Republic Airways Reviews – Pilot, Flight Attendant, American Eagle & United Express

Welcome to our comprehensive review of Republic Airways – an American regional airline that operates flights under the banner of major carriers.

If you are planning to travel domestically, you may have come across their name when searching for affordable flight options. But how reliable is Republic Airways? What kind of experience can you expect when flying with them? Are they worth your money and time?

In this blog, we will aim to answer all these questions and more by exploring the most recent Republic Airways reviews in English. Read on to discover what customers have to say about their flights, customer service, baggage policies, and more.

1. Introduction to Republic Airways Reviews
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1. Introduction to Republic Airways Reviews

When it comes to finding the perfect airline for your travels, reviews from other travelers can be an invaluable resource. That’s why we’re here to provide you with an in-depth review of Republic Airways. As we go through our discussion of this airline in the following sections, keep in mind that these are based on the experiences of real people who have traveled with Republic Airways and worked for the company.

In this section, we will start off by introducing you to Republic Airways Reviews. These reviews are based on the experiences of travelers and employees of Republic Airways. By reading these reviews, you can get a good idea of what to expect from this airline, what its strengths and weaknesses are, and how it stacks up against other airlines in the industry.

As you continue reading the other sections of this blog, you will get a better understanding of the frequent traveler rating, the employee rating, and the flight experience of Republic Airways. Additionally, we will discuss the trustworthiness of this airline and its major airline partnerships.

By the end of this review, you will have a comprehensive understanding of Republic Airways and its offerings, as well as whether or not it is the right airline for you. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or just taking a vacation, the insights provided in this review will help you make an informed decision about your travel plans. So stay tuned as we dive into the world of Republic Airways!

Top 10 Facts You Need to Know About Republic Airways

  1. Republic Airways is a leading regional airline headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. With over 40 years of experience, it has established itself as a reputable airline in the industry.
  2. Founded in 1974, Republic Airways operates under three different brand names: American Eagle, Delta Connection, and United Express. It serves as a regional carrier for major airlines, providing essential connections to smaller airports.
  3. As a regional airline, Republic Airways primarily operates flights within the United States. Its extensive network covers over 100 cities across the country, ensuring convenient access for both business and leisure travelers.
  4. With a robust fleet of Embraer 170 and 175 aircraft, Republic Airways boasts a strong commitment to safety and customer service. The airline undergoes rigorous safety checks, ensuring its passengers enjoy a secure and comfortable journey.
  5. Republic Airways places a strong emphasis on operational excellence, maintaining an impressive on-time performance. With a dedicated team of professionals, including pilots, flight attendants, and ground staff, they strive to provide a smooth travel experience for their passengers.
  6. Apart from its regular flights, Republic Airways also offers charter services. This option is ideal for those seeking a personalized travel experience or for corporate events. The airline ensures flexibility and convenience tailored to their customers’ needs.
  7. In addition to its commitment to quality service, Republic Airways prioritizes environmental sustainability. The airline actively works toward minimizing its carbon footprint through initiatives such as fuel-efficient operations and the use of advanced technology.
  8. Republic Airways places a strong emphasis on employee development and growth. The airline invests in comprehensive training programs to ensure its employees are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver exceptional service.
  9. The airline’s frequent flyer program, called “MileagePlus,” allows passengers to earn and redeem miles for flights, upgrades, and other rewards. This program is particularly advantageous for frequent travelers who want to make the most of their miles.
  10. Republic Airways consistently receives recognition for its outstanding performance. It has won several industry awards for its operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and commitment to safety. This recognition further solidifies its position as a leading regional airline in the United States.

Is Republic Airways Safe

Is Republic Airways Safe – Republic Airways is recognized for its commitment to safety, making it a reliable and secure choice for air travel. With a strong emphasis on passenger well-being, Republic Airways upholds rigorous safety protocols and procedures. The airline adheres to regulatory standards and ensures that their aircraft are properly maintained.

Their highly trained and experienced pilots prioritize aviation safety and undergo continuous training to stay updated with the latest safety practices. Moreover, Republic Airways has a solid track record of incident-free flights, affirming its dedication to providing a safe and comfortable travel experience for all passengers.

