Lufthansa Boeing 747-800 Business Class Review – Comfortable Seats & Impressive Fleet

Welcome to our blog, where we’re taking a closer look at the luxurious Lufthansa Boeing 747-800 Business Class experience. If you’re a frequent flyer or looking to splurge on a special occasion, Lufthansa’s Business Class cabin boasts comfort and elegance with top-notch amenities that will make your long-haul flight experience truly exceptional.

From exquisite cuisine to spacious seats and impeccable service, we’ll delve into all the details of this premium offering. So sit back, relax, and join us as we explore the indulgent world of Lufthansa’s Business Class.

1. Introduction to Lufthansa's Business Class on the Boeing 747-800
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1. Introduction to Lufthansa’s Business Class on the Boeing 747-800

Lufthansa’s Boeing 747-800 business class sets the bar high for air travel with its modern design and excellent amenities. The cabin boasts 80 lie-flat seats, each with direct aisle access and a personal entertainment system. The Boeing 747-800 features three cabins: the main deck with 48 seats, the upper deck with 32 premium economy seats, and an eight-suite first class section.

Passengers in business class can relax in their comfortable seats with plenty of legroom and a fully adjustable headrest. Impressively, the seats can transform into a nearly two-meter-long lie-flat bed that ensures a restful sleep throughout the flight.

Upon boarding, passengers will experience Lufthansa’s warm welcome, and throughout the flight, attentive crew members ensure the passengers’ comfort. Lufthansa’s aim is to provide passengers with a seamless and comfortable travel experience, and their business class on the Boeing 747-800 delivers.

One excellent feature of Lufthansa’s Boeing 747-800 business class cabin is the onboard entertainment system, which features a selection of movies, TV shows, music, and games. Each seat comes equipped with a personal touchscreen monitor, and passengers can enjoy a movie or TV show with noise-canceling headphones.

Overall, Lufthansa’s business class on the Boeing 747-800 is a superior experience that sets a high standard for air travel. From the comfortable seating to the excellent entertainment and attentive service, passengers are sure to have a comfortable and enjoyable flight.

2. Seat Configuration and Comfort
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2. Seat Configuration and Comfort

The seat configuration and comfort of Lufthansa’s Business Class on the Boeing 747-800 is definitely worth mentioning. With a total of 80 seats, split between three cabins, passengers can expect a comfortable and relaxed journey.

The lower deck of the configuration features 48 seats in a 2-2-2 formation, while the upper deck has a 2-2 layout with 32 seats. Passengers sitting on the upper deck will experience a more exclusive atmosphere with added privacy. On the upper deck, there are also eight rows of fully lie-flat seating which provides ample room for both lounging and rest. However, the seats may not be the most comfortable ones out there.

Each couple of seats is faced slightly towards each other, which may be awkward in the lie flat position if traveling with a stranger. But this isn’t a problem if you’re traveling with someone you know. One great feature of Lufthansa’s Business Class seat is its ability to fully convert into a bed, almost two meters long, perfect for a relaxing sleep.

The service in Lufthansa’s Business Class cabin is nothing short of excellent. Passengers can expect a high-quality meal service with a wide variety of dishes to choose from. Moreover, the in-flight entertainment system is extensive, providing a plethora of options to keep passengers entertained throughout their journey.

In terms of the crew’s performance and attitude, they may be inconsistent but the food makes up for it. Overall, Lufthansa’s Business Class seat configuration and comfort is top-notch and definitely worth experiencing. With a few improvements, it could be one of the best Business Class options out there.

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3. Comparison with Other Airlines' Business Class seats
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3. Comparison with Other Airlines’ Business Class seats

In terms of business class seats, Lufthansa’s Boeing 747-800 holds its own against other airlines’ offerings. However, it falls short in comparison to some of the more luxurious business class options available.

For example, airlines such as Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Singapore Airlines offer fully lie-flat seats with direct aisle access, as well as additional features such as personal mini-bars and even private cabins in some cases. Lufthansa’s business class seats are not fully lie-flat, which means they can be uncomfortable for sleeping.

Despite this, the seats themselves are comfortable and come with various configurations. The linen-lined table service is a nice touch, setting Lufthansa apart from many other airlines that serve meals on trays.

In comparison, British Airways’ business class seats on their Boeing 747 are similar in design to Lufthansa’s, but with more privacy and a full-flat bed option. However, the in-flight service and catering standards are often not as high as Lufthansa’s.

Overall, while Lufthansa’s business class seats may not be the most luxurious option available, they do provide comfort and good value for money. Passengers can expect a pleasant flight experience and excellent service from the Lufthansa crew.

4. Cabin and Seat Features
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4. Cabin and Seat Features

Moving on to the fourth section of this review, let us delve deeper into the cabin and seat features found in Lufthansa’s Business Class on the Boeing 747-800.

