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Looking for a beautiful property in France? Poitou-Charente is an ideal destination! Known for its stunning scenery, rich history, and abundant sunshine, this region has become a popular location for those seeking a peaceful and authentic French lifestyle.

From charming village houses to grand châteaux surrounded by vineyards, there is something for everyone looking for properties for sale in Poitou Charente.

Whether you are looking to live in the countryside or closer to the coast, this region has plenty of choices to suit your needs. So why not explore the diverse selection of property for sale in Poitou Charente, France and find your dream home?

1. Real Estate in Charentes, France by the Sea: Check Out this 11 Room Property

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1. Real Estate in Charentes, France by the Sea: Check Out this 11 Room Property

If you’re in search of a luxurious property in Charentes, France by the sea, then this 11-room property might just be the one for you. Boasting breathtaking sea views, this palace-like house features 4 beds and 11 rooms, making it a perfect fit for a family looking for a spacious home.

But this isn’t the only property on offer in France. In fact, there are numerous options available, like the stunning 4 bedroom villa for sale in Beausoleil or the spacious house in Bordeaux.

With various real estate opportunities available, including apartments, houses, and villas, buying a property in France has never been more tempting. So, if you want to make your French dream a reality, head over to Poitou Charente, France and discover what this beautiful area has to offer.

2. Three Beautiful Houses for Sale in Poitou Charente, France

2. Three Beautiful Houses for Sale in Poitou Charente, France

Continuing their search for the perfect property in Poitou Charente, France, buyers will be pleased to know that there are three beautiful houses currently available for sale in the region.

These houses offer a range of features and amenities, from stunning sea views to spacious rooms and luxurious finishes. With plenty of space for a family and guests, these houses would make an ideal investment for anyone looking to own a second home in France.

Of course, these houses are just a few of the many properties available in the region – buyers are sure to find their perfect fit with the wide range of real estate opportunities available in Poitou Charente.

3. Luxurious 4 Bedroom Villa for Sale in Beausoleil, France

3. Luxurious 4 Bedroom Villa for Sale in Beausoleil, France

In the midst of exploring the beautiful offerings of Poitou Charente, France, one can’t help but dream of owning their own luxurious villa in Beausoleil. This stunning four-bedroom property boasts a sprawling plot of 2,160m2, complete with a refreshing swimming pool and breathtaking views of the sea and Monaco.

Aside from its luxurious features and modern aesthetic, this villa is conveniently located just outside Monaco and offers easy access to the surrounding attractions. For those in search of a prestigious summer retreat or simply a new place to call home, this villa is the epitome of luxury living in the heart of France.

4. Spacious House for Sale in Bordeaux, France (HH-14860057)

4. Spacious House for Sale in Bordeaux, France (HH-14860057)

Continuing the hunt for beautiful properties for sale in France, this blog section showcases a spacious house in Bordeaux, France. With four rooms, three bedrooms, and one bathroom, this semi-detached house offers ample living space of 98m².

Priced at $495,191, this property presents an opportunity for potential homeowners looking for a comfortable dwelling in Bordeaux. The location is perfect for those who enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life with easy access to shops, restaurants, and other amenities.

Coupled with the charming ambience of Bordeaux, this property offers a perfect blend of functionality and elegance for discerning buyers.

5. Gorgeous House for Sale in 10th (Canal St Martin) in Paris, France (HH-14880105)

5. Gorgeous House for Sale in 10th (Canal St Martin) in Paris, France (HH-14880105)

The blog has covered some stunning properties for sale in France, and this section highlights yet another gem – the Gorgeous House for Sale in 10th (Canal St Martin) in Paris, France. This house, with the listing code HH-14880105, is located in the desirable area of Canal St Martin and boasts plenty of character with its classic French architecture, high ceilings, and elegant finishes.

The house is spread over four levels, with four bedrooms and two bathrooms, making it perfect for a family or those looking for ample space. The location is also a plus, with easy access to the metro station, trendy shops, and restaurants. This property is a worthy investment for those seeking a slice of Parisian lifestyle.