In conclusion, Republic Airways is a reputable regional airline that operates under major airline brands, offering extensive connections across the United States. With a focus on safety, operational excellence, and customer satisfaction, they continue to provide exceptional service to their passengers. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, Republic Airways ensures a comfortable and reliable journey.

2. Frequent Traveler Rating of Republic Airways

As a frequent traveler, you value the experiences that airlines offer. When it comes to Republic Airways, the average rating given by frequent travelers is only 6.2/10. However, there are some strengths that stand out. One of the most valued aspects of Republic Airways is its cabin crew.

While the overall rating may not be as high as some other airlines, it’s important to note that Republic Airways has a loyal following. Travelers appreciate the airline’s crew, who are experienced and friendly, as well as the free movie and TV options. Additionally, Republic Airways is a connection partner of Delta Airlines, which provides another level of convenience and flexibility.

It’s worth noting, though, that Republic Airways has had some mechanical delays in the past, which can be frustrating for travelers. However, based on the service ratings over the past year, Delta Airlines continues to maintain an overall rating of 4.5 stars.

When considering Republic Airways for your next flight, it’s important to be aware that most leisure travelers use carry-on only due to the possibility of not getting on a flight. Keep this in mind as you plan your trip and visit our partner airlines’ employee FAQ section with any questions about your travel experience.

Overall, while Republic Airways may not have the highest frequent traveler rating, it remains a viable option for many travelers. With its loyal following, attractive crew, and partnership with Delta Airlines, Republic Airways is worth considering for your next trip.

3. Strengths of Republic Airways
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3. Strengths of Republic Airways

When it comes to Republic Airways, there are a few standout strengths that make this airline a great choice for travelers and employees alike. As we’ve discussed in previous sections, Republic Airways has earned high ratings from both frequent travelers and employees, and this is due in part to the strengths that set this airline apart from others in the industry.

One major strength of Republic Airways is the value placed on its cabin crew. As frequent travelers have noted, the cabin crew on Republic Airways flights is consistently friendly, helpful, and attentive to passengers’ needs. This can make a huge difference in the overall experience of air travel, and it’s clear that Republic Airways takes its commitment to customer service seriously.

Another strength of Republic Airways is the free travel benefits offered to employees. This is a major perk that can be difficult to come by in many industries, and it’s clear that Republic Airways values its employees and wants to give them the opportunity to see the world.

Beyond these two standout strengths, Republic Airways also has a good reputation among industry experts as a reliable and trustworthy airline. With partnerships with major carriers like United Express and American Eagle, Republic Airways has built a solid reputation as a leader in the regional airline industry.

All of these strengths combine to make Republic Airways a great choice for travelers looking for a stress-free and enjoyable air travel experience, as well as for employees looking for a company that values their contributions and offers great benefits and opportunities for growth. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or an aviation professional, Republic Airways is definitely an airline worth considering.

4. Employee Rating of Republic Airways

When it comes to working for Republic Airways, employee ratings are a mixed bag. While some employees report a great experience, others have had less-than-stellar experiences.

According to anonymous employee reviews, Republic Airways has an overall rating of 3.6 out of 5. While this is definitely a positive rating, Republic Airways Holdings (the parent company of Republic Airways) has a lower average rating of 2.8 out of 5, based on over 4 anonymous reviews.

Overall, the culture at Republic Airways is rated a C- based on 148 ratings from 11 employees.

One of the pros of working at Republic Airways is the great pay, especially for those who are just coming out of school. The flight benefits are also great, and employees report a flexible work schedule with a willingness to teach from fellow mechanics, supervisors, and managers.

However, not all employee reviews are positive. Some employees report that the flight crews can be hit or miss, with some being amazing while others are downright awful. Additionally, some employees report a lack of appreciation and support from management.

Despite these mixed reviews, Republic Airways has a good overall rating and appears to be a decent place to work for those who are looking for a job in the aviation industry. It’s important to do your research and read up on employee reviews before accepting a job with any company, and Republic Airways is no exception.