The cabin configuration of the Lufthansa Boeing 747-800 Business Class is spread over two decks, with the upper deck reserved exclusively for business-class passengers. The seats on both decks are arranged in a 2-2 configuration, except for the upper deck, which offers a fully lie-flat 2-2 seat layout.

The seats in the Business Class cabin are spacious and comfortable, with electronic controls that allow passengers to adjust their seats to various angles, including a slight recline, cradle position for watching movies, and a full-flat bed that is almost two meters long. Although the seats do not go fully lie-flat in the lower deck, they are still quite decent for lounging and eating.

Compared to other airlines, Lufthansa’s Business Class seats are competitive, but they do not possess the luxury features found in some other airline’s business-class cabins. However, the attention to detail and the comfortable seat padding make up for any gaps in luxury features.

The in-flight entertainment system is quite comprehensive, with a vast array of movies, TV shows, music, and games to keep passengers occupied throughout the journey. There are also USB and power outlets available at every seat, which is a big plus for business travelers.

Moving on to the cabin features, Lufthansa has designed an inviting and sophisticated space that reflects German quality and precision. The cabin’s decor exhibits a timeless charm with modern amenities. The lighting and temperature control in the cabin are also noteworthy, as they allow passengers to personalize their environment according to their tastes.

In conclusion, Lufthansa’s Business Class on the Boeing 747-800 offers a comfortable and functional space at a competitive price point. The cabin and seat features are top-notch, and the in-flight service and catering are up to par. If Lufthansa continues to innovate and improve its Business Class product, we can expect even better experiences in the future.

5. In-flight Service and Catering
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5. In-flight Service and Catering

When it comes to in-flight service, Lufthansa’s Business Class does not disappoint. The airline’s commitment to providing top-quality service is evident in every aspect of the flight experience, from the beautifully presented linen-lined table settings to the attentive crew members.

The catering on Lufthansa’s Business Class flight is exquisite. The menu features a selection of fine wines and a variety of culinary creations specially designed for the airline’s Business Class passengers. The food is served in courses, and passengers are given the option to select from a range of delicious dishes. The presentation of the food is just as impressive as the taste, and the plates are beautifully arranged with attention to detail.

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Passengers are also given the opportunity to indulge in a variety of snacks and refreshments throughout the flight. The selection includes both savory and sweet treats, such as fine chocolates, fresh fruits, and gourmet sandwiches.

One aspect of the service that sets Lufthansa apart from other airlines is its commitment to providing personalized service. The crew members are friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable, and are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that passengers are comfortable and satisfied with their flight experience.

Overall, in-flight service and catering on Lufthansa’s Business Class is top-notch. From the exquisite food and fine wines to the attentive crew members, passengers can rest assured that they will receive a truly luxurious experience when flying with the airline.

6. Crew Performance and Attitude
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6. Crew Performance and Attitude

The crew performance and attitude on Lufthansa’s Boeing 747-800 Business Class flights are exceptional. From the moment passengers step on board, the crew is attentive and dedicated to ensuring a comfortable travel experience.

Throughout the flight, the crew is consistently friendly and professional, creating a welcoming atmosphere for passengers. They are always available to assist with any needs, from providing extra blankets to adjusting seats for optimal comfort. Additionally, the crew is knowledgeable and informative, providing helpful information about the flight and destination.

One standout feature of the crew’s performance is their attention to detail. They take pride in ensuring that every aspect of the travel experience is perfect, from the food and beverage service to the cleanliness of the cabin. This commitment to excellence is evident in every interaction with the crew.

Moreover, the crew’s attitude towards passengers is warm and genuine. They create a sense of community on board, fostering a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. This makes for a more enjoyable travel experience and contributes to the overall satisfaction of passengers.

Overall, Lufthansa’s crew performance and attitude is exemplary. They consistently deliver a high level of service with warmth and professionalism, making passengers feel welcome and comfortable throughout the flight. This is an important factor to consider when choosing an airline and contributes greatly to the overall quality of the travel experience.

7. Consistency of Lufthansa's Product and Crews
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7. Consistency of Lufthansa’s Product and Crews

When it comes to Lufthansa’s Business Class and First Class products, consistency is key. While some may argue that the hard product is outdated, Lufthansa often makes up for it with its consistently friendly and competent crew.

Passengers can expect the same level of service and amenities across Lufthansa’s fleet, whether traveling on a Boeing 747-800 or an A350-900. And while the newer aircraft will feature more updated products, passengers can rely on the same level of service from the Lufthansa crew.