6. Great Selection of Properties Available for Sale in France

6. Great Selection of Properties Available for Sale in France

The blog section “Great Selection of Properties Available for Sale in France” elaborates on the abundance of real estate options available in France. With over 180,000 advertisements of different sizes, properties, and with various payment plans, prospective buyers are spoilt for choice. From luxurious 4-bedroom villas in Beausoleil to spacious houses in Bordeaux, the real estate market in France caters to diverse preferences.

Additionally, apartments are also available in popular tourist destinations, such as Chamonix, for individuals looking to invest in holiday homes. The section gives insight into how buying a house in France can be a dream come true and offers tips to aid potential buyers in making informed decisions, such as checking out gites for sale or properties in Poitou Charente. With so many available options, anyone can find their ideal property in France.

7. Find Your Dream Apartment for Sale in Chamonix, France

7. Find Your Dream Apartment for Sale in Chamonix, France

If you’re dreaming of owning an apartment in the picturesque Chamonix, France, there are plenty of options available. Chamonix is a charming alpine town located near the borders of France, Italy, and Switzerland. The town’s stunning scenery and year-round activities make it an ideal location for purchasing a second home or investment property.

With FrenchEntrée, you can find your dream apartment for sale in Chamonix, with an excellent range of properties to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a traditional alpine-style apartment or a modern luxury retreat, there’s something for everyone in Chamonix. Owning an apartment in Chamonix offers a perfect opportunity to experience this stunning region of France and all it has to offer.

8. Buying a House in France: Tips and Tricks

8. Buying a House in France: Tips and Tricks

When it comes to buying a house in France, there are a few tips and tricks that can help make the process smoother. Firstly, it’s important to have a clear idea of what you’re looking for, whether it’s a small village property or a grand mansion.

Poitou Charente, for example, offers a range of options from rural communes to bustling towns. It’s also important to do your research on the local area and make sure it fits your needs in terms of climate, attractions, and amenities.

Additionally, enlisting the help of a local real estate agent can be beneficial in navigating the legal and cultural differences of buying property in France. Taking the time to carefully consider all options and seek expert advice can lead to finding your dream home in a beautiful region like Poitou Charente.

9. Discover Real Estate Opportunities in Poitou Charente, France

9. Discover Real Estate Opportunities in Poitou Charente, France

Poitou Charente, France is a region that offers ample real estate opportunities to those looking to buy a property for investment or residential purposes. With its idyllic countryside, coastal areas, and charming towns, Poitou Charente is a popular destination for tourists, making it a prime location for potential renters.

The properties available for sale in this region include spacious houses, luxurious villas, and even mansions that offer a slice of authentic French living. Whether you are looking to buy a summer home, a gite to rent out or a permanent residence, Poitou Charente, France has something for everyone. If you want to live in a bustling city, the gorgeous house for sale in 10th (Canal St Martin) in Paris or the spacious house for sale in Bordeaux, France may be perfect for you.

Alternatively, if you prefer to live close to the sea, the 11-room property in Charentes, France, is a great option to consider. With so many real estate opportunities to choose from, it is easy to discover your dream home in Poitou Charente, France.

10. Live the French Dream: Get Your Own Mansion for Sale in France

10. Live the French Dream: Get Your Own Mansion for Sale in France

For those looking to live the ultimate French dream, owning a mansion in France is certainly the pinnacle of luxury. Fortunately, there are plenty of stunning mansions available for sale in France, particularly in the charming region of Poitou Charente. With a range of options available, from classic 19th-century properties to modernized villas, there is something to suit every taste and budget.

And for those seeking a second home for summer getaways, these mansions offer the perfect escape. Located in picturesque settings surrounded by lush greenery, there is no better way to experience the true beauty of France than by owning a mansion in this region. With so many incredible properties available, now is the perfect time to turn that dream into a reality.

buy a summer home in poitou charantes

Buy A Summer Home in Poitou Charantes

For those looking to invest in a summer home in France, Poitou Charantes offers a beautiful and tranquil location. With over 1,700 properties for sale in the region, there is a vast selection of houses, apartments, and villas to choose from.

The region boasts picturesque landscapes, charming villages, and a rich cultural history, making it an ideal location for a summer retreat. My-French-House, the best online guide to buying French real estate, offers a fantastic selection of properties in Poitou Charantes.