5. Employee Reviews of Republic Airways

As a potential employee of Republic Airways, you’re likely interested in what current and former employees have to say about their experiences with the company. According to the anonymous reviews left on various websites, Republic Airways boasts great pay for new hires straight out of school. Additionally, many employees have positive things to say about their supportive supervisors, managers, and fellow mechanics who are always willing to teach.

However, the overall rating from employees is only 2.8 out of 5, with 75% of employees recommending the company to others. Furthermore, the quality of their coworkers is rated a D by 11 participants. It’s clear that while some employees have had great experiences with Republic Airways, others have not.

One employee who currently works in the scheduling department says they have had an excellent experience, but others say that the company’s flight crews can be hit or miss. Some employees rate them as amazing, while others say they are downright awful.

When it comes to flight benefits and work flexibility, reviews are mixed. However, it’s worth noting that Republic Airways is committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all associates and applicants, so it’s possible that your experience with the company will be better than those who left negative reviews.

In conclusion, it’s important to consider both the strengths and weaknesses of Republic Airways when deciding whether to pursue a job with the company. While some employees have had positive experiences, others have not been as pleased. It’s important to do your research and approach the decision carefully.

6. Flight Experience with Republic Airways

When it comes to your flight experience with Republic Airways, there are mixed reviews. Some frequent travelers give the airline an average rating of 6.2/10, while others have had great experiences with the airline’s friendly flight attendants and experienced pilots.

Flight attendants and pilots at Republic Airways have given favorable reviews, stating that they value the airline’s cabin crew and enjoy working with experienced pilots. However, some employees in other departments have given negative reviews, claiming that the pay is horrible and that management is clueless.

As for the actual in-flight experience, Republic Airways offers food and beverages upon request, as well as free movies and TV. However, one reviewer had a very poor experience on a flight with American Eagle by Republic Airlines, stating that it was “very poor” with no further details provided.

It’s important to note that Republic Airways operates as a regional airline subsidiary of Republic Airways Holdings and provides services as American Eagle, Delta Connection, and United Express. So, the flight experience may vary depending on which airline you’re flying with.

Overall, Republic Airways seems to have its strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to keep in mind the reviews and weigh out the pros and cons before deciding to book a flight with them.

Republic Airways Pilot Reviews
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Republic Airways Pilot Reviews

If you are considering a career as a commercial pilot, you may be interested in learning more about Republic Airways pilot reviews. As we’ve previously discussed, Republic Airways is an American carrier that recruits commercial pilots trained by ATP and uses one of the newest and most reliable fleets, allowing pilots to build flight experience faster.

But what do pilots currently employed by Republic Airways have to say about their experience? In a Glassdoor review, one pilot gave Republic Airways an “excellent” rating, citing the airline’s high expectations for excellence among their pilots. Additionally, many reviewers noted that Republic Airways has a great crew, complete with experienced pilots and friendly flight attendants.

However, not all reviews were positive. Some pilots reported a poor work environment and even prejudice within the company. Despite these complaints, Republic Airways remains a popular employer among pilots, with an average rating of 3.8 stars out of 5.

Overall, if you are a commercial pilot looking for a company that values excellence, provides great flight experience, and has a strong crew, Republic Airways could be a great option for you. While there are some downsides to working for the airline, many pilots have reported positive experiences and great career opportunities with the company.

Republic Airways Flight Attendant Reviews
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Republic Airways Flight Attendant Reviews

As we delve into Republic Airways Flight Attendant Reviews, it is essential to consider the previous sections and acknowledge that while the strengths of this American carrier are the value placed on their cabin crew and the adaptability and opportunities that come with being part of the team, employees have reported significant challenges.

Many Flight Attendants report being treated poorly, with long airport standby hours, very low pay, and the worst training experience. Moreover, some trainers are considered unprofessional, and there is no uniform stipend. Additionally, low hours cause concern and disrupt employees’ financial stability.

Regardless of these challenges, some Flight Attendants have reported excellent experiences with Republic Airways. They commend the company for providing a stepping stone to a career in aviation and for the opportunity to travel extensively.

It is worth considering that like any airline, Republic Airways is hit or miss when it comes to the quality of their crews. Some crews are outstanding and go above and beyond, while others are downright terrible. On the whole, Republic Airways has an overall rating of 3.4 out of 5 on Glassdoor, based on 487 reviews.

