Banking Words in French and Phrases

Banking Words in French

Action Shares
Agios The interest that has to be paid on a loan or overdraft
Annuite An annual payment
Apport The deposit you need to give to lender when taking out a loan or mortgage
Approvisionner A credit to an account
Argent liquide Cash
Assurance Deces Invalidite Death and invalidity insurance
Avis d’operation A receipt for any action on an account, i.e., a withdrawal
Bank Identifier Code (BIC) The BIC is a unique code which identifies individual banking and financial institutions
Beneficiaire Beneficiary
Caution Guarantee
Cheque A cheque
Chequier Cheque book
Cheque de banque Bankers draft
Cheque sans provision A bounced cheque
Code personnel The unique password used online to access account information
Commission de Compte debiteur An overdrawn account
Compte bancaire Bank account
Compte de epargne Savings account
Compte destinataire The account receiving money
Compte inactif An account that has had no activity for at least 12 months
Compte joint A joint account
Compte Titres A holding account for stocks and shares whilst they are being bought and sold
Cours The value of a share at a specific moment
Courtier Broker
Courtier en Bourse Stock broker
Credit Loan or credit
Credit hypothecaire Mortgage
Credit revolving A Loan that remains constantly topped up to a certain limit even when some has been paid off
Distributeur Automatique de Billets (DAB) A cash machine or ATM
Date de valeur Date when a credit or debit is seen as valid by the bank
Date d’expiration The expiry date
Date d’operation The actual date that a debit or credit is made
Debit Debit
Debit differe Delayed debit = when all debits made on a credit card are grouped together and taken out of the account at the end of the month
Debit immediat Immediate debit = any debits on a credit card are taken out of the account immediately
Decouvert Overdraft
Deposer Credit to an account
Depot Deposit
Devise Foreign currency
Droits de garde The fees charged by a broker to look after shares
Echeancier Details of a loan i.e., repayments, interest, term
Endosser The signature on the back of a cheque
Especes Cash
Facilite de caisse A short term overdraft used in exceptional circumstances
Frais Fees
IBAN The IBAN (International Bank Account Number) are letters and numbers that identify a specific bank account.
Impot Tax
Interets Account or loan interest
Mandataire An individual who has been given authority by an account holder to operate their account
Mensualite Monthly payment or repayment
Monnaie Currency
Opposition Cancellation of payment
Placement Investment
Prelevement automatique A direct debit authorised by account holder which comes out of the account automatically
Pret Loan
Pret garanti Secured loan
Procuration Power of attorney or proxy
Rapatriement Commission on receipt of an international currency
Remboursement Redemption or repayment
Renouvellement automatique Automatic renewal of your chequebook
Releve de compte Bank statement
Releve d’Identite Bancaire (RIB) A form, which can be found in cheque book, which provides bank and account details
Retirer Withdrawal
Saisie Attribution Seizure of funds
Solde Balance
Tableau d’amortissement Schedule of monthly repayments
Taux Interest rate
Taux de change Exchange rate
TEG Annual percentage rate (APR)
Titulaire Account holder
Titre Interbancaire de Paiement (TIP) Authorised permission to debit an account of the sum asked for by provider
Valable Valid
Versement Payment of funds into an account
Virement Transfer of funds into another account
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