With options ranging from quaint cottages to luxurious villas, they cater to all requirements and budgets. Investing in a summer home in Poitou Charantes is not just a smart financial decision, but also a chance to indulge in the French way of life and make unforgettable memories. So, if you are looking to live the dream of having a home in France, Poitou Charantes is definitely a region worth exploring.

gites for sale in france

Gites For Sale in France

Gites for sale in France are a great investment opportunity for those looking to generate income from a property while also enjoying the idyllic French lifestyle. Poitou-Charente is an especially popular location among buyers, with its picturesque countryside and historic towns attracting a steady flow of tourists year-round. Many properties in this region are already equipped with gites or annexes, making them easy to rent out and providing an instant source of income. From traditional stone-built cottages to spacious villas and mansions, there are a wide range of properties available to suit every budget and taste. With the help of a trusted real estate agent, buyers can easily navigate the French property market and find their dream gite in a cherished location.

Houses Properties & Gites For Sale In Poitou Charentes France  – Located midway between Limoges, with its international airport, and Angouleme which provides access to the TGV high-speed rail network. Ideal for exploring the Charente area and neighboring regions of Dordogne and Haute Vienne.

The Poitou-Charentes area lies in the center of France and characterized by its slow-moving rivers, woods, and fields. The collection of lakes near Massignac makes it a lovely choice for those who enjoy the outdoors is one of the sunniest regions in the country.

The house is located close to the Lakes of the Charente which offers swimming, fishing, boating, and has numerous bicycle routes and walking trails through the surrounding area. There is a lakeside beach close to the property with picnic spots, shady areas, and lakeside walks. Lac de Lauvaud is another beautiful lake which has a man-made beach.

Poitou Charentes Property For Sale

The hamlet of Poumeroux

Poitou Charentes Property For Sale  – Taking the very first steps to buy a property in France?  Guide2 Poitou Charentes can help you find that dream home in Poitou Charentes.  This short guide explains some of the costs involved in acquiring a property in the Poitou Charentes region.

A Guide To Finding the Perfect Properties & Houses For Sale In Poitou Charentes France

  • Set a budget

This has got to be the first and most important decision.  Apart from the advertised price of a property you need to be aware of the costs involved in purchasing a property in France. Other major factors to consider are the costs of international removals and currency fluctuations.


  • Costs

The asking price often includes the estate agent’s fee, but is essential to establish this at the outset as agents charge between 4% and 10% of the asking price!  If not budgeted for that would come as a big shock at the end of the transaction.  Look for the letters FAI, which indicates that the fee is included.  The price will not normally include the Notaire’s fee and don’t forget to add tax at 19.6% on top.  Confirm with the agent at the outset what is included. Bear in mind that in France, when buying a property, the general rule is that nearly all the expenses are met by the purchaser.

The Notaire will charge between 2% and 8 % of the net asking price, so ensure that you factor this in.

If you need a mortgage, then all of the companies charge an arrangement fee which will be between 1% and 2% of the loan amount.  It is normally limited to around €1500 but needs to be budgeted for.


Finding the Perfect Poitou Charentes Property For Sale

There are several ways to find a Poitou Charentes property for sale; through a private sale, through an Immobilier (an estate agent), or through the Notaire directly.  The most common route for overseas buyers is through an Immobilizer.  Don’t be surprised if the agent asks you to sign a bond, which basically ties you into buying the house through that agent.  This is common practice.


If you are still looking and not sure where to find properties for sale in Poitou Charentes France , have a scan through our extensive pages of department and town information to try and narrow down your search area.

All French regions, cities, villages, and provinces – Details, population, weather, tourist information, and much more…

Once an area has been chosen, look through our poitou charentes property for sale pages to get a feel for what may be available at or around your budget.  If you find something that is close to your requirements but missing the essential swimming pool, use the contact form to enquire if the agent has your perfect property.

Contact as many agents as possible in your chosen area and be as specific as possible with your requirements.  If you are too vague you will be wasting a lot of valuable time looking at unsuitable properties.

Multi-agency arrangements are not uncommon in France and you may find the same property advertised at different prices by different agents. The price differential often relates to the different commission being charged and it may, therefore, pay to search around.


