Sarah And George Chateau DIY – A French Dream Come True

Welcome to our blog which will take you through the journey of Sarah and George’s chateau DIY! Sarah and George are a creative couple who fell in love with an old, rundown chateau in the heart of France.

With their passion for DIY, they decided to take on the challenge of renovating this magnificent property on their own. This blog follows their experiences and provides insight into how they transformed this dilapidated chateau into a beautiful home full of character, charm, and sophistication.

So, get ready to be inspired by their journey as we take you through their incredible transformation process!

1. The History of Sarah and George and the Château de Brives
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1. The History of Sarah and George and the Château de Brives

In the heart of the French countryside lies the stunning Château de Brives, which has been beautifully renovated by the dynamic duo of Sarah and George. But before the couple became the proud owners of this magnificent property, their story began in the hills of Vermont.

Sarah and George first met when they were studying at Middlebury College in Vermont. After several years of dating, they decided to move to Paris to start a new chapter in their lives. It was here in Paris that they fell in love with French culture and architecture, and the idea of owning a château of their own began to blossom.

In 2012, Sarah and George stumbled upon the abandoned Château de Brives while on a vacation in the Dordogne region of France. The château was in shambles, with the roof caving in and the walls crumbling. But Sarah and George saw the potential in the property and decided to take it on as a renovation project.

Over the years, Sarah and George have dedicated countless hours to making the château their own. They have preserved the historic features of the property while adding modern touches to make it a comfortable home. Their hard work and dedication have been recognized by millions of viewers who have seen them on the popular reality television series, Château DIY.

Today, the Château de Brives is a beautiful example of what can be achieved with perseverance and hard work. Sarah and George have transformed the decaying property into a majestic home that stands as a testament to their love of French culture and their dedication to their vision. The château is now open to visitors, providing a rare glimpse into the life of these inspired entrepreneurs.

2. Renovating the Château de Brives: Challenges and Rewards
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2. Renovating the Château de Brives: Challenges and Rewards

After 10 years of living in the Château de Brives, Sarah and George have faced numerous challenges in renovating their historic home. The couple’s journey was recently featured in the regional lifestyle magazine and became the subject of a popular Channel 4 reality television series, Château DIY.

The renovation process was no easy feat, with the crumbling ceilings and time-worn turrets requiring extensive repairs. Overcoming these obstacles was a rewarding experience for Sarah and George, who have transformed the once-neglected chateau into a beautiful home for their family.

Through their hard work and dedication, Sarah and George have been able to create unique ideas and projects at the Château de Brives. They have converted the property into a tasting venue and have recently completed bedroom renovations, highlighting their entrepreneurial spirit and creativity.

The couple’s involvement in Château DIY has given viewers an insight into the challenges and rewards of renovating a historic property. The series also features Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree who have lent their expertise to inspire and guide others in similar endeavors.

For those interested in visiting the Château de Brives or contacting Sarah and George, information is readily available. Their story serves as an inspiration for entrepreneurs in the West, showcasing the possibilities and rewards that come with taking on challenging projects.

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Renovating the Château de Brives has been a challenging yet rewarding experience for Sarah and George. Their journey has inspired numerous individuals to take on unique projects and pursue their passions, making them a true success story.

3. Château DIY: A Popular Reality Television Series
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3. Château DIY: A Popular Reality Television Series

Château DIY, the popular reality television series, has captured the hearts of viewers by showcasing the incredible transformations of rundown French châteaux by British families. One of the standout families featured on this show is Sarah and George, who bought the magnificent Château de Brives and have been working tirelessly to restore it to its former glory.

The show’s portrayal of Sarah and George’s efforts has resonated with viewers, who have been impressed with the couple’s commitment and hard work to renovate the château. The series has highlighted the challenges and rewards of such a big project, from dealing with crumbling ceilings to renovating unique features like the tower staircase.

As viewers tune in to the show, they are also treated to some of the unique ideas and projects Sarah and George have implemented at the Château de Brives. From converting the space into a tasting venue to renovating bedrooms, their creative ideas have made them stand out as entrepreneurs in the West.

The involvement of famers Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree has also garnered great interest from viewers. The couple, who created their own buzz with Escape to the Chateau, have brought their expertise to Château DIY to offer advice to Sarah and George as they navigate their restoration project.

For those interested in visiting or contacting Sarah and George, the show provides some insight into their work and progress. It also highlights their journey from being Vermont natives to château owners, inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.

Overall, Château DIY is not just a reality television show, it’s a celebration of the potential in taking on a big restoration project. Sarah and George’s story, in particular, is proof that hard work and dedication can pay off in the most rewarding way.

