To Be

  • Always give priority to the physical condition of your pregnant companion.

When we go on a trip, we all want to have the most fun because I came all the way, but take a minute to think about the physical and mental conditions of your partner during pregnancy.

Let’s always give priority to the physical condition of the pregnant woman and make a reasonable course. Drawing on the feelings of a pregnant woman is also a rehearsal for the future of building a family with them.

At The End
  • First of all, consult your family doctor

If you don’t overdo it, you won’t have many troubles while traveling when pregnant. If you had a problem, it wasn’t because you went on a trip, but because you were sick or had some complications, it may happen again on your trip.

So, instead of being concerned when traveling, try to manage your physical condition so that you always have a healthy pregnancy.

In case of emergency, it is safe to check medical facilities such as obstetrics and gynecology near your destination.

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