Comprehensive Staysure Medical Insurance and Expat Travel Insurance – Reviews and Coverage

Are you planning to embark on an exciting trip overseas? As an expat, experiencing different cultures and exploring new places is likely part of your lifestyle. However, it’s crucial to remember that accidents and illnesses can happen, especially when you’re away from home. That’s where Staysure Medical Insurance comes in. With their expat travel insurance policies, you can explore the world with confidence, knowing that you’re covered for unexpected medical emergencies. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of Staysure Expat Travel Insurance and review what makes it stand out from the crowd. So, if you’re an expat looking for peace of mind on your next adventure, keep reading!


1. Expat Travel Insurance for UK Expats from Staysure

Sture is a well-recognized insurance provider that offers a comprehensive range of travel insurance policies for UK expats. Among their products, the Expat Travel Insurance policy is particularly tailored to meet the needs of UK expats who are living elsewhere in the world. This policy aims to provide a reliable protection plan that covers unexpected medical expenses, personal liability and more when travelling abroad.

The Expat Travel Insurance policy coverage from Staysure is backed by emergency medical assistance services that make it easy for policyholders to receive help at any time. Apart from standard provisions such as trip cancellation cover, personal liability and lost baggage protection, the policy also includes specialist coverage such as emergency dental treatment.

One of the most notable features of this policy is its flexibility. Policyholders can choose from a variety of options to create a package that meets their precise needs. For instance, the coverage can be tailored to meet specific requirements such as trip duration, geographic location and the nature of activities they are undertaking while travelling. In this way, expats can select the coverage that is right for their situation, thus giving them added peace of mind.

The Expat Travel Insurance policy from Staysure comes with some drawbacks, however. The first is that it can be relatively expensive compared to other insurance policies. In addition, there may be some restrictions based on the age of the policyholder, so it is important to check the terms and conditions before purchasing the policy. It is also a good idea to read customer reviews to see how other expats have rated the policy before making a final decision.

In conclusion, the Expat Travel Insurance policy from Staysure is a highly comprehensive insurance plan that delivers a wide range of benefits to UK expats who are travelling overseas. The policy is flexible enough to allow for customized coverage based on individual requirements, and it is backed by a reliable emergency assistance service. While there are some caveats to be aware of, it is generally a reliable and highly rated insurance policy.

2. Covering Pre-existing Medical Conditions with Staysure Expat

Staysure Expat is a leading travel insurance provider, covering pre-existing medical conditions for both individuals and families who are residing abroad. Their comprehensive medical insurance policies offer peace of mind and financial protection, ensuring that their clients can access quality healthcare wherever they may be. With Staysure Expat, travellers can enjoy hassle-free travel, knowing that they are covered should any medical emergencies arise during their trip.

Staysure Expat provides cover for a range of pre-existing medical conditions, including heart conditions, diabetes, and cancer. By covering pre-existing medical conditions, Staysure Expat helps to eliminate the worries and stress that travellers with pre-existing conditions may experience. They offer comprehensive medical coverage at an affordable price, ensuring that medical expenses abroad are covered. Their policies cover a wide range of medical treatments, from consultations, hospitalization, and emergency ambulance services to emergency dental treatments and repatriation.

When it comes to making a claim, Staysure Expat makes the process as efficient and hassle-free as possible. Their claims team is available 24/7 and will handle every aspect of the claims process from start to finish, ensuring that their clients receive the help they need when they need it most. The claims process is quick and straightforward, and customers can expect to receive payment for their claim within two weeks.

Staysure Expat has received many positive reviews for their travel insurance policies. Their customers have praised the company for their comprehensive coverage and competitive prices. They have also been commended for their excellent customer service and the efficiency of their claims process. Overall, Staysure Expat is an excellent choice for individuals and families who are looking for comprehensive medical coverage while travelling abroad. With their extensive coverage of pre-existing medical conditions, travellers can enjoy their trip without any worries about medical expenses.

3. Tailor your expat travel insurance policy with Staysure

Staysure is a well-established company that caters to the needs of people who travel abroad, whether for leisure or work. They offer a range of travel insurance policies, including medical insurance, which is specifically designed for expats. This policy includes comprehensive coverage for medical expenses, emergency medical assistance, repatriation, and personal liability. The policy offers flexibility, with tailored options such as single or annual trip coverage, and standard or enhanced coverage levels.

