Hawaiian Airlines Business Class & First Class Review

Hawaiian Airlines is a popular choice for those traveling to Hawaii and the Pacific Islands. With their luxurious Business Class and First Class cabins, passengers can expect a premium experience on their flight. As an AI language model, I have reviewed the Hawaiian Airlines Business Class and First Class cabins, giving you an overview of what to expect when traveling with this airline. From the comfort of the seats to the quality of the food and service, I have covered it all. So if you’re considering booking a flight with Hawaiian Airlines in Business or First Class, read on for my honest review.

1. Superb Service on Hawaiian Airlines: A First-Class Experience
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1. Superb Service on Hawaiian Airlines: A First-Class Experience

If you’re looking for an exceptional flying experience, look no further than Hawaiian Airlines’ First Class. The service is truly superb, surpassing even our experiences with Singapore Airlines in 2019. From the gate staff to the flight attendants, the crew is second-to-none in terms of friendliness, helpfulness, and enjoyment of their profession.

As for the inflight amenities, the comfort and entertainment are consistent with what you would expect from a premium airline. The meals served are satisfactory and even above average compared to other North American airlines. The airline uses clever tactics to enhance the customer experience, such as issuing blankets to each passenger on the flight.

One point of criticism with the First Class experience, however, is the lack of privacy in the A330-200 seats. While the colors and textures of the cabin are pleasing, the open and exposed nature of the seats may not be to everyone’s preference.

Overall, Hawaiian Airlines delivers a first-class experience that truly lives up to its reputation. The exceptional service provided by the crew makes for a truly memorable flight.

2. Comparing Hawaiian Airlines' First Class to Other Airlines
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2. Comparing Hawaiian Airlines’ First Class to Other Airlines

When it comes to first class flying, it’s important to know how Hawaiian Airlines stacks up against its competition. In terms of lie-flat seats, United definitely has an advantage over Hawaiian. However, Hawaiian’s exceptional service and gourmet cuisine more than make up for any seat-related shortcomings.

Compared to other airlines, Hawaiian’s first class experience is solid, with a focus on comfort and service that exceeds expectations. The airline’s international premium cabin business class is also worth considering for its comfortable seats and welcoming atmosphere.

Overall, Hawaiian Airlines’ first class may not be revolutionary, but it is a dependable and enjoyable way to fly. With its focus on delicious food and excellent service, it’s hard to go wrong with booking a first-class ticket on Hawaiian Airlines for your next trip to Hawaii.

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3. A Competitive Business Class Seat on Hawaiian Airlines
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3. A Competitive Business Class Seat on Hawaiian Airlines

When it comes to business class, Hawaiian Airlines has certainly upped its game. As mentioned in earlier sections, the seat is comfortable and competitive, going fully flat into a 76-inch bed. While some may find it a little narrow for sleeping, the addition of a mattress topper certainly helps to enhance the experience.

What really stands out about the seat is the clever design, making 2-2-2 seats work flawlessly. While it may not be the ideal layout for solo travellers seeking privacy, the seat is perfect for couples travelling together.

The IFE and ground experience may not have been exceptional, but the exceptional service provided by the flight crew makes up for it. Hawaiian Airlines’ staff-to-passenger ratio is a clear indication of their focus on providing the best possible experience.

While the business class experience may not be revolutionary, it is still solid and above average. As for the food, previously mentioned as tasty and restaurant-quality, this is no exception in business class.

Overall, the competitive seat and exceptional service make Hawaiian Airlines’ business class an experience worth trying.

4. Review of Hawaiian Airlines Business Class on Airbus 330-300 from San Francisco to Maui
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4. Review of Hawaiian Airlines Business Class on Airbus 330-300 from San Francisco to Maui

In your quest to find a comfortable way to fly to Maui, you stumbled upon Hawaiian Airlines’ Business Class on Airbus 330-300 from San Francisco to Maui. And boy oh boy, you were pleasantly surprised by the experience!

First and foremost, the food on this flight was consistently really good, as is the case with most Hawaiian Airlines flights. You were greeted with a menu when you got to your seat, which promised to spoil you for choice. And it did! The options were varied, and flavorful, which made the flight even better.

But what was a true game changer for you was the Hawaiian Airlines Business Class seat. You have to admit, you were blown away by how ideal it was for sleeping. The flat bed was quite comfortable, although a little on the hard side. It did not ruin the experience though, because the crew is exceptionally pleasant and service-oriented, making your long-haul flight even more enjoyable.

What’s more, the in-flight entertainment was consistent and top quality, and the ambiance of the Business Class cabin was serene and calming. You were impressed by the competitive edge Hawaiian Airlines held with their Business Class seats.

Overall, Hawaiian Airlines Business Class on Airbus 330-300 from San Francisco to Maui proved to be a solid, comfortable, and enjoyable way to fly. While not revolutionary, it was definitely above average. You appreciated the little things and were relieved to find a pleasant way to travel long-haul.

5. Lack of Privacy in Hawaiian Airlines A330-200 First Class Seats
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5. Lack of Privacy in Hawaiian Airlines A330-200 First Class Seats

Moving on to the first class seats in Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A330-200, there is a lack of privacy which some passengers may find disappointing. The seats are arranged in a 2-2-2 configuration, meaning that there are no individual pods or barriers separating you from your fellow passengers. Additionally, the seats are not very private in terms of design as they are low to the ground and don’t offer much height or space.

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However, despite the lack of privacy, the seats do offer a clever design to make the 2-2-2 configuration work. This is perhaps due to the fact that the seats are already quite narrow which may contribute to a more cozy and comfortable feeling. And while there are no personal video screens, the strong crew provided excellent service which can elevate your in-flight experience.