It’s understandable to have concerns when considering whether Republic Airways is a trustworthy airline in the industry. However, the company does have partnerships with major airlines such as United Express and American Eagle, which gives them credibility and the opportunity to offer their employees flight benefits and flexible work schedules.

In conclusion, while Republic Airways has its share of challenges, it also offers excellent opportunities for aspiring Flight Attendants. However, it’s essential to consider a variety of factors before making any decisions about working with the company. The Flight Attendant reviews should be taken into account and weighed against other reliable sources of information before making a final decision.

7. Trustworthiness of Republic Airways in the Industry
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7. Trustworthiness of Republic Airways in the Industry

When it comes to air travel, trustworthiness is paramount. How does Republic Airways stack up in the industry? Let’s take a closer look.

First, it’s important to note that Republic Airways has been in operation since 1998, with a steady track record of providing regional airline service to major carriers such as Delta, United, and American Airlines. They currently operate nearly 1,000 daily flights to 100 cities in 40 U.S. states.

Republic Airways also has a B- credit rating from Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s, suggesting that the company is financially stable and reliable.

But the true measure of trustworthiness lies in customer and employee reviews, which we’ve covered in detail in previous sections of this guide. Both frequent travelers and employees consistently rate Republic Airways highly, with flight crews, boarding/deplaning, and in-flight services receiving particular praise.

Additionally, Republic Airways is a partner of ATP Flight School, providing career opportunities for aspiring pilots and further demonstrating their commitment to the industry. They also have partnerships with major airlines, further solidifying their status as a trusted regional carrier.

Overall, based on the factual data we have, Republic Airways appears to be a trustworthy and reliable airline option for both customers and employees.

8. Flight Benefits and Work Flexibility at Republic Airways
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8. Flight Benefits and Work Flexibility at Republic Airways

If you’re looking for a regional airline to start your FA career, Republic Airways might just be the perfect fit for you! Not only does it operate flights for major airlines like American, Delta, and United, but it also offers great flight benefits to all of its employees.

As a Republic Airways employee, you get priority on any aircraft owned by the company. This means that you can easily travel to different destinations without having to worry about booking flights or paying for them. In addition, the airline also offers a hybrid work schedule with flexibility in deadlines for deliverables. This means that you can easily balance your work and personal life without having to compromise on either.

Moreover, Republic Airways offers full-time associates company-paid group term life insurance, which becomes available after you complete 90 days of full-time employment. You can also potentially receive a tuition reimbursement of $11,000, which can help you advance your career as an ATP instructor.

However, it’s important to note that some employees have reported low pay, lack of support from management, and unrealistic expectations for a low salary. Therefore, it’s important to think long and hard before accepting employment with the company.

Overall, Republic Airways is a great option for those looking for a regional airline with great flight benefits and work flexibility. With major airline partnerships and a positive employee rating, it’s clear that Republic Airways is a trustworthy and reliable player in the industry.

9. Major Airline Partnerships of Republic Airways

When it comes to airline partnerships, Republic Airways has some impressive collaborations up its sleeve. As the world’s largest operator of Embraer regional jets, Republic Airways has solidified partnerships with major airlines such as American, Delta, and United. These partnerships provide not only increased revenue for Republic Airways but also open up a variety of travel options for their passengers.

As an American Eagle, Delta Connection, and United Express operator, Republic Airways has the ability to connect passengers to over 100 destinations across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. These partnerships offer seamless travel experiences with coordinated schedules, baggage handling, and check-in procedures. Additionally, these partnerships allow for passengers to earn and redeem frequent flyer miles across all partner airlines.

With a continued commitment to providing sustainable aviation solutions to their partner airlines, Republic Airways is a reliable and valuable partner in the industry. Their expertise in operating regional flights allows for seamless connections and affordable travel options. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or a first-time traveler, you can trust Republic Airways to provide a comfortable and efficient travel experience.

Overall, Republic Airways’ partnerships with major airlines offer a variety of travel options for passengers, providing them with a vast network of destinations to choose from. With seamless connections and reliable service, Republic Airways is a valuable asset to the airline industry and a reliable partner for travel.