Staysure’s expat travel insurance policy is tailored to meet the unique requirements of people who live and work abroad. In particular, the policy offers a high level of medical coverage, which is of utmost importance for expats. With the insurance, expats have peace of mind, knowing that they will be protected in case they fall ill, get injured or require emergency medical assistance. Furthermore, the policy covers instances of repatriation, which can be a costly expense. With a range of tailored coverage options, expats can choose a policy that matches their budget and needs.

Staysure’s medical insurance policy for expats is highly rated by customers, and the company is renowned for providing excellent service. The policy offers excellent value for money, with a broad range of benefits to choose from. The policy is transparent, with no hidden costs or complicated terms and conditions. Customers can also benefit from 24-hour multilingual emergency assistance, seven days a week, should they need it.

In conclusion, expats can trust Staysure’s medical insurance policy to cater to their unique needs, providing comprehensive medical coverage, excellent value for money, and an unrivaled reputation for excellent service. By opting for Staysure’s expat travel insurance policy, expats can enjoy peace of mind while traveling abroad.

4. Winter Sports Add-on with Staysure Expat Travel Insurance

Staysure Expat Travel Insurance offers a Winter Sports Add-on for adventurous travelers who plan on hitting the slopes during their trip. This add-on includes coverage for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports activities. It covers emergency medical expenses, evacuation, loss or damage to equipment, and even lift pass cancellations. This is an excellent add-on for travelers who want to hit the slopes without worrying about unexpected expenses.

One of the things that sets Staysure Expat Travel Insurance’s Winter Sports Add-on apart from other insurance providers is the fact that it covers off-piste skiing. This means that skiers who venture off groomed slopes will still be covered in case of an accident. It’s important to note that if you plan on doing extreme sports, such as heli-skiing or ski jumping, this add-on may not be sufficient, and additional coverage may be necessary.

Additionally, Staysure Expat Travel Insurance’s Winter Sports Add-on also covers skiing and snowboarding lessons. This is especially important for beginners or those who want to brush up on their skills. Coverage includes instructor fees, unused lesson fees due to injury, and lift pass expenses during the lesson.

Overall, the Winter Sports Add-on from Staysure Expat Travel Insurance is a great option for travelers who plan on participating in winter sports activities during their trip. It provides excellent coverage for emergency medical expenses, evacuation, equipment damage, and even lift pass cancellations. It’s important to note that for extreme sports, additional coverage may be necessary. With this add-on, you can hit the slopes with peace of mind knowing that you’re covered in case of unexpected expenses.

5. Excess Waiver option with Staysure Expat

Staysure Expat offers a helpful feature for their customers who want to avoid excess payments when making a claim. This feature is called the Excess Waiver option and can be added onto your policy for an additional fee. Essentially, it allows you to waive the excess payment that would normally be required for your claim. This means that you won’t have to pay any money out of your own pocket, and Staysure Expat will cover the full cost of your claim. This can be a great option for travelers who want to have peace of mind and avoid unexpected expenses.

The Excess Waiver option from Staysure Expat is a straightforward and easy-to-use feature. If you choose to add it onto your policy, you’ll simply pay the additional fee at the time of purchase. Then, if you need to make a claim during your trip, you’ll be able to waive the excess payment and have the full cost of your claim covered by Staysure Expat. This can be especially useful if you’re traveling on a tight budget or don’t want to worry about unexpected expenses while you’re away from home.

Keep in mind that adding the Excess Waiver option to your policy will increase the overall cost of your insurance. However, the peace of mind and financial protection that it offers can be well worth the investment. It’s also important to note that not all types of claims are covered by the Excess Waiver option. Check your policy details carefully to understand exactly what is and isn’t covered before making a purchase decision.

Overall, the Excess Waiver option from Staysure Expat can be a useful and cost-effective addition to your travel insurance policy. It provides an extra layer of protection and can help you avoid unexpected expenses if you need to make a claim. If you’re considering this option, be sure to read the policy details carefully and understand exactly what is and isn’t covered before making a purchase. With the right insurance plan and additional features like the Excess Waiver option, you can have peace of mind and enjoy your travels worry-free.

