Nersac, Charente France Tourist Information

Category: Charente
Population: 2320 (INSEE:2005)
Postal Code: 16440
Rail Link: Yes (TGV Angouleme 12km)
Nearest Airport: Angouleme, Brie Champniers – (23km/14mi – 25mins)
Nearest Channel Port: Caen (491km/305mi – 4h48mins)
Nearest Seaside Beach: St Georges de Didonne (92km/57mi – 1h36mins)
Commerce: Cafe, restaurants, general store
Economy: Construction, Commerce, Manufacturing
To visit: Musee du Papier du Moulin de Fleurac
Market: Daily in Angouleme (12km)

Nersac, Charente France Tourist Information

Geography and Transport In Nersac, Charente France

Nersac is a small town (9.24km2) situated to the West of the Department Capital Angouleme (altitude 21 to 74m).  The RN141 passes by to the North of the town, and the RN10 passes to the South.

Angouleme (Cognac) Airport is 23km away (25mins) and to the North of the City.  The proximity of Nersac to Angouleme means it has access to the mainline TGV, with connection to Paris in around 2h20m.

Climate In Nersac, Charente France

The climate here is Maritime, and therefore temperate with 4 clearly defined seasons.  Average Summer temperatures are between 24C to 27C (13C-15C night), and in Winter this drops to 9C to 10C (3C night).

As with much of Poitou Charentes, the Autumn can be warm, with average temperatures in Sept of 23C and Oct 19C.  The months of October and November are normally the wettest.   Aigre is part of a zone which receives over 2000 hours of sunshine per year.

Nersac, Charente France Tourist Information

The Charente Region has a long association with the production of paper, and Nersac has the Musee du Papier du Moulin de Fleurac where visitors can see demonstrations of paper-making as it was in the 18th Century, within a Mill set on the banks of the Charente River.

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The Mill itself is a registered Historic Monument.  Also at Nersac is the Chateau de Fleurac which is open to visitors all year, and close-by at Trois Palis is the Choclaterie Letouffe, where it is possible to try your hand at chocolate making.

Nersac, Charente France Economy

Nersac is part of the Angouleme economic zone, which has an unemployment rate of 9.7%, compared against the regional rate of 8.6% and the national rate of 9.1% (INSEE 2006).  The company SAFT has a factory making rechargeable batteries is sited in Nersac, and this is said to employ around 700 people.

Facilities In Nersac, Charente France

You will find most of the amenities you need in Nersac, however for supermarkets La Couronne (5km) and the nearest swimming pool is in Chateauneuf sur Charente (11km)

Education In Nersac, Charente France

There is a choice of 1 state Nursery and 1 Primary school, but for High Schools (College) and Colleges (Lycee) near Angouleme (12km) provides many options.  There is a swimming pool along at St Yrieux and a cinema at Angouleme.

Nersac, Charente France Tourist Information

Nersac, Charente France Keys Stats

92.7% of properties here are main homes, and 1.7% of properties are classed as second homes.  There are fewer people aged 60+ compared to the national average (20.1% vs 21.3%) but the number of retired people is marginally higher(19.5% vs 18.2%).

There are fewer males than females resident here (49.5%). The percentage of people below the age of 19 is higher than the national average (25.7% vs 24.6%)

Key Facilities and Services In Nersac, Charente France

General StorePost OfficeLibrary
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