Amazing Le Tour De France Odd History Information & Weird Facts

The 2021 Tour De France route was announced in November 2020 by the event organizers, it’s set to be held in the Pyrenees, the privileged peak in this year’s version, which also includes a time trial on the night of arrival in Paris.

The UCI announced that the start of the Tour of France 2021 will be brought forward to June 26, in order to allow cyclists to participate in the Mount Fuji race at the Olympic Games in Japan.

In the edition, the contestants will also face some strenuous time reaching Tignes, in the Alps, and a double ascent of Mont Ventoux. So, without further due let’s take a deeper insight into the famous yellow jerseys battle

tour de france

2020 & 2021 Tour De France Unique Circumstances

“Tour de France” – the most prestigious event in cycling. If you are a fan of cycling, you can claim that you know about the existence of this famous breed. But even if you do not know about it, after reading this article, you are sure to know about this exceptional and competitive event.

  • Bringing the 2021 tour to France a week to avoid interruption with the Tokyo Olympics

“To avoid the cycling races in the Olympiad (24, 25 and 28 July) overlapping with the Tour of France (which was scheduled between 2 and 25 July) … the Tour of France will end the weekend before the start of the Olympics,” a statement issued by the Federation stated. “.

The new Coronavirus has caused the Tokyo Olympics to be postponed from the last year 2020 to next summer of 2021, as it will start on July 23, 2021, and continue until August 8.

The Tour of France 2021 was scheduled to start from the Danish capital, Copenhagen, but the city’s mayor called for an amendment so that this does not interfere with the city’s hosting of other sporting events such as the UEFA Champions League.

The federation unveiled its calendar for 2021, which will include 35 races in 12 countries, where the American California Race and the British Ride London were absent from the list.

And “Covid-19” caused the delay of the start of the circumambulation in 2020 from August 29 to September 20.

Unlike last year’s competition, which traversed the steep cliffs right from the beginning, the 2021 version has more conventional Parcours. Throughout the first week, there are stages that will suit the liking of the puncheurs, additional 4 stages will amuse the sprinters.

Tour de France director Christian Prudhomme spoke on French TV’s Stade 2 about the other nature elements affecting the difficulty of the competition. As he mentioned that the wind might be a complicating constituent, notably on the 4 stages that cover the Breton Grand Départ.

Still, as the initial week of the 2018 race proved, if the wind doesn’t blow, these races could be pretty boring with respect to the GC battle.

Amazing Le Tour De France History Information & Weird Facts

Amazing Facts About Le Tour De France Interesting Jerseys Weird Information Famous History Strange Figures Geraint Thomas Cycling Routes 2021

The Tour de France is the most famous cycling race and one of the most historic. Therefore, we review it thoroughly with this list of facts and curiosities.

As you probably know, it’s the world’s biggest bike ride. You may even know a little about Lance Armstrong and how he won the race seven times and then was stripped of all his medals.

There are still many interesting facts about the “Tour de France”, which you may still not know, and today we will tell you the most Amazing Le Tour De France History Information & Weird Facts

23-Day Battle For A Yellow Jersey

  1. In 2021, the “Tour de France” will be played for the 108th time.
  2. This bicycle race, first organized in 1903, is held annually. The “Tour de France” was never canceled unless during World War I (1915-1918) and World War II (1940-1946).
  3. The cycling race was originally set as a promotional project by the newspaper L’Auto: They held the competition called Brest – Paris, which is co-sponsored by the newspaper Le Petit Journal, as well as increase the number of subscribers.
  4.  The highest number of victories (7) in the cycling race “Tour de France” was claimed by Lance Armstrong, but in 2012 the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) deprived of all its titles. The famous cyclist was charged with doping. But trying to bypass the system, several athletes, since 1903.
  5. At first, it was okay for cyclists to drink alcohol, to relieve the pain. However, since alcohol began to be considered a stimulant, its use was prohibited.
  6. In 1947, some cyclists even carried a bottle filled with lead, to quickly descend from the mountain tops.
  7. Perhaps the biggest trick in the “Tour de France” was known in the early history of the race: the athletes get to the finish line on the train, not on bikes.
  8. The winner of the “Tour de France” is rewarded with a yellow jersey, which he gets to wear when participating in the next race.
  9. The length of the cycle race usually ranges from 3000-4000 km, which is approximately the distance from London to Jerusalem.
  10. More than 12 million spectators stand along the route to watch the race.
  11. In the past, before the rules were established, advertisers have used the most ridiculous ways to compete for the viewer’s attention – from acrobats to musicians. Tour de France deaths – Those advertisers even marched in parades before the riders racing. Some observers even died in accidents related to caravans.
  12. Tour de France” is the third-largest television event in the sports world (after the World Cup and Olympics).
  13. It may not be surprising, but France is the owner of the largest number of titles achieved – 36 times. It is followed by Belgium (18-times) and Spain (with 12-times).
  14. The oddest fact in the history of “Tour de France” was a Swedish cyclist named Magnus Beksted (Magnus Bäckstedt) who weighs 94 kg. He was nicknamed “Big Maggie”.
  15. Some fans of the “Tour de France” come to the track weeks before the race takes place, to reserve the best spot and thoroughly examine the track.
  16. Tour de France deaths – In the entire history of the “Tour de France” race, 4 athletes have died during the ride. One of them died when he decided to go for a swim in between the tracks.

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