4. Unique Ideas and Projects at the Château de Brives
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4. Unique Ideas and Projects at the Château de Brives

The Château de Brives is not just a beautiful family home, but also a place of endless possibilities for Sarah and George. The couple has put their heart and soul into renovating the château to create unique and unforgettable experiences for their guests.

One of the most impressive projects they undertook was the conversion of a tasting venue. The space, which was previously unused, was transformed into a stunning dining area where guests can sample the local cuisine in style. Sarah and George’s attention to detail and eye for design are evident in every corner of the venue, from the elegant table settings to the carefully curated decor.

In addition to this, they also recently completed a bedroom renovation project. They took a small, cramped room and turned it into a luxurious guest suite complete with a four-poster bed, antique furnishings, and a stunning view of the gardens. It’s a testament to Sarah and George’s commitment to making every corner of the château as beautiful and comfortable as possible.

But it’s not just these big projects that make the Château de Brives special. The couple is always looking for unique and creative ways to enhance their guests’ experience. From hosting art exhibitions to arranging hot air balloon rides, Sarah and George are constantly coming up with new ideas to surprise and delight their visitors.

It’s no wonder that the Château de Brives has become such a popular destination for weddings, events, and holidays. Sarah and George’s passion for their home and their guests shines through in everything they do, making it a truly unforgettable place to stay.

5. Full Episodes of Château DIY: An Insight Into Sarah and George's Work
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5. Full Episodes of Château DIY: An Insight Into Sarah and George’s Work

For those who want to see Sarah and George’s hard work in action, the popular reality TV show Château DIY is definitely worth watching. The show chronicles their journey as they renovate the Château de Brives, providing an insightful look into their unique ideas and projects at the property.

Episodes showcase everything from the challenges of restoring crumbling ceilings to transforming bedrooms into luxurious spaces. Viewers can also see how Sarah and George repurposed parts of the château, such as transforming a tasting venue into a rustic bar area.

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Not only does Château DIY provide an entertaining look at Sarah and George’s journey, but it also offers practical tips and advice for other DIY enthusiasts. The couple’s passion for preservation and their drive to make the château a welcoming space for all visitors is clear on screen.

Fans of the show can enjoy full episodes online, getting an even deeper insight into Sarah and George’s hard work. What’s more, the show has inspired many to follow in their footsteps, embarking on their own château renovation projects.

With the ongoing success of Château DIY, Sarah and George continue to inspire viewers and DIY enthusiasts alike. Their journey is a testament to the rewards that hard work and dedication can bring, and their château is proof of the transformative power of renovation.

6. Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree's Involvement in Château DIY
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6. Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree’s Involvement in Château DIY

Escape to the Chateau stars, Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree, have had a significant role in the Channel 4 reality television series, Château DIY. As the narrators and contributors of the spin-off show, the couple offers their expertise and words of wisdom to the aspiring chateau renovators featured on the programme.

Their involvement has not gone unnoticed, with fans of the show praising their contribution to the narrative. Their charming personalities and hands-on approach have been a significant draw for viewers, who admire their creativity and drive.

Dick and Angel’s involvement in Château DIY serves as a testimony to their passion for renovating and restoring French chateaux, as well as their dedication to sharing their knowledge with others. They have become a source of inspiration for many aspiring property restorers, and their experience has proved invaluable to the renovation projects shown on the programme.

For those looking to learn from Dick and Angel first-hand, there is an opportunity to visit their property, the château de la Motte Husson, in the Pays de la Loire region of France. They offer various workshops and events, including a unique glamping experience, which allows visitors to enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding countryside while staying in luxurious bell tents.

In summary, Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree’s involvement in Château DIY has been instrumental in inspiring and guiding property renovators through their journey of restoring French chateaux. Their contributions have made for an entertaining and informative show, which has captured the hearts of many viewers.

7. How to Contact and Visit Sarah and George's Château de Brives
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7. How to Contact and Visit Sarah and George’s Château de Brives

If you have been following Sarah and George’s journey on Château DIY, you may be wondering how to contact and visit their beautiful Château de Brives. Look no further!

Located in the heart of Brives-sur-Charente in southwestern France, the Château de Brives is open to visitors for tours and events. To schedule a tour, simply send an email to Sarah and George’s team at They will be happy to answer any questions you have and schedule a time for you to come and see the property.

For those interested in hosting an event at the Château de Brives, there are a variety of options available. Sarah and George offer venue rental for weddings, parties, corporate events, and other special occasions. They can also help with event planning and coordination, ensuring that your event is perfect in every way.

In addition to touring and event hosting, Sarah and George also offer unique accommodation options at the Château de Brives. Several of their beautifully renovated rooms are available for rent on Airbnb, including the infamous turret room featured on Château DIY.