6. Single Item Cover up to €1000 with Staysure Medical Insurance

Staysure Medical Insurance offers a range of travel insurance policies, including their expat travel insurance product. One unique feature of this policy is the option to add Single Item Cover, which provides protection for valuable items for up to €1000. This can provide peace of mind for those traveling with expensive gadgets, cameras, or jewelry. It is important to note that this cover is only available as an add-on to the policy and cannot be purchased separately.

Another standout feature of Staysure’s expat travel insurance is their medical coverage. The policy includes medical expenses cover, emergency medical evacuation, and repatriation. This can be especially important for those who are living abroad and may not have access to their home country’s healthcare system. It is also worth noting that pre-existing medical conditions are covered, provided they have been declared and accepted by the insurer.

In addition to the medical coverage, Staysure’s expat travel insurance includes other benefits such as trip cancellation and curtailment, lost or stolen luggage, and personal liability cover. These benefits can provide a safety net for unexpected events while traveling abroad. It is important to read the policy wording carefully to understand the scope of coverage and any exclusions that may apply.

Overall, Staysure Medical Insurance’s expat travel insurance offers comprehensive coverage for those living abroad. The optional Single Item Cover can be a valuable add-on for those traveling with expensive items, while the medical coverage provides peace of mind for unexpected health issues. Additionally, the policy’s other benefits can help protect travelers from unforeseen circumstances. As with any insurance policy, it is important to carefully read the terms and conditions to fully understand the coverage offered.

7. Extending Trip Duration with Staysure Expat Travel Insurance

Staysure Expat Travel Insurance offers a variety of options to extend travel insurance coverage for expats. These options allow travelers to extend their trip duration while still receiving comprehensive coverage. With Staysure Expat Travel Insurance, travelers can extend coverage for up to two years. This is particularly useful for those who plan on traveling for an extended period or wish to make multiple trips within a year.

One of the key benefits of extending trip duration with Staysure Expat Travel Insurance is the fact that you can still receive full coverage while traveling. This includes coverage for medical emergencies, lost or stolen baggage, and trip cancellations or interruptions. This can provide peace of mind for travelers who are unsure about the length of their trip or who may need to extend their trip unexpectedly.

Additionally, Staysure Expat Travel Insurance offers a variety of add-ons to enhance coverage while traveling. These add-ons include coverage for adventure sports, winter sports, and golf. Travelers can also opt for additional coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. These add-ons can provide additional coverage for travelers who plan on participating in activities beyond the standard coverage offered by Staysure Expat Travel Insurance.

Overall, Staysure Expat Travel Insurance is a solid choice for expats who need to extend their travel insurance coverage. With a variety of options and add-ons, travelers can customize their coverage to fit their needs while still receiving comprehensive coverage. Additionally, Staysure Expat Travel Insurance has received positive reviews from customers who have used their services, providing additional assurance for travelers looking for a reliable travel insurance provider.

8. Eligibility for Staysure’s Expat Travel Insurance Policy

Staysure’s Expat Travel Insurance Policy offers coverage to a wide range of individuals who fall under the category of expats. Expats who retain their primary residence outside their home country for at least six months of the year may be eligible for this policy. Additionally, individuals must be under 79 years old at the time of purchasing the policy. For those over 79, there is an extended age bracket, where the policy can be renewed up to the age of 85. It is important to note that pre-existing medical conditions might impact eligibility, and a medical screening process may apply. Overall, the eligibility criteria for Staysure’s Expat Travel Insurance Policy are relatively flexible, offering coverage to those who meet certain basic requirements.

In terms of coverage, the Staysure Expat Travel Insurance policy is very comprehensive, providing travelers with financial safety and peace of mind. The policy includes medical coverage up to £10 million, which includes emergency medical and repatriation expenses. Additionally, it covers personal liability and legal expenses up to £2 million and includes cover for trip cancellations, curtailments, and delays. The policy also offers optional add-ons, which can be useful for individuals planning adventurous activities or trips. These include extreme sports, cruises, and golf cover.