Don’t underestimate the time involved in viewing properties. Viewings in France tend to be carried out at a leisurely pace and remember that it may take considerably longer to view a rural property with outbuildings and a couple of acres of land than it would a townhouse.  Much of Poitou Charentes is very rural and traveling between viewings may take longer than expected to leave less time to inspect the property.  Although the temptation may be to cram as many properties as possible into a ‘viewing holiday’ arranging between 2 and 4 viewings a day is a realistic target.


Once you have found a property that ticks all the boxes, there are a few things to consider before jumping in and signing the Compromis de Vente. Take some time to look around the area and reflect. Never commit to purchase on the spot. That rural retreat down a dusty lane may be the perfect spot in mid-June but will you feel the same in mid-November if the car won’t start and the nearest village with a garage is 5 miles away?


Survey and property condition

In France, it is not compulsory to have a survey.  If you are taking a mortgage, the mortgage company will more than likely have a valuation carried out on the house. This is simply for the lender’s peace of mind that the property offers adequate security for the amount lent. There is no obligation to make such a valuation available to you and in any event, it is not a survey of the property’s condition.

The equivalent of a UK Homebuyers Report, what is commonly called a survey, is not common in France and suggesting you intend having one done may raise a few eyebrows with various reasons cited such as it is not done in France or it must be okay as it has been standing for several hundred years! Don’t be put off if you have any doubts at all as to the condition of the property.

You would not normally buy a house in the UK without a survey, so why when on the other side of the channel would you do it.  There are now a large number of English-speaking surveyors operating in France and even if engaging their services reveals no major drawbacks the comprehensive report which you will receive can often serve as a useful checklist of routine maintenance works to be attended to.

If you intend to have a survey carried out, ensure that it is completed and you have the report before signing anything.  It is possible, but unlikely, that the vendor will agree to a survey clause in the Compromis de Vente.

The Perfect Poitou Charentes Property For Sale

  • Other things to check

Before getting too far, it is essential that you see a copy of the Plan de Cadastral.  This allows you to confirm the extent of the land that is being sold with the house.  In addition, the agent should confirm with the Mairie if any building plans have been submitted for adjoining land or whether any rights of way exist across the property.


  • Negotiate the price

Once you are happy with the condition of the house, the negotiating can begin.  As in the UK, this will be carried out by the Immobilizer that is selling the property.  Remember that the agent is aiming to achieve the best possible price as their commission is a percentage of the selling price.  Remember also that you are paying the agent’s fee!


Use the evidence from the survey and any other points about the property as bargaining tools to reduce the offer you make.  If the property has a large plot of land, but the asking price is too high, will the seller take a lower price for a reduction in the land included?


  • After agreeing on a price for your chosen property

Once a price is agreed, the next stage is the preliminary contract.  At this point, you should also decide if you would like to appoint your own Notaire.  It is possible in France for the whole process to be handled by a single Notaire, who carries out all the required legal actions for both parties.  This is possible because the Notaire’s role is to act for the government and ensure that all the legal requirements are met and all taxes due are collected. Regardless of having either one or two Notaires, the cost is the same, but having a Notaire acting for you alone allows him to also advise you in the purchase.


If the vendor’s Notaire does not speak English and your French is not sufficient, it may be possible to find an English speaking Notaire to act for you.  The other choice is to rely on the Immobilier or employ a translator.  It is essential that you understand the documents that you are signing because there will be no going back without at very least losing your deposit.

Lac de Lauvaud and Mas Chaban

The best known and largest lakes are Lac de Mas Chaban and Lac de Lavaud near Chabanais, which are known as the Lakes of the Haute Charente.

Lac de Mas Chaban controls the flow of water into the upper reaches of the River Charente and has fishing and rambling along the wild, mint-covered banks, as well as sailing, windsurfing, and canoeing with qualified instructors. While adults generally relax and unwind, the kids can have fun at the nearby ‘Aventure Parc’ with tree climbing and aerial runways on offer. Snacks are available at the lake, and the restaurants at nearby Massignac include L’Auberge Des Lacs and Les Tournelles.

