Best German Cities & Famous Landmarks To Visit In Germany

A country full of sumptuous, historic, and modern German Landmarks ! Touring the best cities to visit in Germany is the choicest resolution to make

Germany is not a country like the others, both by its cultural and natural diversity. There are dozens and dozens of Cities & German Landmarks to visit, so it’s hard to know where to go, as there is something for everyone. Here is a small, subjective overview of the different best cities in Germany to visit

The Best Cities in Germany Are:

  1. Berlin
  2. Munich
  3. Cologne
  4. Dresden
  5. Frankfort
  6. Hamburg

Germany is one of the most historic European countries. Long known as Germania, it is full of works of art and historic monuments that perfectly reflect its cultural charm. This country attracts millions of people every year from all over the world who want to discover all the history, all the specifics and the beautiful German Landmarks in the big best cities in Germany to visit like Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg …

Do you want to visit Germany and you don’t know where to start? Do you want to discover the symbols of German power? This article is for you!


Best Cities & German Landmarks To Visit In Germany

Best Cities & German Landmarks To Visit In Germany

The capital of the country, Berlin is known mainly for all its historical monuments from the Prussian era. So there is a lot of amazing German Landmarks to see and even much more activities do during a weekend in Berlin:

  • the Brandenburg Gate
  • the Goebbels and Goering buildings
  • the Charlottenburg Palace (former summer residence of the Prussian kings)
  • the Reichstag (Parliament) or the famous Berlin Wall and the Museum Island, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Still, Berlin is also known for its nightlife, during which revelers from all pathways of life can find themselves in the hundreds of restaurants, nightclubs, and cafes in the capital.


Best Cities & German Landmarks To Visit In Germany

Best Cities & German Landmarks To Visit In Germany

This Bavarian Capital is considered the second capital after Berlin, Munich is undoubtedly one of the three most beautiful best cities to visit in Germany and a weekend will not be enough for you to see all the German Landmarks there. If you are a fan of green open spaces, you will not be disappointed with more than 30% of the city covered by parks or other types of gardens (including the “English gardens”).

To visit Munich is all about enjoying its incredible museums and its department stores and shopping centers. For culture fans, you can visit the old town and then the more modern Munich.


Best Cities & German Landmarks To Visit In Germany

Best Cities & German Landmarks To Visit In Germany

Smaller than Berlin, Cologne is known for its drinks, the Kölsch. Although Cologne is smaller than Berlin, it is one of the best cities in Germany.  It has many other attractions, including cultural German Landmarks such as the Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium (ancient Roman city), the dome of the city or the 12 basilicas Romanesque and the Cologne Museum (including the cathedral cited as one of the most beautiful German Landmarks).

I also advise you to visit the city during its carnival, considered the most important holiday after Christmas and taking place from November to the end of February.

With an architectural style oscillating between the 18th century and the 19th century, all the German Landmarks of Munich are just impressive!


Best Cities & German Landmarks To Visit In Germany

Best Cities & German Landmarks To Visit In Germany

Dresden, the capital of Saxony. If you are a history lover, do you want to discover new historical German Landmarks, then Dresden is made for you thanks to all its monuments and various buildings such as the Taschenberg palace, the Brühl terrace, the equestrian statue of King Johann on the theater square or the Bath of the Nymphs.

Dresden was not spared during the Second World War, but it has since been able to rebuild itself, to the delight of Germans and tourists. And it is not for nothing that the city is called (“the Florence of the Elbe”)!

The city of Dresden concentrates on many cultural treasures, indeed, you can attend different cultural events at the Semper Opera!


Best Cities & German Landmarks To Visit In Germany

Best Cities & German Landmarks To Visit In Germany

As a tourist, the city of Frankfurt is not as interesting as other best cities to visit in Germany, as it is mainly the financial heart of the country with many banks, the office of the European Central Bank, as well as the 3rd most important airport in Europe (after Roissy and Heathrow).

But that’s not all! This city puts at your disposal several impressive historical German Landmarks such as the cathedral of Frankfurt, the medieval-style houses in the Dom Römer district also modern buildings and skyscrapers such as the Main Tower and its panoramic restaurant offering a breathtaking view of the whole the city!


Hamborg Best Cities & German Landmarks To Visit In Germany

Hamborg Best Cities & German Landmarks To Visit In Germany

Hamburg, a heterogeneous city. Hamburg, with its 1.8 million inhabitants, is one of the most important and best cities to visit in Germany. Between mixed tradition and thrilling modernity, Hamburg has its own charm. By visiting this magnificent city, you will be able to discover its majestic port, the Saint-Michel church, its old tunnels under the Elbe and its fish market La Fischauktionshalle. Also, the city center made up of industrial buildings made from bricks as well as the night district “Sankt Pauli”.

Other German Landmarks To Visit

  • Neuschwanstein, the castle of Louis II of Bavaria
  • Heidelberg Castle in Baden-Württemberg
  • Sanssouci Castle in Potsdam
  • Hamburg: The port, the fish market


The weather in Germany is not always mild. The ideal period is between May (13 degrees on average) and September (14 on average), to be able to enjoy touring the country without being too cold. other than this period, the temperature may fall to a negative point at the end of the year.

For weather and temperature updates in Germany, I advise you to use Meteovista which provides all the necessary information on the current and future country weather.

At The End

Best Cities & German Landmarks To Visit In Germany
With its large industrial cities, this country is today a real economic power. Germany is a very developed country, it has even become the symbol of European modernity. But the real strength of the German people lies in their ability to mix modernity, culture, and history to ensure a future full of success.
As proof, the German flag perfectly reflects the history of this country with its three horizontal bands of black, red, and gold!
It is for its different historical, cultural places, and its wealth that this country attracts millions of tourists. Germany is today a symbol of the future-oriented power of the European Union!

Finally, Germany is a country full of sumptuous, historic and modern places! Visiting such a beautiful country is the best decision to make, whether in winter o in summer!

And you, do you have other best cities to visit in Germany or German landmarks to recommend us?