The Staysure Expat Travel Insurance Policy also includes several useful benefits. For example, the policy provides a 24-hour emergency helpline with access to medical assistance anywhere worldwide. Additionally, it offers an online account management system, which may be convenient for those on-the-go or looking for quick access to their policy documentation. Finally, the policy also has a 14-day cooling-off period, during which policyholders may cancel their policy without penalty.

Staysure’s Expat Travel Insurance Policy is a reliable and comprehensive option for individuals who fall under the category of expats. With flexible eligibility and comprehensive coverage, the policy offers coverage for a wide range of travel scenarios. Additionally, the useful benefits offered, such as 24-hour emergency assistance and online account management, make Staysure’s Expat Travel Insurance Policy a trustworthy and practical choice for those seeking financial safety and peace of mind during their travels.

9. Age Limits for Staysure Expat Travel Insurance Policies

Staysure medical insurance is known for its expat insurance offerings for those living or traveling outside their home country. One aspect of their policies to note is their age limits. Staysure Expat Travel Insurance policies have a maximum age limit of 84 years old. This is higher than many other travel insurance providers, which often have a maximum age limit of 70 or 75. This means that Staysure caters to a broader audience of older travelers, who may have difficulty finding coverage elsewhere. However, bear in mind that as with any travel insurance policy, there may be specific medical or other limitations for older travelers.

One of the benefits of Staysure Expat Travel Insurance is that their policies offer cover for pre-existing medical conditions. However, as with any insurance policy, the extent of coverage and the premiums will depend on the individual’s specific situation. It is important to disclose all pre-existing conditions when applying for insurance, as not doing so may invalidate the policy. Some medical conditions may also require a medical assessment and approval before coverage will be granted. Staysure has a range of policies available specifically designed to cater to different levels of medical coverage, so it is worth exploring these options to find the right level of protection.

For those looking for an all-encompassing travel insurance policy, Staysure also offers a range of additional options, such as cover for baggage, cancellations, and personal liability. It is worth noting that Staysure policies can be tailored to suit specific travel needs, so one can ensure they have coverage for anything from a single trip to an entire year. In addition, Staysure offers 24/7 emergency assistance, giving peace of mind to anyone traveling far from home.

Overall, Staysure Expat Travel Insurance policies provide a range of coverage options to suit different travel needs, including policies for older travelers and those with pre-existing medical conditions. While premiums will vary based on individual circumstances, it is worth exploring Staysure’s options to find the right coverage for any upcoming travels. Their team of experienced professionals are happy to help at every stage of the process.

10. TSE Card Requirement for Valid Cover as an Expat in Spain with Staysure

Staysure medical insurance is a leading provider of travel insurance, particularly for expats. Among their services is the Staysure Expat Travel Insurance that is designed specifically for people who are living abroad. Its range of coverage includes medical expenses, cancellation or curtailment of trip, personal liability, and lost or stolen baggage. The insurtech company is known for its flexible policies that cater to the different needs of expats, such as those who have pre-existing medical conditions or are over 65 years old.

One of the requirements for Staysure Expat Travel Insurance to be valid, particularly for expats living in Spain, is the TSE card. This is the Tarjeta Sanitaria Europea or European Health Insurance Card, which is issued by the Spanish healthcare system. This card allows expats to receive medical treatment in Spain that is covered by the state healthcare system. It is essential for Staysure policyholders to have this card, as it is a requirement for the policy to be valid.

Staysure Expat Travel Insurance has received positive reviews from its customers. The company has a Trustpilot score of 4.7 out of 5 based on more than 14,000 reviews, making it one of the highest-rated travel insurers in the UK. Customers appreciate the coverage of Staysure policies, as well as the ease of making a claim. Some have also mentioned the competitive pricing of the policies compared to other insurance providers.

However, there have been some negative reviews as well. Some customers have reported issues with the communication and customer service of the company. They have experienced difficulties in getting in touch with Staysure representatives or receiving a prompt response to their queries. Others have also reported issues with the claim process, such as lengthy delays or requests for additional documentation.

Overall, Staysure Expat Travel Insurance is a recommended option for expats looking for comprehensive and flexible travel insurance coverage. It is essential to have the TSE card when living in Spain to ensure the policy’s validity. While the company has received high ratings from most customers, there have been some issues with its customer service and claims process that should be taken into consideration.