Moving to France from the UK, Honest Tips

Moving to France from the UK – Many in the UK dream of an idyllic rural life in France. It is not hard to see why. As one of our closest neighbours, a large proportion of the UK have visited France and have seen for themselves what it has to offer. It’s a rich and varied country full of culture and cuisine, and many from the UK fall in love with it.

Moving to France from the UK

Those living in France will find visiting friends and relatives in the UK in a snap, as it is incredibly well served for transportation. If you live in the north of the country there are ferry routes with regular timetables that can see you back on UK soil in a few short hours.

This type of travel can be incredibly cheap, and you get to take your own car, allowing you to travel with your belongings and get your destination with the minimum fuss. If this is not an option then transport from 300 airports that can bring you home in a jiffy.

Can I move to France from the UK?

Rural France offers a return to the golden years of Europe post-war era, where the fabric of society still has meaning and a welfare state looks after it citizens.

As a traditionally socialist country, health care and education are a priority on the French agenda, and you can expect to spend your time with knowledgeable and cultured people.

Many fall in love with the countries’ food and drink, and wherever you go in France you will not be far from a local farmer’s market, meaning that you can eat locally produced organic meat and vegetables.

One of the things that people in the UK find attractive is the property market. Without the boom and bust of the English market prices are fractions of what they are in the UK.

Renovation projects abound with barns, country cottages, and farmhouses all available to the canny developer. Have a browse of the France Property Shop to get a feel for the bargains that are on offer.

With so many distinct regions you would be wise to take some extended holidays before purchasing a property. It’s also a good idea to start those French lessons early as the natives renowned for their refusal to use anything other than their mother tongue.

Health care in France is robust and accessible so be sure to check what you are entitled to before you purchase expensive health insurance. Likewise, public schooling is delivered to a high standard and offers the opportunity for your children to truly integrate themselves.

 How to move to France from the UK?

With increased EU integration those from the UK hold the right to work in the country through a work permit which must be applied for. Failure to do so can cause complications further down the line when applying for residency.

Likewise, UK citizens working in France will be entitled to social welfare benefits, so seek out how the law applies to your specific situation. It’s well worth doing this immediately so that you can enjoy the famously generous safety net that the government supplies if you run into difficulties with your employment.

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