From the moment passengers step onboard, they can expect a warm welcome and attentive service from the flight attendants. The crew is knowledgeable about the menu offerings and can make recommendations based on individual preferences. The food is consistently good, with well-sized portions and a full dinner service.

One potential downside is the lack of consistency in the hard product. The older aircraft, such as the Boeing 747-800, have outdated seats and amenities compared to newer aircraft. However, passengers can find comfort in the fact that the service and soft product will remain consistent across all aircraft.

Overall, Lufthansa may not have the most cutting-edge hard product, but it consistently delivers on the soft product and service. Passengers can rely on a friendly crew, good food, and a comfortable flight experience, regardless of the aircraft they are on. With the introduction of newer aircraft with updated products, Lufthansa will undoubtedly continue to evolve and provide an exceptional flying experience.

8. Entertainment System and Options
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8. Entertainment System and Options

Moving on to the entertainment system and options, Lufthansa’s business class on the Boeing 747-800 does not disappoint. Each seat is equipped with its own entertainment screen that can be slightly adjusted according to the passenger’s preference. The system has a good range of movies, documentaries, and music to choose from. Additionally, each seat comes with an overhead reading lamp, coat hook, and electrical outlet underneath the seat.

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While the screen size is large, the flight information software is in low resolution, which affects its image quality. However, the system has a handy feature to not miss the next meal – the “please wake me up for meal service” option.

Despite the small issue with the image quality, Lufthansa’s entertainment system is still impressive and reliable. It provides a wide range of options to keep passengers entertained throughout their flight.

Overall, Lufthansa’s entertainment system and options add to the experience of flying business class on the Boeing 747-800. It is a great feature that complements the comfort and luxury of the cabin. However, there is always room for improvement in the future, and Lufthansa should strive to enhance their entertainment system’s image quality for a more visually enjoyable experience.

9. Overall Flight Experience
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9. Overall Flight Experience

After an in-depth analysis of Lufthansa’s Business Class on the Boeing 747-800, it’s time to evaluate the overall flight experience.

First things first, the seat configuration and comfort were top-notch. The cabin was well-designed, and passengers had enough space and privacy. The entertainment system also provided a wide range of options, ensuring that passengers remained entertained throughout their flight.

Lufthansa’s in-flight service and catering were commendable. The food was great, and the crew members did an excellent job of keeping the passengers satisfied. The crew’s performance was noteworthy, and their positive attitudes made the flight more pleasurable.

Consistency in the product and the crew’s performance is essential, and it was felt on this flight. One of the most significant advantages of Lufthansa’s business class is the privacy it offers, making it an enjoyable experience for passengers.

However, while Lufthansa’s business class is excellent, their first class product could use some improvement to make it more competitive with other carriers. Nonetheless, passengers on this particular flight had a delightful experience, with only four passengers in the first class cabin, including the reviewer.

Overall, Lufthansa exceeded expectations on this flight with great service, fantastic food, and excellent crew members. The flight experience was enjoyable and worthwhile.

10. Future Improvements for Lufthansa's Business and First Class Cabins
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10. Future Improvements for Lufthansa’s Business and First Class Cabins

Lufthansa’s Business and First Class cabins provide a premium experience for its passengers, but there is still room for improvement. In this section of the review, we will explore potential future upgrades to the airline’s elite cabins.

One area that Lufthansa could focus on is the introduction of more privacy features for its Business Class seats. While the current seats provide adequate comfort and relaxation, a lack of privacy can be a concern for some travelers. With competitors such as Qatar Airways and Emirates offering industry-leading privacy features, Lufthansa could consider updating its seats to provide a more secluded environment for passengers.

In addition to privacy, the airline could consider improving the in-flight entertainment system. While the current system offers a decent selection of movies and TV shows, it lacks the personalization and variety of options found on some other airlines’ systems. By investing in a more advanced and customizable entertainment system, Lufthansa could enhance its passengers’ experience on long-haul flights.

Another potential area for improvement is the in-flight dining service. While Lufthansa has a reputation for offering high-quality onboard meals, some travelers have noted that the current menus can be repetitive and uninspired. By incorporating more unique and flavorful dishes, Lufthansa could further distinguish itself from its competitors and provide a more memorable dining experience for its premium passengers.

Finally, Lufthansa could consider upgrading its First Class cabins to provide an even more luxurious experience. While the current First Class seats and amenities offer a top-tier experience, competitors such as Etihad and Singapore Airlines have taken First Class to a new level with features such as private suites and onboard showers. By investing in newer, more modern cabins and amenities, Lufthansa could continue to attract high-end travelers seeking the ultimate luxury air travel.

Overall, Lufthansa’s Business and First Class cabins provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for its elite passengers. With some potential future upgrades, however, the airline could continue to elevate its premium product and maintain its reputation as one of the world’s top airlines.