A Newcomer’s Guide to Outdoor Fun in Canada

Canada provides a warm reception, abundant job prospects, and exceptional higher education institutions. Additionally, it boasts one of the most entertaining summers due to its picturesque destinations and rich culture. Whether you are a newcomer or a longtime resident, summer presents the ideal chance to explore and fully enjoy all that this country has to offer.

Discover the Best Outdoor Activities in Canada for Newcomers

August is considered midsummer in Canada, and provides ideal weather for outdoor activities. It is typically a bit cooler than July, yet still pleasantly warm. As a result, newcomers to Canada have an excellent chance to participate in the top events and explore the beautiful country during the warmest period of the year. This article aims to highlight the most memorable experiences in each province that newcomers can enjoy during this summer season.

One can take a stroll across a hanging bridge located in British Columbia.

In the province of British Columbia, there are six suspension bridges that are situated above rivers or canyons, providing picturesque views of that specific area. One example is the Capilano Suspension Bridge, which stretches 140 meters in length and is located in North Vancouver, soaring 70 meters above a river. Take advantage of the ideal August weather to embrace one of the most distinctive experiences that BC has in store for you.

 Take a trip to the Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse located in Nova Scotia.

The Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse is a well-known landmark in Canada, symbolizing a significant part of the country’s heritage. While it is no longer functioning as a lighthouse, this over-a-century-old structure offers Canadians the opportunity to enjoy the beach and immerse themselves in the rich history of their nation during the summer months.

Alaska’s Banff and Lake Louise in Alberta are two places worth visiting.

Warm, sunny weather graces Banff and Lake Louise during the summer season. This is the sole period when the hiking trails at higher altitudes are largely devoid of snow. Without a doubt, July experiences the highest temperatures, thus August brings a more pleasant climate to relish the breathtaking turquoise shades of Lake Louise. In addition, this time of year offers numerous outdoor activities such as biking and paddle-boarding to indulge in.