10. Conclusion and Final Thoughts on Republic Airways
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Republic Airways Dba United Express Reviews

In addition to operating as American Eagle and Delta Connection, Republic Airways also operates flights as United Express. If you’ve taken a United Express flight recently, it may have been operated by Republic Airways. Here’s what you need to know about Republic Airways’ United Express operations:

Flight Experience with Republic Airways’ United Express
As previously mentioned, Republic Airways operates United Express flights. Reviews of these flights are similar to those of Republic Airways’ other operations. While some reviewers have praised the economy class experience, others have had less positive experiences. One reviewer noted “unbelievably poor service in the economy plus” on a United Express flight operated by Republic. However, another reviewer commended the airline’s economy class in a 2017 review.

Trustworthiness of Republic Airways’ United Express in the Industry
Republic Airways, including its United Express operations, has an overall rating of 3.6 out of 5 based on over 1,100 reviews left anonymously by employees. The airline has also received a 4.5-star rating based on over 3,500 service ratings over the past year. While specific reviews of United Express flights are mixed, the airline’s overall ratings suggest that it is a trusted operator.

Flight Benefits and Work Flexibility at Republic Airways’ United Express
Like other regional airlines, Republic Airways’ pay and benefits are competitive with other regional airlines. One reviewer noted that pay at their assigned base (LGA) was “great for just coming out of school.” However, like other airline jobs, the hours can be long and unpredictable.

Major Airline Partnerships of Republic Airways’ United Express
As United Express, Republic Airways has a partnership with United Airlines. This partnership allows Republic Airways to operate flights on behalf of United, which expands United’s reach to smaller airports.

Overall, reviews of Republic Airways’ United Express operations are similar to those of their other operations. While experiences are mixed, the airline appears to be a trusted operator with competitive pay and benefits.

Republic Airways As American Eagle Reviews

As mentioned earlier, Republic Airways operates as American Eagle, a regional carrier of American Airlines. While the airline has received mixed reviews overall, it’s important to note that the experiences of passengers and employees may vary depending on different factors such as routes, aircraft types, and individual preferences.

Based on customer feedback, American Eagle flights operated by Republic Airways have been criticized for their small, cramped planes that lack basic amenities such as in-flight entertainment and WiFi. Some passengers have also reported delays and cancellations, as well as poor communication from the airline during such situations.

However, there have also been positive reviews of American Eagle flights with Republic Airways, particularly in terms of the service provided by cabin crew and pilots. Some travelers have praised the friendly and efficient staff, as well as the smooth and safe flights.

As an employee of Republic Airways, working for American Eagle can be both rewarding and challenging. Some reviews highlight the company’s competitive pay and benefits, as well as its commitment to safety and training. However, there have also been complaints about long hours, low morale, and limited career growth opportunities.

Overall, if you are considering flying with American Eagle operated by Republic Airways, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons based on your personal preferences and needs. Additionally, if you’re interested in working for the airline, it’s advisable to do thorough research and read employee reviews to get a better understanding of the company culture and expectations.

10. Conclusion and Final Thoughts on Republic Airways

If you’re looking for a regional airline with strong partnerships and flight benefits for employees, Republic Airways may be a good fit for you. Based on frequent traveler ratings and employee reviews, Republic Airways has received an overall rating of 3.6 out of 5.

One of the strengths of Republic Airways is its partnerships with major airlines such as Delta and United. This allows for a wider network of destinations and the potential for career growth within the industry.

Employee reviews of Republic Airways have been mixed, with some praising the company for its flight benefits and work flexibility, while others have criticized the company culture and management. However, the fact that Republic Airways has taken steps to review and improve its maternity services shows a commitment to listening to employee feedback and making necessary changes.

Flight experience with Republic Airways has also been hit or miss, with some flight crews surpassing mainline counterparts and others leaving much to be desired. However, it’s worth noting that flight experience can vary greatly depending on the particular crew and route.

Overall, if you value the potential for career growth and flight benefits, Republic Airways may be worth considering. However, it’s important to keep in mind that there are mixed reviews about the company culture and flight experience. As with any airline, it’s important to do your research and weigh the pros and cons before committing to a job or booking a flight.