How Many Countries That Speak French As Official Language

How Many Francophone Countries & Places That Speak French In The World – 5th world language by the number of its speakers, after Mandarin, English, Spanish, and Arabic, the French language is the only one, with English, to be present on 5 continents. In 2018, out of 106 countries and territories, 300 million (Country statistics – LFDM-2018) are able to express themselves in French.

What Countries Speak French As An Official Language

List Of Countries That Speak French As An Official Language – French is spoken in many countries, especially in Africa. This is mainly due to the legacy of the French colonial empire, which developed in the late nineteenth century.

Canada’s Language – How Much of Canada Speaks French

What Countries Speak French

Country Capital city Continent
Belgium Brussels Europe
Benign Porto-Novo Africa
Burkina Faso Ouagadougou Africa
Burundi Bujumbura Africa
Cameroon Yaounde Africa
Canada Ottawa America
Comoros Moroni Africa
Congo Brazzaville Africa
Ivory Coast Yamoussoukro Africa
Djibouti Djibouti Africa
France Paris Europe
Gabon Libreville Africa
Guinea Conakry Africa
Equatorial Guinea Malabo Africa
Haiti Port Au Prince America
Luxembourg Luxembourg Europe
Madagascar Antananarivo Africa
Mali Bamako Africa
Monaco Monaco Europe
Niger Niamey Africa
The central African Republic Bangui Africa
Democratic Republic of Congo Kinshasa Africa
Rwanda Kigali Africa
Senegal Dakar Africa
Seychelles Victoria Africa
Swiss Bern Europe
Chad N’Djamena Africa
Togo Lome Africa
Vanuatu Port Vila Oceania
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Places That Speak French

List Of Francophone and French Speaking Countries where French is commonly used, without being The Official Language Of The Country

Country Associate Capital Continent
Algeria Algeria Africa
Andorra Andorra la Vella Europe
Mauritius Port Louis Africa
Lebanon Beirut Asia
Morocco Rabat Africa
Mauritania Nouakchott Africa
Tunisia Tunis Africa

List Of Countries With French As An Official Language & Places That Speak French

List Of Countries With French As An Official Language & Places That Speak French

French Is Spoken In How Many Countries where It is an official or co-official language


57 Countries

29 Bilingual

Continent Status Population

 (in millions) 


mother tongue

Number of Francophones *

l. kindergarten / 
l. second confused

Official languages)
Belgium: French Community Europe Sovereign community 3.3M 100% 3.3M French
Federal Belgium + Europe country 10.5 M 41% 4.3M French / Dutch / German
Benign Africa country 8.4M 13% 552,000 French
Bern + (Switzerland) Europe federated canton 951,000 8.1% 77,031 French German
Burkina Faso Africa country 13.9 M 4.7% 813,000 French
Burundi + Africa country 7.8 M 4% 50,000 French / Kirundi
Cameroon + Africa country 16.4M 67% (reputed) 2.7M French English
Canada + America country 32.2M 22.1% 6.8 M English French
Central Africa country 4.2M 3.7% 650,000 French / Sango
Comoros + Africa country 670,000 0.3% 312,000 French Arab
Congo Brazzaville Africa country 4.0M 1.2% 1M French
Congo – Kinshasa Africa country 60.8M 6% 2M French
Ivory Coast Africa country 18.2M 1% 3.5M French
Djibouti + Africa country 799,000 2.8% 50,000 French Arabic
la France Europe country 61.4M 82% 58.9M French
Friborg + (Switzerland) Europe federated canton 241,700 61% 147,400 French German
Gabon Africa country 1.4M 6% 1.1 M French
Geneva (Switzerland) Europe federated canton 413,700 76% 314 400 French
Guadeloupe (F) America overseas department 422 222 4% 360,900 French
Guinea Africa country 9.5M 2% 400,000 French
Equatorial Guinea + Africa country 500,000 1% 500 Spanish / French
French Guiana (F) America overseas department 200,000 7% 146,000 French
Haiti America country 8.3M 1,5% 1M French / Creole
Jura (Switzerland) Europe federated canton 68 149 90% 61,350 French
Luxembourg + Europe Grand Duchy 460 000 4.1% 430,000 French / German /
Madagascar + Africa country 18.0 M 1% 88,000 Malagasy / French
Mali Africa country 13.5M 0.1% 885,000 French
Martinique (F) America overseas department 400,000 4% 320,800 French
Mauritania + Africa country 2.8M 2% 146,000 Arabic / French ( de facto )
Mayotte (France) Africa territorial collectivity (FR) 184,770 0.1% 54,000 French
Monaco Europe principality 30,000 58% 25,000 French
Neuchâtel (Switzerland) Europe canton 167,850 85% 142,700 French
Niger Africa country  13.5 M 9% 980,000 French
New Brunswick + (CND) America province 719,710 32.3% 232 500 English French
New Caledonia (F) Peaceful overseas countries 196,000 37% 184,000 French
Nunavut + (CND) America federal territory 26,665 2% 535 English / French /
Inuktitut ( de facto )
French Polynesia (F) Peaceful overseas countries 259,800 5% 208,000 French
Pondicherry + (India) Asia autonomous territory 808,000 0.02% 15,000 Tamil / French / English /
Telugu / Malayalam
Quebec City (CND) America federated province 7.2M 81% 5.8M French
Meeting (F) Africa overseas department 793,000 1% 619,000 French
Rwanda + Africa country 7.7 M 0.1% 510,000 Kinyarwanda / French /
St. Barthelemy (F) America territorial collectivity (FR) 8450 90% 7,600 French
St. Martin  (F) America territorial collectivity (FR) 33,000 25% 10,000 French
St. Pierre and Miquelon (F) America territorial collectivity (FR) 6316 100% 6316 French
Senegal Africa country 11.7M 7% 1M French
Seychelles + Africa country 80,000 0.1% 6,000 English / French / Creole
Swiss Federal + Europe country 7.2M 18.4% 1.4M German / French /
Italian / (Romansh)
Chad Africa country 9.7M 5% 1.5M French Arabic
Territories North West  + (CND) America federal territory 437,105 2.3% 10,000 English French
Togo Africa country 6.1 M 2.4% 907,000 French
Aosta Valley + (Italy) Europe autonomous region 120,600 17% 20,500 Italian / French
Valais + (Switzerland) Europe federated canton 272,400 60% 163,400 French German
Vanuatu + Peaceful country 220,000 3.8% 50,000 English / French / Bislama
Vaud (Switzerland) Europe federated canton 644,600 95% 615,000 French
Wallis and Futuna (F) Peaceful Overseas collectivity 14,944 0.75% 14,000 French
Yukon * (CND) America federal territory 30,200 3.6% 1,800 French English

The number of Francophones whose mother tongue and as a second language are combined is determined by data extracted from La Francophonie in the world 2002-2003, Francophonie High Council, Larousse, Paris, 2003. “Francophone” refers to a person who can cope, in French, with the situations of the current communication.

If we widen the circle of countries or regions that do not have French as an official language but whose French is a language of instruction, the number of Francophones would exceed 200 million (including partial Francophones, those whose French is a foreign language ).

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