Is It Safe To Travel To France Right Now In 2024

Is It Safe To Travel To France Right Now In 2020 – Whether to travel or not is totally your decision and you are fully accountable for your own safety while abroad. We will just guide you through some of the security and safety measures followed and recommended by major embassies for traveling to France. The following pieces of advice are to be taken very seriously as they provide trustworthy and up-to-date data in our Travel Advice to allow you to reach well-informed settlements concerning your trip abroad.

Is It safe To Travel To France Right Now In 2020

Is It Safe To Travel To France Right Now

Avoid non-essential travel outside your country until further notice.

In order to contain the range of spreading COVID-19, several countries have set many flying or perimeter restraints and different kinds of actions such as immigration limitations as well as quarantines. Several airlines are suspending their regular flights. Most airports from around the world are now closed, stopping shuttles from flying until further notice.

Exit prohibitions are becoming more common. New confinements may be forced with little or even no warning at all. Your travel arrangements may be rigorously obstructed and you may be required to stay outside of your main lands longer than assumed.

Call your airline or trip supervisor to know more about your choices for canceling or suspending your tour.

Is It Safe To Travel To France Right Now In 2020

However, if you have to travel notwithstanding our advisory, you should be aware of the following:

  • You may encounter trouble returning or even may be unable to return to your country back from France.
  • You may suffer from some trouble purchasing some or all vital commodities and services such as meals, water, medicine, and medical assistance
  • You may encounter stringent mobility constraints and face quarantines
  • You may be required to pay some sorts of penalties, fines, or to be kept under custody if you do not obey the constraints and rules of the French local police
  • Your insurance may not pay for your trip or medicinal costs.
  • All embassies may have bound ability to grant you consular assistance

You should also:

  • Understand the guidance of French local governments
  • Attend local media channels to keep notified at all times of the circumstances and of the accessible transportation alternatives to return back home.
  • Always check our SeaFranceHolidays Travel Advice and Advisories and register with us for the latest updates
  • Review the Pandemic COVID-19 health reports
  • make sure that you have enough cash to buy your basic needs, such as medicine, in case your trip is canceled.
  • Contact your travel insurance company to acknowledge further information about their strategies associated with COVID-19 and the ability to get checked for the virus especially if you have some serious medical condition.
  • Avoid all cruise ship trips due to COVID-19.

DISCLAIMER: The information on this page is given for awareness purposes only. While we exert all possible efforts to give you the accurate data, it is presented on an “as is” principle without guarantee of any sort, express or implied.