Cycling: The Department of the Charente has sought to provide safe and interesting bike rides across the region. There are many specific route maps for mountain bikers and road bike riders available from Tourist Offices free of charge.


cycle-map-sampleThe road circuits cover a number of different levels of difficulty and range from 7 to 70 km. The  Charente Bike Circuits consists of 37 local bike loops totaling 500 km. Each loop has three circuits of varying difficulty:

  • Family circuit – usually easygoing between 4 km to 10 km
  • Discovery circuit – longer routes between 20 km to 40 km
  • Exploration circuit – more challenging routes of between 40 km to 70 km

These routes are clearly marked out with small signs showing a black bicycle that allows everyone, no matter what their riding ability, to discover the picturesque Charente countryside.

In addition to the road bike routes, there is over 1000 km of mountain bike trails varying from between 6 km to 50 km and from 65m to 850m in altitude. These trails range in difficulty levels and are suitable for everyone from children to experienced off-road cyclists.

Poitou-Charentes regional photo

Lake near the house

The town of Confolens

Nearby Attractions and Places to Visit

Besides walking, cycling, riding, and picnicking there are some lovely places to visit. Inland you will discover the fields of sunflowers and quiet villages for which the region is known.
        • La Rochefoucauld and Chateau de La Rochefoucauld: a castle dating back to the 11th century and one of the most picturesque in Poitou-Charentes.

        • The town of Saint-Junien has a number of historic churches overlooking a beautiful river and a historic 12th-century bridge.

        • Le Jardin de Liliane, a beautiful French garden with traditional clipped box parterres and formal gardens, roses, and perennials.

        • Brigueuil which is a small but picturesque fortified village and scattered with Roman remains including the Roman style Church of Saint-Martial.

        • Aventure Parc Lacs De Haute Charente, an Aerial adventure park where children and adults can walk, swim and climb between trees.

        • Confolens is a very attractive town and surrounded by rolling pastoral countryside. It lies on the Vienne river at its confluence with the Goire River, where you can follow the course to see a stone bridge, a traditional water mill, and some picturesque old stone houses.

Poitou Charentes France Property For Sale

Renovated French 17th C Stone and Timber House

3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Sleeps 4
Private garden with covered area for alfresco dining

Our beautifully renovated, 17th Century stone and timber house is located in a tranquil hamlet just a few minutes from the delightful village of Massignac. The cottage has ancient oak beams and exposed stonework, high ceilings, large, light-filled comfortable rooms, and all modern amenities.

There is a stone outbuilding with a covered dining terrace that faces the garden. The garden is a combination of lawn and mature trees and runs down to the edge of a small river. In summer, nectarines, apples, grapes, and quinces can be freshly picked from the garden. The house and garden are private and are not overlooked and the house looks out to the garden towards the forest. There is also covered parking.

 Poitou Charentes France Property For Sale Details

Poitou Charentes France Property For Sale

Features and Facilities at a glance

      • Log fire, DVD player, Central heating, TV, CD player, Telephone, Satellite TV, Kettle, Toaster, Iron, Hairdryer

      • Utilities: Clothes dryer, Dishwasher, Cooker, Microwave, Fridge, Freezer, Washing machine

      • Furniture: Double beds (2), Dining seats for 8, Lounge seats for 8

      • Other: Linen provided, Towels provided (beach towels and bath towels)

      • Outdoors: Balcony or terrace, Private garden, BBQ

      • Access: Parking, Not suitable for wheelchair users

      • Notes: No pets allowed. No smoking at this property. 

      • The house and garden with access to the river are unsuitable for small children/toddlers.

There is a large dining room with a beautiful oak dining table that seats 8 people. Adjacent to the dining room is a fully fitted kitchen, fitted with all mod cons

  • Dishwasher
  • American style fridge/freezer
  • Falcon Range Cooker
  • Microwave,
  • Coffee machine,
  • Separate walk-in pantry

The spacious lounge area is bright and airy with a wood-burning stove for the winter. The living room contains a large TV with UK television, a DVD player, and a stereo unit.

The house has gas fired central heating and underfloor heating downstairs. There is a separate utility room with a washer and dryer.

On the first floor, there are 2 bedrooms. The larger has an ensuite bathroom with a freestanding bath; the other family bathroom has a separate shower. 3rd Bedroom may be made available by negotiation.



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