For couples and families, the lie-flat open seats can still be a good choice for an 8-hour flight. But for those who value privacy above other in-flight amenities, this may not be the best option. Nonetheless, the Hawaiian hospitality and island cuisine are consistent throughout the premium cabin which can make up for the lack of privacy in the first class seats.

Overall, while the first class seats aren’t very private, Hawaiian Airlines manages to provide a comfortable and cozy experience. However, if you prioritize privacy in your premium cabin experience, it may be best to look for other options before booking your flight.

6. Consistent Comfort and Entertainment in Hawaiian Airlines First Class
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6. Consistent Comfort and Entertainment in Hawaiian Airlines First Class

In addition to the exceptional service in Hawaiian Airlines First Class, you can expect a consistently comfortable and entertaining experience. The seats are brand new and offer ample space to stretch out and relax. You won’t have to worry about feeling cramped or uncomfortable on this flight.

To make your journey even more enjoyable, Hawaiian Airlines provides top-notch in-flight entertainment. You’ll have access to a wide selection of movies, TV shows, and music to keep you entertained during the flight. The entertainment system is user-friendly and easy to navigate, so you won’t have to waste time trying to figure out how to use it.

Overall, Hawaiian Airlines First Class is a reliable choice when it comes to comfort and entertainment. You can expect a pleasant experience that will make your trip to Hawaii all the more enjoyable. Combined with the exceptional service and above average food, it’s clear that Hawaiian Airlines knows how to cater to their premium cabin passengers.

7. Exceptional Service in Hawaiian Airlines First Class: Best in the Business
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7. Exceptional Service in Hawaiian Airlines First Class: Best in the Business

When it comes to first class service, Hawaiian Airlines knows how to exceed expectations. As we mentioned earlier, the lie-flat beds and gourmet food are already top-notch, but it’s the exceptional service that truly makes Hawaiian Airlines stand out.

From the moment you step on board, you’ll notice the attentiveness of the flight attendants. They go above and beyond to ensure your comfort, whether it’s by offering a warm towel or a pre-flight drink. They also take the time to get to know you and your preferences, making the experience feel personalized.

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Throughout the flight, the service remains consistently excellent. The flight attendants continuously check on you to see if you need anything, but they never feel intrusive. They’re also quick to respond to any requests you may have.

The service doesn’t end when the flight lands either. On our return flight from Honolulu to Sydney, we were pleasantly surprised by Hawaiian Airlines’ own ground service. The staff were just as attentive as the flight attendants on the plane, providing us with a smooth and stress-free transition from the airport to our hotel.

Overall, when it comes to exceptional first class service, Hawaiian Airlines truly sets the standard. If you want to experience the best in the business, we highly recommend booking a first class seat on Hawaiian Airlines. You won’t be disappointed.

8. Above Average Food in Hawaiian Airlines First Class
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8. Above Average Food in Hawaiian Airlines First Class

In the midst of a comfortable and exceptional first-class experience on Hawaiian Airlines, the food offerings stand out as a highlight. The pre-departure drink of Mai Tai, paired with macadamia nuts, sets the tone for an indulgent meal. Shortly after take-off, the three-course meal by Chef Jason Chow arrives, showcasing Hawaiian ingredients and flavors. While some reviewers have found the menu to be subpar, the overall consensus is that the food is above average and outshines most North American airlines.

In comparison to other airlines, Hawaiian Airlines’ first-class menu elevates the experience with dishes like Lomi Lomi Salmon, Kona Lobster, and Kobe Beef. Meanwhile, the lack of substantial food offerings in lounges and during regular flights may leave some disappointed, particularly those who have access to higher-end airport lounges on other airlines.

Overall, the above-average food in Hawaiian Airlines’ first class, coupled with the exceptional service, makes for a delightful flying experience. However, keep in mind that food preferences can vary and that menu options may be limited depending on flight routes and schedules.

9. Hawaiian Airlines' Premium Cabin Business Class
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9. Hawaiian Airlines’ Premium Cabin Business Class

If you’re looking for a premium cabin experience on Hawaiian Airlines, then their Business Class is definitely worth considering. While not groundbreaking, the overall experience is solid and comfortable.

The large recliner seats on the A321 Neo planes that fly between the islands and to select destinations on the mainland provide a decent amount of space and comfort. The dining options are a mix of Hawaiian and Western cuisine, and the crew provides excellent service.

While there are only 18 seats in the cabin, this ensures that there’s never a queue for the restroom, and the flowers in there are a nice touch. The supplied amenities kit is a thoughtful addition, and there’s plenty of storage space for personal items.

Overall, Hawaiian Airlines’ Premium Cabin Business Class provides a competitive and comfortable option for those looking to fly in style. While it may not be revolutionary, the exceptional service and solid experience make it worth considering.

10. Overall Solid, yet not Revolutionary, Premium-Cabin Experience on Hawaiian Airlines
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10. Overall Solid, yet not Revolutionary, Premium-Cabin Experience on Hawaiian Airlines

Overall, your premium-cabin experience on Hawaiian Airlines was solid, but not groundbreaking. The service was superb and the first-class seats on the A330 planes offered lie-flat beds and gourmet food. However, the inflight entertainment system left something to be desired with a lack of substantial movie and show options. Additionally, while the business class seat on the Airbus A330-300 was competitive, it didn’t necessarily stand out from other airlines. Hawaiian Airlines’ international premium cabin, which they call business class, offered a comfortable and laidback atmosphere. Overall, while Hawaiian Airlines offers a comfortable and enjoyable premium-cabin experience, it may not necessarily revolutionize your concept of what business or first class should offer.

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