Not able to make the trip to France just yet? No problem! Full episodes of Château DIY are available online, giving viewers an inside look at Sarah and George’s work on the property.

So why not plan a visit to the Château de Brives and experience firsthand the magic of Sarah and George’s DIY journey? Contact their team today to schedule your tour or event and see for yourself why this remarkable couple has captured the hearts of so many.

8. Entrepreneurs in the West: Sarah and George's Story
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8. Entrepreneurs in the West: Sarah and George’s Story

Sarah and George, the Vermont natives who are now proud owners of the Château de Brives, are true entrepreneurs at heart. In fact, their journey to the Château is a testament to their entrepreneurial spirit.

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As Sarah and George learned about the Château’s history, they saw an opportunity to preserve an important piece of France’s heritage while also turning it into a thriving business. Their renovation of the Château was not just about restoring the building’s beauty, it was also about using their business acumen to turn it into a one-of-a-kind destination.

By starring in the popular reality television series Château DIY, Sarah and George have become household names. The show gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at their unique ideas and projects at the Château. It’s an incredible opportunity to get a glimpse into the life of two innovative entrepreneurs who are making their mark in the West.

As Château DIY continues its successful run, Sarah and George have also caught the attention of fellow entrepreneurs Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree. The couple has worked with Sarah and George on various projects, adding to the Château’s already impressive list of accomplishments.

For those interested in experiencing the Château firsthand, Sarah and George are always willing to provide tours and other events. They’re always open to new ideas for the Château and are eager to build connections with like-minded entrepreneurs in the West.

From tasting venue conversions to bedroom renovations, Sarah and George are continually pushing the envelope as entrepreneurs at the Château. Their story is an inspiration for anyone looking to start their own business, and their success only promises to grow in the years to come.

9. From Vermont Natives to Château Owners: Sarah and George's Journey
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9. From Vermont Natives to Château Owners: Sarah and George’s Journey

Blog Section: From Vermont Natives to Château Owners: Sarah and George’s Journey

Sarah and George’s journey to becoming château owners is an inspiring tale of hard work, perseverance, and a love for adventure.

Growing up in Vermont, Sarah and George always had an interest in the outdoors and the arts. After getting married, the couple took a leap of faith and moved to France to pursue their dreams of renovating an old château and turning it into a welcoming retreat for travelers.

Their journey, however, was not without its challenges. Renovating the château proved to be a complex task, with many unexpected hurdles along the way. But Sarah and George remained determined and, with the help of their team, they slowly transformed the aging estate into a stunning property that now attracts visitors from around the world.

Over the years, Sarah and George have gained a significant following through their hit television series, Château DIY. In the show, viewers get an inside look at the couple’s ongoing projects at the château, as well as tips and advice on DIY techniques.

Despite their success, Sarah and George remain humble and grounded, always keeping their focus on improving the château and providing a top-quality experience for their guests.

If you’re inspired by Sarah and George’s journey and interested in visiting the château, there are various ways to get in touch with them. From booking a stay through their website to emailing them directly, the couple is always happy to hear from fellow adventurers.

In conclusion, Sarah and George’s story serves as a testament to the power of dedication and hard work. Their journey from Vermont natives to château owners is a true inspiration for anyone with a passion for pursuing their dreams.

10. Tasting Venue Conversion and Bedroom Renovation: Sarah and George's Latest Projects.
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10. Tasting Venue Conversion and Bedroom Renovation: Sarah and George’s Latest Projects.

Sarah and George, the dynamic duo behind the popular reality television series, Château DIY, are at it again with their latest projects – a tasting venue conversion and a bedroom renovation.

Their château, located in the picturesque countryside of Brives, France, has been a labour of love for the couple. Sarah and George have been working tirelessly over the past few years to restore the historic building to its former glory, while also infusing it with their own unique style.

Their latest projects showcase their creativity and innovative approach to renovation. The tasting venue conversion is set to transform one of the château’s unused rooms into a space where guests can sample locally produced wines, cheeses and other delicacies. Sarah and George envision a warm and inviting atmosphere, where visitors can relax and enjoy the best of what the region has to offer.

The bedroom renovation is equally impressive. Sarah and George have taken a dated and uninspired room and transformed it into a luxurious retreat. The newly renovated space features a stunning four-poster bed, plush textiles and carefully curated accessories.

Sarah and George’s latest projects are a testament to their commitment to preserving the history and charm of the château, while also adding their own modern touches. As entrepreneurs in the West, they continue to inspire viewers with their passion and hard work.

If you’re interested in following Sarah and George’s progress or visiting the château yourself, be sure to check out their website for more information. Don’t forget to tune in to Château DIY to see their latest projects come to life.